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Sugarland Sued

You Could Have PREVENTED

Deadly Concert Disaster

11/23/2011 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sugarland sued
The country duo Sugarland is being sued by dozens of people who claim they were injured in a devastating stage collapse at a concert in Indiana earlier this year ... all because the band allegedly failed to cancel the show when they KNEW the weather was getting bad.

More than 40 people -- including the estates of people who died in the accident -- filed the suit against the band in Indiana ... claiming the members of Sugarland had the authority to cancel the show because of bad weather.

According to the docs, Sugarland "failed" to call it off ... putting the fans in grave danger.

Moments before the performance on August 13, powerful winds blew in and knocked over the stage -- killing 7 people and injuring more than 45.

Sugarland isn't the only defendant in the lawsuit -- the alleged victims are also demanding unspecified damages from concert promoter Live Nation, ESG Security and the stagehands’ union.



No Avatar


Seriously? If you don't have the common sense not
to go to an outdoor concert in that weather it is YOUR
fault. McDonald's syndrome, sue because the coffe is hot.
jeeze people.

1073 days ago


I would hope the cases would be dismissed. Both parties are equally responsible. Both parties knew the weather was inclement.

1073 days ago

Logical Thinker    

Seriously? I hope the judge laughs this out of court. Last time I checked, the concert-goers had free will to leave if they deemed they were in danger. This is beyond ridiculousness and a sorry attempt to gain money. I am damaged by reading this article because I know my BP is raising. Can I sue the plaintiffs? Same logic!

1073 days ago


And the concert goers had the authority to leave if they thought the weather was getting bad.

1073 days ago


The people in the audience KNEW the weather was getting bad too and could have left the area if they felt unsafe.

1073 days ago


this is stupid - they knew the weather and didn't leave - there is no personal responsibility anymore - and to include security and stage hands union?? must be their personal lotto - they should be ashamed of themselves, the arena insurance is taking care of their hospital bills

1073 days ago


everybody wants money one way or another but maybe they didn't want to cancel the show but you could have easily left if you consider the fact that it was dangerous from the beginning. jeeze people just let them be. or is it just easy to say i want to sue for peples stupidity

1073 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

ROFL, what???? so the idiots who showed up for the thing in the first place never thought to check the weather before an outdoor concert? I think the USA should change it's motto to "Sue or be sued"

1073 days ago


It's clear no one commenting has ANY sense. Everyone who could have 1% of involvement should be sued. It doesn't mean they will be held liable in the end. If your family member was killed from simply attending a concert you'd what someone held responsible too!

1073 days ago

bring back recent posts, the root of all evil, none of the above defendents wanted to cancel..things happened fast, but this storm was forcasted..sad..all the way around.

1073 days ago


Oh give me a break! Like they had any clue the wind would knock the stage over.

1073 days ago


The audacity of some people to "sue" because they are looking for free money/an easy payday make me sick. American values have taken a deep decline and it worries me greatly.

1073 days ago


Sugarland also hung some of their props and equipment from the stage, which leads me to believe that will be part of the argument also. Their actions added substantial weight to the structure, thereby weakening it. Seems there are several parties who should share in the responsibility. No one should go to a concert and die or be injured. You all are saying it's the attendees fault but they weren't blown away by the wind or struck by lightning. A stage fell on top of them. Two very different scenarios. Even if the weather is inclement, I would not expect a stage to fall on me. Quit bashing the victims. If someone gets hurt in my house, the liability is on me. Same with this or any venue, especially when people paid money. You watch. These people will get money and they deserve to. If this was your sister or loved one who went to a concert and was killed, you would think differently. There are times in life when people have a right to sue.

1073 days ago


just a bunch of people looking for a quick buck. I don't It's never the acts decision always the concert promoter. Also you can't sue the band for a stage they didn't set up. No one sued Pearl Jam when those people got crushed at Roskilde. it was out of their control plain and simple. people need to get jobs rather than sue.

1073 days ago

Stephanie Hickey    

True, only they had the authority to cancel the show, and true they had knowledge that the weather was predicting to be bad, but what is also true is THE ******* PEOPLE ATTENDING KNEW THE WASTHER WAS GOING TO BE BAD ALSO, AND THEY HAD THE DECISION TO MAKE IF THE WANTED TO ATTEND OR NOT! Nobody forced you to go the concert, if you were concerned about the weather you should have not went! Dumb asses!

1073 days ago
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