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Jack Wagner [VIDEO]

The Emotional

Father-Daughter Introduction

11/26/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jack Wagner met his long lost 23-year-old daughter for the first time
One day after Jack Wagner met his long lost 23-year-old daughter for the first time, he revealed her to the world -- and TMZ has obtained video of the heartrending introduction.

As we previously reported, Jack's daughter Carrie tracked the actor down after growing up with foster parents. Her biological mother gave Carrie up for adoption soon after she was born.

Jack had no idea she existed ... until earlier this month -- when Carrie found her way back to daddy at a concert in Boca Raton, Florida. The next day, Jack introduced her to the audience as his daughter.

Check out the footage -- but be warned ... someone may start cutting onions in your general vicinity.


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If my father had no interest in me 23 years ago, I would have no interest in him now. Nothing worse than a deadbeat dad.

1062 days ago


The article says he had no idea she existed, yet he just said on stage that the mother called him 9 months after they were together and told him she was pregnant and giving the child up for adoption. Get it straight Harvey.

1062 days ago


In the video he said the baby mama gave him a call to tell him she just had a baby & had put the baby up for adoption, and yet your write-up claims he had no idea he had a kid until she showed up on his doorstep. Please get your facts straight.

1062 days ago


wtf is a Jack Wagner?

1062 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Do you think this is why Heather and Jack split up...maybe Heather couldn't handle the "surprise" new addition? But, that doesn't seem like Heather, heard from reliable sources, (actors who have worked with her) that she's a sweet lady...what really happened there? They seemed like a normal (for Hollywood)beautiful couple.

1062 days ago


Wait. She grew up with FOSTER parents?? If that is the case then she wasnt adopted. Foster parents are a compleltely different thing than ADOPTIVE parents. This whole story is confusing. Did he or did he not know she existed? Was she actualy given up for adoption or just shipped to foster homes? WTF.

1062 days ago


I think it is pretty sorry for her to spring this on him right before he is set to go on stage. I am surprised she was allowed back to get close enough to him.

Better watch out Jack, this girl very likely is just looking for someone to pay her bills. By the way he is acting, she probably has found it. It won't be long before she starts hinting that she needs money.

1062 days ago


Besides the obvious questions, was there a DNA test to confirm? Or did he take her word?

1062 days ago


So is that really his daughter or is it his lover? Some blogger who was on the Rick Springfield cruise said that {allegedly} Jack and this girl were not acting like they were father/daughter --- more like lovers. Of course that's just hearsay, but there are a lot of rumors spreading around.

1062 days ago


That's so sweet. It's nice Jack's being so honest about it.
He doesn't have to do that. Although people would start asking questions when he's suddenly being photographed with this unknown girl. It also explains his broken engagement with Heather.
@ Lanie, that rumor you are talking about was started by 1 poster. If someone thinks a father and daughter hugging and holding each other( especially when they just found each other) is sexual, then there is obviously something seriously wrong with that person. If I were in Kerry's place, I would hold on to my dad too. Seriously

1062 days ago


Did you watch the video you posted??? he knew the child existed -he says that in the video so you might want to update your article. And I still would think she didn't live with foster parents for 23 years-I'm sure she was adopted! Also that video has been around for weeks already

1062 days ago


why does TMZ persist in saying he didn't know this girl existed when the video plainly says he knew 23 years ago at the time of the birth (or after) that he was told that the baby was put up for adoption?

it's an important detail that seems to be deliberately misrepresented. TMZ reported the same thing ("...that he never knew existed!")the other day in the account that ran, despite the detail being available then that he knew at the time of the birth that the child was given up.

Other media outlets, for the most part, are simply regurgitating this botched report. I know this isn't journalism, per se, but surely basic accuracy is important.

1062 days ago


useless ass no good dad-knew he spermed her-but would not raise her

1062 days ago


Why does the TMZ article say Jack didn't know about his daughter until recently, but Jack in the video, says the woman called him nine (9) months after their night together and told him, she was putting the child up for adoption, and that HE held it in his heart for 23yrs.??????? Am I missing something?

1062 days ago


It is one thing to find your parents and they work for the post office, or even homeless or hooked on drugs. But to find them and they are someone a bit famous has to be pretty cool. Jack is not an A list celebrity but he has had a nice life and made a lot of money. I would not mind trading my parents for him. Not sure why this article says he had no idea, when he says he was told about her after she was born. That said the easy and speed that he accepted her is unusual. Unless they had a dna test.

1062 days ago
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