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LAPD to Travis Barker:

You're Pissed, Let's Talk

11/28/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD wants a face-to-face meeting with Travis Barker -- hoping to find out why the rocker has accused an officer of crossing the line during a routine traffic stop this weekend ... TMZ has learned.

Barker was pulled over Sunday after an officer noticed the drummer's car had no license plate and illegally tinted windows. Cops confirm Barker was issued a "fix-it" ticket and sent on his way.

But after the incident, Barker BLASTED the cop on Twitter -- saying, "Officer FARD of LAPD, get a life man. Find some bank robbers or do something productive 2 do with your time. I know high school was hard 4 u."

Barker continued, "Pullin me over interrogating me & acting like u did over tinted windows till u scared the piss out my kids was uncalled 4.Job well done man."

He also claims the officer "had the nerve" to ask if he had guns in the car.

Now, TMZ has learned ... Sgt. Riggs of the Topanga Station tells TMZ, "I'd like to invite Travis to speak with me about the incident ... and possibly discuss the situation with the officers involved."

A rep for Barker tells TMZ, "We are handling this privately with the LAPD."


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The laws never apply to liberals who are generally useless.

970 days ago


I find it amusing that Travis can slam the officer for doing what is likely he would have done with you or me and he feels victimized. The other part that is amusing is that his publicity people will handle it privately and yet he gives his commentary in the public forum in his diatribe but his handlers want to discuss it "privately". How convenient that the people who demand tolerance have zero when it comes to their 1% egotistical ass. Just ask Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Michael Mooore, and Bill Maher to name a few.

970 days ago


what a bitch.
dude you look like a turd all tatted up like that.what do you expect?besides nobody gives a **** who you are

970 days ago


hope he visits the station and they find an old outstanding warrant! (guy's gotta have dreams...)

970 days ago


Dude is azz! If you dont' wanna get stopped, then do what law-abiding citizens do and fix your pimped up ride....moron!

970 days ago

Officer Rios    

Really did break the law !! Now imagine if you were in Mexico and got pulled over for illegal tint and you caused a rukus, YOU WOULD BE VERY SORRY !! Hey TI talk about over sensitive people, sheesh !

970 days ago


what a w#nker laws are laws, the police officer is just doin his job. If only he went in that plane crash...

969 days ago


If you don't want to be pulled over and interrogated in front of your kids, don't roll like a drug dealer in a car without plates.

969 days ago


If you guys actually took the time to read his other tweets on the matter he @replied somebody with this: '2day i had me & my 3 kids in the car & the cop had the nerve 2 ask if i had any guns in the car? WTF' So there he had a legitimate reason to complain IMO.

969 days ago


What the hell.Just cause Travis is a celeb with a not good reputation for marrying slutty no good celebrity white trash moakler,who has no talent.Married to melissa kennedy who slept around before they ever married.Gets burned in a plane that didn't take off.Gets saved by a cop who dispatched 911 for the guy to save him.Now why go and blast any cop that puts safety first.Why would this ungrateful moron blast a cop who is doing his job to keep the streets safe.You look like a gang banger that is why he pulled you over.I know non celebs who have been pulled over with the tinting and asked if they had a weapon.What a dumbass guy.He will never learn,that is a shame.I meet this lame guy he thinks he is above the law just cause of who he is.He thought the slut moakler was gonna make his career so great but it did nothing for it.I seen people write who is this dumbass,never heard of him.I got an email from a black guy who owned a nightclub in LA.He asked if i could id his ass,he had a picture of barker going into this club with bags of the ghp drug.The date rape drug.Apparently,he tried to bring drugs in and sell them to kids and college students.The club owner said he had his ass bounced out before he got in.He smashed his drugs and watered them down.Just get off the drugs and go to rehab or you will soon be with djam.You should obey the law cause one day they will save your ass.Put a plate up no one is chasing your ass,cause your just a drummer.They got bigger celebs out in LA,fans would go after them not you.You are not all that,if you were still a garabage man out there in LA.You wouldn't even need the tinting and you would have the plate.Who wants to chase a garbage man.What afraid a trash truck is following you?Maybe someone from the LA County Dump is following you?haha.

952 days ago
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