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Black People Can Be

Oversensitive, Too

11/28/2011 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_xf1ahdc7_1_coot9dgnGay people aren't the only ones who need to learn how to laugh at themselves -- T.I. tells TMZ Live ... the black community is also guilty of being overly sensitive when it comes to jokes.

T.I. called in, standing by what he said in the recent Vibe interview ... that gay people who try to stifle arguably homophobic jokes simply because they're offensive are "not American."

And T.I. insists ... the argument doesn't just apply to gay people -- it applies to anyone who can't take a joke, black people included.

But there's one exception ... the n-word. Then all bets are off.


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Totally agree with him. I'm sick of how politically correct everybody is nowadays. The "N" Word is only to be used by blacks, so they think,but not all. Here's one for the black people, how black do you have to be to stop using the "N" word. (50 50 %) 40 BLACK AND 60 WHITE and so on. The real part of this is my freedom of speech. What did the M. King fight for, I believe freedom of Speech and to live one's life without being someone's slave. Are the white people slaves to the black who thing that being white one can not say ****** reggin. This is free speech.

1025 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Sad that a lot of African Americans think that being racist doesn't apply to them. Racism comes in ALL colors and it is sad.

1025 days ago


The difference is that black is not a behavior. Use some common-sense, morons.

1025 days ago

Ozzie X    

Go to prison and become a bigger celebrity. Great family values.

1025 days ago

truth hurts    

The N word is off limits. It's just common sense so why on Earth do you want to say it soooooo bad. Think about it. There are over 200,000 thousand words in the English language and you can't survive unless you can say the N word. Foolish! All racial groups have words you shouldn't say, but they may jokingly say within their culture. It's called an inside joke. You shouldn't say Ni&&a, Ch!nk, Wetb@ck, Cr@cker, Heeb, R@ghead, *** ...This is common sense. How about you just say the persons name.

1025 days ago


As far as I can tell, black has never been listed in the DSM as a mental disorder. Hmmm...perhaps an erroneous comparison here? Black is not a behavior!

1025 days ago

truth hurts    

This topic is what's wrong with schools today. They gloss over the fact that slavery and all of the degrading behavior was practiced for over 250 years. The civil rights movement was from the mid 50's to 60's. This was only about 50 years ago, so guess what, Some people are still scarred and it can take generations to heal. Are some black people untrusting and highly sensitive! Absolutely until they can see a consistent pattern of change. Unfortunately in this country their is a pattern of attack to take from others. 1. Native Americans were misled 2. Iri*****alian immigrants were mistreated and looked down on 3. Africans were enslaved 4. Asians slaved on the intercontinental railway 5. 9/11 Middle Eastern people are harassed 6. Mexican immigrants are judged 7. GLBT are harassed 8. Tim Tebow is mocked for his religious freedom. Education is a great equalizer and we have to reinvest in educating the youth.

1025 days ago


If all bets are off with the "n" word, then why can't all bets be off with the word "***" or whatever word gays find offensive.

And with that being said yes I do agree we all need to be able to take a joke. We all need to be less sensitive about what makes us different and embrace it instead.

1025 days ago


I wonder if Amazon was around during the time of slavery if they'd offer free shipping.

1025 days ago


T.I makes a valid point....and just to remind everyone everyday b/w the GOP and tea party, some shock jock, or comedian, athlete, blogs, twitter etc...somebody is saying something racist, insensitive, or otherwise so it's pointless to just every now and then target one celebrity or politician because it's a slow news day and then we let everyone else slide. At the end of the day you may not like what someone says, but people think how they think. Forcing Tracy Morgan OR Don Imus do some frivolous apology to keep their careers on track really does nothing to make things right for me...if it's gonna be like that then it's plenty of people I would love to shut down right now on this very blog...If your comments incite a riot or is derogatory just because you have issues then let's shut you down, but if you happen to have your views and say, for example, all black people are lazy because that's how you were raised then that's your business. Whether you like me or not I'm still going to be ok and continue to work harder than you regardless. Let people speak their mind- it's the only way you know where everyone truly stands.

1025 days ago


TMZ staff person is reframing his argument to fit their response

1025 days ago

billy cema    

Gays and bi's were in the forefront of the civil rights movement. Of course, they were in the closet then.
If it weren't for gays, where would most of the celebrities be? Think about it.
Who gives African Americans a lot of positive media space. Well I can thing of one: Harvey!
Who made Sidney Poitier, and other black actors look good, and therefore advanced the image of black people? Gays had a lot to do with it.
There's an ugly stereotype of gays out there. The great majority of gays do not see children as sex objects. The majority of pedophiles are not homosexual.
Stereotyping comes mainly from very ignorant folks!
So TI is insensitive to the rights of people to be treated with dignity. He has the makings of a bully, that's obvious!

1025 days ago

American Mom    

Everyone has to be soo politically correct now a days and I think they are beginning to get tired of it. I have noticed that the only race that is outwardly made fun of where noone gets in trouble for is made toward the Irish. The difference is that the Irish are proud of their race and love to laugh. Noone can hurt their feelings regarding who they are because they are so happy with who they are. Just saying...

1025 days ago


The N word will never disappear. It is in our history, good or bad, it will NEVER go away.

1025 days ago


The "N" word is part of our history and culture. It's never going away! I agree that all races should clean up their language, but which one will start first ?

1025 days ago
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