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Xtina vs. Kelly

The Bandage Dress Battle

Who'd You Rather?

11/28/2011 12:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

1128_xtina_kelly_ratherWearing a form fitting white bandage dress, Christina Aguilera showed off her stunning talents at the AMAs last week, while Kelly Clarkson belted out her hits in a copper colored version on "The X-Factor."

Question is ...

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Why is there never a "neither" option? There is nothing wrong with being a little "thick," but both of these broads have no business wearing such a tight dress that shows off their pot bellies. Why not wear something that accents them instead of something made for a much smaller girl?!

998 days ago


I think Kelly Clarkson is hot and I would climb Mount Everest for one night of passion with her.

998 days ago


They choose.

When you're as hot and as successful as these two are.

They tell us.

THEY have their pick of the litter and choice -

A poll suggesting otherwise:

Is pure fantasy -

And an enticement by TMZ to dump on one or both.

C'mon TMZ, you're bigger than this.

We ALL put on/take off pounds at different times of the year.

Give them a break.

998 days ago


This is a tough one. I wish I could take Christinas face and tits and put them on Kellys body. I voted xtina because of the amount of cleavage shown. She almost lost due to the weird shaped thighs though.

998 days ago


To Christina Aguilera: Can anyone say "Spanx"??? Hot damn girl, lay off them jelly donuts.....

998 days ago

The Love Sponge    

If they both dove into the same swimming pool at the same time it would definitely splash all the water out. Bring on the rest of the trick circus elephants.

998 days ago


You really need a "neither" option. They both should be well aware of the fact that horizontal stripes are NOT flattering.

998 days ago


Kelly Clarkson is a lady, Christina in not. I pick Kelly. Guess the question should have been rephrased as to "who would you take to meet the family & who would you take to the Holiday Inn?"

998 days ago


If you are fat or are worried about looking fat...don't ever wear HORIZONTAL - - - stripes- - - left to right,
or sewing on your fat parts.

If you are a guy and skinny wear horizontal on your chest took appear bigger. - - - left to right- - -

If fat wear vertical stripes, up and down, to appear taller and thinner.

If a skinny guy avoid vertical stripes up and down, you only look thinner and no chest.

You would think their sylists or friends would have told then so.

998 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Luckily, X-tina is drunk most of the time so she has no idea how bad she really looks. I guess that means Clarkson wins by default - I mean, who wants to be doing some drunk chick with the smell of vodka vomit on her breath.

998 days ago


I'm a farmer so I would happily take both of them to plow the field and haul the hay cart.

998 days ago


gonad: 3 minutes ago

I'm a farmer so I would happily take both of them to plow the field and haul the hay cart.
Well, that takes care of my *JACKASS* comment.
Nevermind... hahaha

998 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

I can't help but think that Britney Spears would look better in those dresses, and I'm not even a Britney fan.

998 days ago


Whatever is under either of those dresses, I do NOT want to see!

998 days ago


they both look pregnant in this dress lol

998 days ago
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