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Conrad Murray Case

D.A. Wants Doc to Pay

More than $100 MILLION!!!

11/24/2011 12:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case are asking Judge Michael Pastor to order the doc to pay Michael Jackson's children more than $100 million for their loss.
According to new court docs filed by the D.A., Michael Jackson's kids are "entitled to wages or profits lost due to injury incurred by the victim."

Prosecutors say MJ's 3 kids are victims under the law, and are entitled to restitution from Dr. Murray ... which include wages, lost profits and funeral expenses.  The D.A. cites a letter from the MJ Estate, estimating Michael would have made $100 million in revenue from the "This Is It" tour. 

As we first reported, the D.A. is also seeking the maximum punishment -- 4 years in State Prison.  The D.A. says they are seeking the max because Murray was "risking Mr. Jackson's life every night" by administering Propofol.  And the D.A. says, MJ was a "particularly vulnerable victim."  And the D.A. says, Murray lied and covered-up his crime.


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sounds like Poppa Joe is behind this....

1062 days ago


Now this is too much, insanity and ridiculousness. This prosecutor needs to have his head examined.

1062 days ago


Are they kidding??? MJ is worth more now than he ever was. Had he lived I believe he would have been bankrupt within years.

1062 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

Those kids don´t need any more money. What they need is years of intense therapy to recover from having MJ as a "father".

1062 days ago


Actually his estate has claimed 6 times that amount since his death!

1062 days ago


walgreen rocks!

1062 days ago


Hahaha....good!! Since Murray will barely serve any time, due to overcrowding, they should hit him where it'll really hurt the sociopath. And it will save the Jacksons from filing a civil suit.

Justice for MJ!

1062 days ago



1062 days ago


No WAY. I would understand if the money was to reimburse the state of California for funereal related expenses and the costs of the prosecution. But EVERYONE knows that financially those kids are much better off with MJ dead. Now the finances are in order and no one is spending millions on rhinestones and amusement parks. Ridiculous.

1062 days ago


The family should be thankful Mike is gone, they are going to make more money now than before when that drug addict was living an irrational life. Remember the only people who win, are the lawyers!

1062 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...Michael would never had made it past show #1...he was playing roulette for years with his drugs..jst would hv been a different doctor...never in a million years would he have fulfilled his contract in his health and state of mind..MJ is worth more dead than alive..I think they are getting little greedy now and the only ones who will make money off of this request is the lawyers and tie it up in litigation for years too insurance company is goin to pay out on behalf of Murray..MJ was doomed..he lived far longer than i thought he would with all his abuse..just saying..

1062 days ago


BAD IDEA! there minors.. they can't handle there own money yet! and guess who would get to... CATHERINE/JOE/THE JACKSONS! the grubbers and leeches of there deceased Brother.. something tells me they have some part in this.. either way those kids WOULD NOT get all that is asked for..leave the darn kids alone and let them move on with there life!

1062 days ago


Michael was always on the verge of bankruptcy. He continually spent more than he earned. He hired too many idiots as bodyguards, advisers, and confidants. His children are wealthier now that their dad is not around to overspend. His greedy Mom and Dad also have their hands out at every turn. That is not reason to demand money from his doctor who is, in fact, guilty of malpractice. Michael stupidly hired the cretin.

1062 days ago

mac the knife    

Walgren ism smure one very clever '****'.. no 2 ways about it!
about time-- the DA & LAPD do right for Michael after all the grief Sneddon have caused him-- in his lifetime.

meanwhile.. this is one smart move from Walgren-- he is making sure Murray will never make money from the carcass of Michael Jackson--as he intended to do. that trash of a doc-mentary is already one clue to his plans.


Kisses.. dahling Walgren..LOL..

1062 days ago
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