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Justin Bieber Alleged Baby Mama

My Baby Will Take the DNA Test

11/23/2011 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Yeater and Justin Bieber
Mariah Yeater
-- Justin Bieber's alleged baby mama -- will submit her baby for DNA testing ... this according to her legal team.

Attorney Jeffrey Leving tells TMZ ... his client is NOT avoiding the DNA test, and can't wait to compare baby Tristyn's DNA with Justin Bieber's.

But Leving says he DOES have a big problem with the DNA test Justin has already taken, because a member of Yeater's team was not present while it was administered and he has no idea if the test was done using proper controls.

Although members of Justin's team have told TMZ Yeater and her team had gone radio silent since Justin took the test on Friday, Leving says his co-counsel has been in touch with Justin's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, Monday and Tuesday.   Leving says he hopes both sides will reach an agreement on a DNA protocol.

Weitzman could not be reached for comment.


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She should submit the poor mother*cker to Child Protective Services.

1069 days ago


Oh, here we go! There must be some remedy available to this young man to put a stop to that sleazy girl and her sleazy lawyers gaining anymore publicity for this farce at his expense. Clearly, she made the whole thing up and for him to have to take time to defend himsel****ainst a baseless charge, is appalling. Perhaps she can find a new target and this atty. is trying to make a name for himself. It's disgusting.

1069 days ago


I don't believe Justin had anything to do with this woman but whether he did or didn't this will NEVER be his me. When the test come back negative her lawyers will say they want Justin to take it again with one of her lawyers in the room.

1069 days ago


Gimme a break, this kid has chicks throwing themselves at him and he would choose your ugly a$$?

1069 days ago


i called this the other day..i said inb4 her lawyers whine about where he took the test and so forth

1069 days ago


What has this loser tramp have to lose? Nothing! She has everything to gain, interviews, notoriety, maybe a few dollars in her pocket...not bad for some POS nobody who otherwise wouldn't even have a chance at 4 minute of fame.

I don't like Bieber or his music but I hope his people sue the trailer park out from underneath her.

1069 days ago


Well its quite right her lawyers are complaining they werent there when the dna was taken ... they could have used anybodys. If there wasnt a hint of truth to this, it wouldnt have gone that far - the lawyers have obviously seen evidence shes met him for them to be putting their names on the line.

1069 days ago


TMZ, you really downgraded your site with this new format crap. Now, the links don't even work in Firefox.

1069 days ago


I'd say grasping at straws.

1069 days ago


Jeffrey Leving is a fraud. He is just playing games.

1068 days ago

tony gee    

I have a feeling that this beyotch

does not comprehend what DNA Testing means.

I will bet that she probably thinks

that it is some kind of blood test which will yield
only a few of its kind like A, B, AB or O.

I do not think she knows that the odds

of having the right DNA match

is about several times harder than to win a Lotto.

So, if I were the tw*t, I 'd rather buy a Lotto ticket

because I will hold more chances of winning it rather
than her baby have the same DNA as Bieb's.

What a misguided idiot!!!

1068 days ago


Quoted from article:
But Leving says he DOES have a big problem with the DNA test Justin has already taken, because a member of Yeater's team was not present while it was administered and he has no idea if the test was done using proper controls.

He does have a good piont and it goes both ways , Justins legal team should have made sure that a member of Yeaters legal team was present for the procurment of the DNA sample and they should have also demanded that one of them be present for the procurment of the DNA sample from Yeaters baby . Also the results should be sent to a neutral third party . this would reduce the chances of the DNA samples being faked(by either party)or contaminated.

As it stands right now Yeaters legal team can raise the question of was it really Justin Bieber who was swabbed for the DNA sample or somebody else , simply because nobody from her team was present to witness the sample collection.

1068 days ago

two cents    

She's SO damn stupid, she doesn't even realize how stupid she is. lol Durp. The second she submits that dna sample, she gives jb's team the ammo they need for a lawsuit. What a dingbat. And she's breeding. Her DNA should be removed for the gene pool immediately. lol

1068 days ago


wow this chick has balls - she is playing chicken and the beibs isn't going to blink - she is going to screw herself worse - i hope they take the baby away

1068 days ago


Hey TMZ, your new page layout does not work with firefox!!! How can i get to page 2 or click anything?
This commentary page i was only able to reach via google.

1068 days ago
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