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Conrad Murray Case

D.A. Wants Doc to Pay

More than $100 MILLION!!!

11/24/2011 12:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors in the Conrad Murray manslaughter case are asking Judge Michael Pastor to order the doc to pay Michael Jackson's children more than $100 million for their loss.
According to new court docs filed by the D.A., Michael Jackson's kids are "entitled to wages or profits lost due to injury incurred by the victim."

Prosecutors say MJ's 3 kids are victims under the law, and are entitled to restitution from Dr. Murray ... which include wages, lost profits and funeral expenses.  The D.A. cites a letter from the MJ Estate, estimating Michael would have made $100 million in revenue from the "This Is It" tour. 

As we first reported, the D.A. is also seeking the maximum punishment -- 4 years in State Prison.  The D.A. says they are seeking the max because Murray was "risking Mr. Jackson's life every night" by administering Propofol.  And the D.A. says, MJ was a "particularly vulnerable victim."  And the D.A. says, Murray lied and covered-up his crime.


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Felis Leo    

This guy can't even keep up with his child support payments and now you're trying to make him pay 100 million to the jackson kids?

Give me a break. Just send this fool to jail.

1040 days ago


Hi Human Nature ~ Every comment you have posted is 100% accurate. You read the legal do***ents vs tabloids and that is the difference with the I.Q. level on this blog topic.

Oh Well and Mimi have always enjoyed taunting MJ fans. They never change and love doing it.

Lexi is calling MJ an addict because she's combining the last 30's year of his life into one category, thus omitting the years of required pain meds for his continuous scalp reconstruction, his time in rehab, and only reading about past doctor's administering propofol who were qualified to administer & had the safety equipment all which wasn't illegal. Here's the breakdown of Klein's last 3 month invoice which I'm positive you have seen.

Here’s an invoice summary of IM injections given to MJ:
April 2009
12 visits, 30 injections = 2.5 injections per visit
May 2009
7 visits, 11 injections = 1.6 injections per visit
June 2009
5 visits, 8 injections = 1.6 per visit

At two different times there was a 7 day lapse between visits and an "demeral addiction" would have not have allowed that lapse time and Klein didn't treat MJ during June, Klein's counterparts did.

Human Nature: Are you coming to Las Vegas for MJ Cirque?

1040 days ago


Greed: The Crime Does NOT Pay Edition, Pt. 2......
-#145: SaraBeebee, just so you know, the Estate are not the ones filing this suit against Murray, the D.A. is due to the fact that Murray had the GALL to parade himself in a Do***entary after WASTING the courts time when he KNEW he was guilty in the first place....
Although I believe he was PAID to MURDER Michael based on the FACTS in this case, most people don't--including the DA whose case was merely stating that Murray was RECKLESS and KNOWINGLY endangered Michael's life for 6 weeks which led to his death. Problem is, Murray's unscrupulous mind wouldn't even let him admit that much, instead he insists on playing the victim as if he has NO mind of his own. The joke of it all is that he really thinks everyone in this country is as STUPID as his senile, half-witted patients. Even his counsel knew better.....
And BTW--they did NOT work for free, they were the excuse he used for why he needed to do the Do***entary. Everyone on Murray's team--experts included were supposed to get paid...
Remember when Walgren used that info to make the Defense's no. 1 Expert Witness squirm? He finally replied that he had gotten a check but it was incomplete because it didn't cover all of the time he spent in court....HAH!
-#149: Jenny Riley, suppose you tell us just what bad decisions Michael needed to take responsibility for. It never ceases to amaze me how many people on these boards make complete IDIOTS of themselves ASSuming they know what someone did in their PERSONAL life. Unless you were living with him, you have NO WAY of knowing what he did. Sure he made mistakes just like anyone else...remember, he was HUMAN, not a god. You and your ilk LOVE to call Michael's supporters fanatics, but you seem to be the main ones attributing him with SUPERHUMAN qualities. We all know he wasn't perfect....BIG WHOOP, you just unlocked one of the great wonders of the world.....
The only RIDICULOUS thing I see is you, yapping about the DA being in cahoots with the family on this when the family has their own Civil Suits they've already filed.....
Also, you say "the patient is responsible for his own care", but if that's true, why bother with a doctor? Once a doctor takes on a patient and prescribes Meds and other forms of treatment, he automatically takes on the ULTIMATE responsibility for the care he's providing. Sure, the patient needs to follow thru in order for the treatment to be effective, but it's still up to the doctor to provide the APPROPRIATE CARE in the APPROPRIATE SETTING. There's a reason your doctor automatically questions you about certain things prior to treating you for ANY ailment. Of course, I SHOULD volunteer whether or not I'm allergic to Penicillin, for example, but what if in my distress I forget to? It's up to the Doctor to make sure there's NO chance I could be allergic to any meds or treatment if I'm in his care. Sorry if you're one of Murray's DUPED patients, but there's NO defense for downright Stupidity and GREED....
And you really do need to do yourself and everyone else a favor and RESEARCH the allegations--in case you didn't know, there are trial transcripts and other docs to support Michael's innocence-- including 10 years worth of FBI files and docs from LA DFACS, both of which say he was CLEAN...
Perhaps once YOU'VE done the RESPONSIBLE thing by RESEARCHING the FACTS before running your mouth, you'll be able to join the rest of us in the MILENNIUM.....
-#170: C2, The idea that Michael "begged" for Propofol has already been discussed to DEATH by the Murray's defense team....where were YOU during the Trial?
And for the record, there is NO PROOF that Michael begged Murray for Propofol, all we have is Murray's word--the very one who was charged with the crime in the first place. The only other so-called witness was Nurse Cherilyn who claimed Michael begged her for Propofol, yet she constantly changed her story of who called her to ask for the Meds, and where she was when the call came in. Also, there were conveniently no phone records to back up her story. The only reason she came forward in the first place is because she was listed as a "Person of Interest" on the LAPD Detective's Report so she lawyered up, got a PR firm, then went to every TV News Network in town and told that story....
Fact is, anyone could've manufactured that Propofol story based on the rumors about Michael from the HIStory era--which, btw were never proven, either....
-#182,184: Squeaky Shoes, a VERY appropriate name for you. If you'd take a minute to put your unfounded BIAS away you'd find that there is NO PROOF that Michael was consistently an addict as your god, the Media maintains. HumanNature tried to keep you from making a bigger FOOL of yourself by advising you and your ilk spend less time at your T-Party and more time doing RESEARCH on the subject before yapping about it.....
And for the record, while your doing that Research, see if you can find any EVIDENCE supporting Michael supposedly having Insomnia in recent years. This is another condition from the past that Murray's team used to support their case. There has been 2nd hand info that Michael had Insomnia during past Tours, but that's the key word--TOURS. Most of Michael's solo Tours were International so he was crossing many time lines on a very aggressive Tour schedule. Most people would've had problems sleeping under those cir****tances. However, it's totally different when you're going to your own home every night after rehearsal......
-jm50, thanks so much for attempting to put this Lexi character out of our misery. Can't BELIEVE she actually quoted the Benzos listed in the Coroner's Report to support her LOONEY theory...the SAME Benzodiazepides that MURRAY HIMSELF GAVE MICHAEL Before the Propofol!
Now how did someone who claims to know SO MUCH about Michael's so-called addiction miss out on those facts?
Actually, I should really thank Lexi for providing some much needed COMIC RELIEF to these boards....I can still her those BANJOS playing......
-#221: Hey Nan, welcome back! And that post was EXCELLENT as always--NOONE can clarify the details of the allegations the way you do....GON' GIRL!!
-#223: Mac the knife, great post but just one thing: I get what you're saying about the Media taking Cascios book out of context, but I think that's EXACTLY the reason that he should've known not to put a book about Michael out there. Everybody knows that the minuite the Media gets a hold of anything about Michael, they try to spin it negatively. After watching about 10 books published since Michael passed, he also should've realized that Michael's TRUE Supporters don't appreciate how friends and family are out to SELL memories and whatever else they have about Michael to the highest bidder....
Suffice it to say, I will NOT be purchasing this book. And although I'll take your word that he didn't betray Michael in the book, let me say that the fact that he WROTE and released this book is a BETRAYAL in itself....
A TRUE friend or family member cherishes memories of their loved ones and would never consider selling them....especially not immediately after the trial for that loved ones' MURDERER.....Oye.
-#262: Lexi, are you back for more? Okay, so you THINK you know that Michael was an addict? Then why don't you show me PROOF besides '93 when he admitted it, went to rehab and got clean....
As for your other LAME points, read this and weep:
The 19 aliases have NOTHING to do with him being addicted since:
1. He didn't give the Pharmacies the aliases, the DOCTORS did. This is considered a common practice for Celebs and diplomats since it could be detrimental for the Public to realize they have Physical Conditions and jump to conclusions if the info is leaked. Michael had a mild form of Lupus, and a slight lung condition, as well as Vitiligo and Injuries he sustained from Touring
2. There is NO PROOF that all of those meds were his since many of the labels were removed according to the LAPD deposition
3. The LA Forensics team stated that usage of most of the Meds were NOT up-to-date--many being YEARS old
And do you really think an ADDICT would have that much medicine lying around and not use it? And if those meds were to feed his addiction, why was he begging Murray for Meds? I'm SURE you can answer that....
As for the Benzodiazepides (lorazepam, midazolam, valium, etc) are all listed in the LAPD DEPOSITION. They are all Meds MURRAY GAVE MICHAEL BEFORE GIVING HIM THE PROPOFOL. I'm embarassed for you that you even posted that NONSENSE again....DO YOUR RESEARCH!!
And for the record, there was NO Demerol found at Holmby among those meds! The only reason Demerol was brought into the case is because the Defense tried to use it to save themselves. They obtained records from Klein's office showing that he gave Michael IM shots while he was doing reconstructive surgery on his face, and they insisted those shots were Demerol. However, Walgren was able to expose the fact that the shots were given over a period of time meaning Michael wasn't going to Klein to get a "fix" the way the Defense tried to play it. Even the defense's "ADDICTION EXPERT" had to admit that Klein's reports do NOT show Michael to be an ADDICT....
An addict would never be able to skip days the way Michael did with getting treatments from Klein. And in any event, he hadn't been to Klein for a week before he died.....
Bottom line, I know how hard it is to avoid being DUPED by the Media, but you really should try it. And try thinking for yourself for a change by doing your RESEARCH before making statements. That statement you keep repeating about the Benzos just speaks VOLUMES, and your reputation is preceding itself....
Thing is, I KNOW I don't all of what Michael did behind closed doors, but I've been a supporter of his every since he started with the J5. I'm not some Johnny-come-lately who wants to join the GLORY TRAIN now that he's gone, nor am I a BANDWAGGONER from the "Thriller" or "Bad" era so I think I do know a few things. You have to realize that people like me have heard this crap about Michael our whole lives and practically NONE of it has ever been proven. I agree that your entitled to your opinion, but when that opinion REEKS of bias and a HYPOCRITICAL attitude given this environment, I have to call you on it. I don't know you so it's nothing personal, but if you or anyone else is going to take shots at Michael, you have to be prepared to take the heat for it.....
Furthermore, my head and everything else is clear and firmly above ground where Michael and everything regarding him is concerned. He was a genius, humanitarian, and BEAUTIFUL person, but mostly, he was HUMAN which makes him even more AMAZING....
As in any court case, the BURDEN OF PROOF is on the it's up to YOU and your ilk to PROVE your theories against him, not me. In fact, I CHALLENGE you and anyone else to provide PROOF that he was an addict or anything else you chose to believe about him. I can make this challenge easily knowing you'll never be able to do it because it's just not true....
Funny how some of us can see so clearly through all of the crap, even without evidence....Perhaps it's a question of FAITH.....or the LACK THEREOF.......
BTW: You addressed HumanNature and stated that Michael asked Murray to give him the Benzos and Propofol, but how do you KNOW that? Remember, the entire deposition that informs this info was given to the LAPD by MURRAY, who KNEW they considered him the PRIME SUSPECT at the time which is why he disappeared for 2 days, then resurfaced with a team of Lawyers and PR Firm......
There is NO PROOF that Michael hired Murray nor that he asked for the Benzos or Propofol. All of that info is courtesy of Murray the MURDERER.....
-#266: Hey SaraJane! Thanks for joining in the "VOICES OF REASON" on this board! It's always great to hear from you especially with your Medical Expertise.....GON' GIRL!!!

1039 days ago


I hope the judge has enough sense to not enforce murray to pay $100 million...that is just ridiculous..
On a side note..if people on here REALLY believe that the kids are biologically MJs, then you've really gone off the deep end. Some people on here said they just came out light skinned bc of their, its beyond that, they don't resemble MJ AT ALL and the older one looks just like Arnold Klein. So yes, the kids are MJs bc he raised them, but they are not his biologically.

1039 days ago


Hi Cher !!
I always enjoy your posts.
I am so glad Murray went in and made that statement to the police...
frankly I think his lawyers believed he was telling the truth and they were trying to save his reputation.
Let not forget it was about two days after MJ was killed.
Press was all about him being a crazy drug addict,veils on the kids etc all the tabloid type stuff ...the media was being just as brutal to him in death as they were in life ,all those pre conceived notions benefited Murray and he knew that,,,
I also think initially the police fell for what he was saying..they didnt have a search warrant put out on his office, they had one put out on kliens I think..
What a difference two years can make.
I am sure he and his lawyers never expected people to still be so interested in this case,,
Never expected MJ reputation to be resurrected and vindicated... the tabloid crap put to rest.
Or for the prosecutor in this case to take it seriously ..
speaking of prosecutors....
I dont think that Ron Zonen and Tom Sneddon ever expected their antics to be brought out in the light of day either..
Just think how many more people are more well informed regarding that bull**** back in 1993/2005..

Zonen is stuck with the Arviso boys for the rest of his life..
and those two are just such ignorant trash....LOL..imagine having to include them in your tiny wedding reception to make them feel close to you.
He probably introduces Gavin to people with one hand on his shoulder and the other across the kids mouth LOLOL.(careful, the truth might slip out)

Lets hope Murray can never treat/kill anyone else with his medical license ever again..

hope he gets the maximum amount and can not profit off the future deals he, no doubt, has in the works..
the man is a sociopath.
david walgren was masterful, Bravo !!

I am so glad this entire trial was online so that the general public could see exactly what took place..
I only wish Michael Jacksons trial was ,,The television media wouldnt have been able to distort it the way they did..

1039 days ago






1039 days ago

mac the knife    

connie.. CON-nie.. CONNIE.. will be HOME soon.. squeling like a pig.. HOME AT THE PEN-..OLE'!


1039 days ago


to SarahJane

Fist of all to call him my friend is absurd on your part, I do not know him anymore then you know what MJ did behind closed doors...

I did NOT say he had demerol in his body at the time of his demise, what I DID say was:

Take the 19 aliases ,that he used to get prescriptions filled, take all the different DR's who filled them, the demerol, the xanax and at the end everything else that was found in his body and you have definetly a drug addict.

Meaning,the facts were there, he was given demerol in large amounts on many days for no good medical reason at all and at the end he had all the other drugs in his body that were found at the autopsy....

Anyone who takes demerol at any instance for what was claimed MJ took it for,botox and and Restylane injections,to me and in my opinion shows great addiction to drugs in general..

Now I know you do not agree with me and that is ok, I do not agree with you, we both have different opinions, but I do have the right to voice mine, as much as you have the right to opine yours.

I know right from wrong HUmanNature, but I also look at both sides and unless one is in denial, one would see MJ was not without fault by any means...

I say CM should have been procecuted for medical malpratice, not manslaughter,that I can see he was very guilty off..

Case closed for me for sure now, keep defending a drug addict, keep telling yourself you right, stay on that merry go round you on and keep telling yourself it was all CM fault..


1039 days ago


What I Think:

Where is all of the peace, love and tolerance that Wacko Jacko is supposed to have taught all of you Jacko Wackos?



1039 days ago


Where is all of the peace, love and tolerance that Wacko Jacko is supposed to have taught all of you Jacko Wackos?



Your equilibrium is unbalanced. Peace and love is to be given freely to those in need of it. Tolerance?????????????????????????????????????????

Hoodahhail tolerates the murder of a loved one?
Who tolerates anyone putting down someone they love?? Seems like you've been reading from the NIV or MSG. As a result, your mental faculites are twisted.

Murray is allegedly suffering the consequences of his actions now. The haters cannot handle it. Don't blame the fans for this...and don't look to the fans for support either. For goodness sakes don't try to use Michael's message of love for a man who uses people and lies to save his own neck. Even at this hour, well after his conviction Murray has no remorse......
Murray is sorry for being in jail, not for killing Michael. Murray is sorrowful because the insurance company will not cover his legal fees, not for the pain and suffering he's caused Michael's family.

Every action and reaction by murray is self serving. NO ONE will or should tolerate this kind behavior or conduct.
Murray does not have a conscience. Murray is eligible for peace, love, and foregiveness. Peace will come to Murray when he tells the truth and stop lying and swindling people. God so love the world....... Murray is a part of that world. Murray will continue to be tormented by his own demons until he tells the truth....

Tolerance?.....chyle pleazzz........aint nobody tolerating wrong doing......if you truly believe in tolerance, it means you don't have a concept of right and wrong. What you have is a belief that there's no absolute truth.

Regardless of you're beleifs, Murray has to pay retribution for his crime. Due to his actions, Murray much be legally subjected to deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation.
The fans will tolerate him alright, The fans will tolerate Murray for the next four years behind bars. Not house arrest in the hollywood hills, nor the LAPD meeting him at the mote............(as they did 2-dayz after my king's murder)

Counsel the Jacksons about greed? Ever heard of
OCCUPY WALL STREET??? That's where counseling, conviction and house cleaning is needed most!!!!

btw: that weakkazz geekkazz wacko jacko phrase never resonated in Michael's culture.......
Man, wuss wrong wit'chue?

the mote (slang fot Motel).

1039 days ago



the Mote (slang "for" Motel).


seems I remember a song called "meet me at the mote" or "to the mote" back in mid 90s......anywhoo

1039 days ago


Lawd the Dumbing down is back on the rise.
The Coroner is a medical doctor specializing in forensics. His findings were/are that Michael was in good health for a man his age and there was no damage to his internal organs. Imagine that, a drug addict with healthy internal organs, showing no signs of abuse.

I don't understand how anyone can conclude because of alias and having multiple doctors means he was an addict........ The evidence of what was in Michael's body proves Murray gave him all those drugs once not that he was an addict. The bottles found in the home still contained old unused medication. Imagine that, an addict who does not take every pill at his disposal. Many of those aliases had nothing to do with michael. The medication belonged to the name on the bottle or it was simply fictitious.
Tear the labels off, and don't take the medication......where's the addict logic now?

Also why leave those bottles in the first place? Murray removed everything he wanted too. Why not throw away all those old bottles of unused pills?

I know, I know, it was because Michael was a drug addict who did not take old left over medication.....LOL!!!!

Michael's murder is a criminal case. Medical Malpractice is a civil cause of action. A health care provider can be sued by a private individual (for instance: Mr. and Mrs. Jackson or Michael's parents on behalf of PPB). Manslaughter is a criminal charge brought by the state through the DA's Office. This is the primary basic reason why murray was not charged with malpractice by the State (jmo).

I hope Mr and Mrs Jackson will sue everybody they can for a billion dollars per law suit. that's the very least this entertainment/media world can do for the globalized theft, lies, hell and humiliation they put michael through.

immature imbeciles, do not revert to michael's childhood.....for it has nothing to do with his murder!!!

Love you Michael......I promise not to scream your name to loudly over the Grand Canyon next week!!

1039 days ago


What I Think:








1039 days ago


the Mote (slang "for" Motel In Ebonics}
Alright clone

The Mote is "Slang" not "Ebonic"

Slang: (1920-Present)
The use of slang is frequently ridiculed by culturally-ignorant people who feel it is the product of insufficient education and believe it to be counter-evolutionary; of course, they couldn't be farther from the truth. human language has been in a state of constant reinvention for centuries, and slang has been used and created by poets and writers of all sorts (William Shakespeare has been credited for the upbringing of at least a couple of words). it is the right and responsibility of the modern human to keep re-evaluating language, to give dead words innovative contemporary meanings or to simply invent new ones, in order to be more appealing and representative to the speaker/listener (which was essentially the basis behind language anyway)...

Ebonics (1619-Pressent)
The language of African-American Ancestry, struggle, pain, intelligence, love, mercy, understanding, survival, resistance, and enjoyment. Ebonics, represents that warm place in the hearts of many African-Americans, when we think about our Ancestors, who could not speak nor understand English, but struggled to speak a language they were not taught formally for hundreds of years (1619-1895...estimate). Not to mention that African slaves learned english from uneducated southern white slave owners. Ebonics allows us to connect with our Ancestors through language and laughter.

btw: to the imbeciles, WS was cited for creating a few words not for the evolution of slang...

1039 days ago
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