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Sugarland Sued

You Could Have PREVENTED

Deadly Concert Disaster

11/23/2011 10:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sugarland sued
The country duo Sugarland is being sued by dozens of people who claim they were injured in a devastating stage collapse at a concert in Indiana earlier this year ... all because the band allegedly failed to cancel the show when they KNEW the weather was getting bad.

More than 40 people -- including the estates of people who died in the accident -- filed the suit against the band in Indiana ... claiming the members of Sugarland had the authority to cancel the show because of bad weather.

According to the docs, Sugarland "failed" to call it off ... putting the fans in grave danger.

Moments before the performance on August 13, powerful winds blew in and knocked over the stage -- killing 7 people and injuring more than 45.

Sugarland isn't the only defendant in the lawsuit -- the alleged victims are also demanding unspecified damages from concert promoter Live Nation, ESG Security and the stagehands’ union.



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Sue mother nature, not the band. Jeesh. No one forced you to attend a concert.

973 days ago


Sue mother nature, not the band. Jeesh. No one forced you to attend a concert.

973 days ago

Kelly Durham    

This is total Bull Sh*t because the fans that went to the concert could have left when they realized that the weather was getting bad..They can not hold Sugarland responsible for the weather..I believe that Sugarland had no idea that the winds were going to be that treacherous or they would have rescheduled their concert..Give them a break people..Take responsibility for your own actions..

973 days ago


You can name almost anyone in the lawsuit - that doesn't mean you'll collect money from them. I am sure Sugarland's attorneys will argue that they should be removed from the lawsuit. The promoter, on the other hand, should be on the hook for not cancelling.

973 days ago

Tessa White    

stupid people blame yourselves,not them!!!!it's NOT their fault it happened!!!!they should have left if there was bad weather!!!!i would leave if was that bad!!!

973 days ago

I am Spartacus    

everyone had to know this was coming. They sue everyone involved, the band, the ticket sellers, the people who own the place, etc. They just include everyone and eventually get their money.

The band wouldn't have put their own life at risk if they knew what was going to happen. Its a sad situation.

973 days ago

Papa Rich    

Ummmm, nobody made those people stand out in the middle of a storm. That was their choice. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. Are they saying they were to dumb to know better and needed the band to tell them to go home? That's foolish.

973 days ago


This world is so sue happy and money hungry. It is not anybodys falut that the stage collapsed. Storms affect concets all the time, no one imagined that the stage would collapse because of a powerful gust of wind. I understand it is a horrible thing to deal with the death of a loved one, but people, sometimes accidents happen and no one is to blame. This is one of those cases. The concert goers are as much as fault as the performers and orginizers .. and the fault is everytime we step out our front door we are taking a risk of somesort. Its life. Stuff happens. This was a horrible accident and no one is at fault.

973 days ago


Did sugarland tie these people to the stage and blindfold them so they couldnt tell the weather was bad? No? Case dismissed....dambasses.

973 days ago


One thing I remember from right after the tragedy was blurb on yahoo or msn claiming that Sugerland's manager saved their lives by refusing to let the band take the stage because the manager felt it wasn't safe. Wouldn't have been nice if the hero/manager had called off the show for everyone's sake. There's alot of money involved and no one wants to lose money cancelling the show. For that I think there is some liability there.

973 days ago


The "REAL" issue is whether there were any local, city, state, federal, industry or union related "SAFETY" guidelines broken? Although this was a very tragic accident due to an "ACT of NATURE", the concert attendees had "UNRESTRICTED" access to the same weather information all the defendants named in this lawsuit had. If there were any "SAFETY" code violations involved, the plaintiffs do have a case. Many promoters purchase "weather" related insurance polices to cover some of their losses due to weather related event cancellations. The promoters are certainly guilty of not choosing to be much more cautious but may not be "legally" liable for their choices.

973 days ago


... Aren't they equally culpable for going to the show when they knew the weather was bad?

973 days ago


I doubt it was up to the band to cancel, and the band could even have been sued for canceling under the "play or pay" clause that is often put into contracts. I suspect if anyone is held responsible, it would probably be the architects and/or the construction company and/or the manufacturer of some of the materials, as well as the owner of the property and possibly the promoter of the event, if it can be proved the promoter had or should have had knowledge of how dangerous the weather was about to become. I would not be surprised if the band is ultimately dismissed from the suit.

973 days ago


uh and because there was bad weather those fans COULD have chosen NOT to go as it would have been dangerous.

973 days ago


How ridiculous! I think they should be counter sued for being stupid. No one forced anyone to go to the concert. Not to speak ill of the dead, but if you put yourself in danger, it's no one's fault but your own!!

973 days ago
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