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Conrad Murray


11/29/2011 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot
TMZ has obtained Dr. Conrad Murray's mug shot ... taken moments after he was convicted of manslaughtering Michael Jackson on Nov. 7.

Conrad remained in custody during today's hearing -- so he isn't expected to pose for a new mug shot, now that he's been sentenced to 4 years behind bars.


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Who cares! Will you PLEASE stop talking about this ******* and that pedophile Michael Jackson! Seriously STFU already no one CARES!

1058 days ago


No more strip clubs for YOU !!!!

1058 days ago


I think Dr. Murray's punishment was too severe. Yes, he did the wrong thing in agreeing to administer drugs to MJ. But I think Michael was also to blame along with the countless others, including his family, who either overlooked, wrote it off, or actively participated in obtaining meds for him. Conrad Murray was made an example today. So, in a way, he was the victim of prejudice. If Michael had not been so famous, the sentencing would not have been so severe! How about people begin to take responsibility for their own actions??

1058 days ago


Sentencing was hours ago, he should be out by now....

1058 days ago


Four years is not enough time for someone's life. Can they not find some more charges to get him some more time?

1058 days ago


What are the fanatics going to spend their days commenting on now? Finally the Jackson estate can slip back into obscurity, and hopefully learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of drugs.

1058 days ago

Throwback kid    

He looks like a man who knows he will probably be sodomized in prison. Just try to grin and bear it Conrad and please don't bend over to pick up the soap. He also looks like a man who knows it will be several years before he can have any more lap dances

1058 days ago

Jimi Scott    

Wake up America! Micheal Jackson was a DRUG ADDICT! Conrad Murray was a DRUG DEALER! END OF STORY.

1058 days ago




1058 days ago

Jimi Scott    

Wake up America! Micheal Jackson was a DRUG ADDICT! Conrad Murray was a DRUG DEALER!! END OF STORY.

1058 days ago


FINALLY, I have been waiting a long time to see this!

1058 days ago

My Little Girls    

My Little Girls: 6 minutes ago

Well, Murray was sentenced today for 4 years..... When are they going to line everyone else up that enabled Michael's death and bring them to Justice... That includes everyone including the Jackson family compound that Michael didn't want part of during his life. All they ever wanted was his money and a free ride, now Michael's gone and everyone is riding on easy street .....
The Jackson Family Compound are far better off today then when Michael was alive and they will continue to ride the gravy train .... IMO If only this Judge knew the truth and wasn't just trying to make an example of Dr. Murray. Maybe he will become aware of what the Jackson really represent to the public... nothing but greed... only about me.
Judge... let them take care of themselves instead of ride the coat tail's of Michael any longer... Let Michael RIP..

Greed at it's best....
Always remember one thing.... Prince and Paris have a Mother and Father living and they will always know where they can find them...
IMO.. that's why some doctor got away with giving Michael drugs.....­. you don't want to jeopardize who may hold the purse stings when it comes to the money later on when the children are grown...IM­O Michael was addict to Propofol long before Murray came along just ask Dr. Kline... Michael's doctor of choice... Right...

1058 days ago

My Little Girls    

One thing I forgot to mention... 108 Million dollar funeral. I sure hope the judge takes into consideration that this was all put on by the Jackson Family for the Show and nothing more. All the burial plots for the brother's and sister's are also included in this amount and they should be responsible for their own... IMO
Why should the children's estate be paying for anything for them... the Jackson Family have made enough on getting around the estate by using Michael's name and image... it's time the children had a Guardian ad Litem to protect them..IMO They are taking advantage of Michael's children and they don't realize the fact. Maybe Your Honor Will????

1058 days ago


This is how it happens in a Jerry Sandusky world when new allegations of sexual abuse come along, the way they have now with a Syracuse basketball coach named Bernie Fine: You get the feds in sooner rather than later, because sometimes that is your only chance to get anywhere near the truth. Sometimes you think there should be a federal agency that only investigates and polices big-time sports.
The feds go into Syracuse now and try to sort things out, go right at a turf war involving the school and the DA’s office and the police and Fine and his accusers, why literally and figuratively they make a federal case out of the guy who sat next to Jim Boeheim for 36 years.
“The only thing for sure,†our paper’s legal expert, New York attorney Tom Harvey, said on Sunday, “is that the Secret Service and federal prosecutor will use their considerable resources to gather the real facts surrounding some very damaged people.â€
Even after they do as much as they can, with all the resources at their disposal, we still may never know the truth about Bernie Fine and Laurie Fine and a former Syracuse ball boy named Bobby Davis and his step-brother, Mike Lang.
We go from Jerry Sandusky to Bernie Fine now, fast, in the same world of big college sports and big programs run by big coaches like Joe Paterno and Boeheim. Once again we get the sense of how powerful the institution of sports is at these schools, how even well-intentioned people feel as if they are going up against the company in a company town when there is trouble of any kind, or even the hint of it.
One other thing connects the stories, and the hideous allegations attached to both of them, and it is that there is always a defense at some point, whether the rest of us want to hear it or not.
Please understand: Fine may very well have done all the things his accusers say he did. But now it is up to the feds to find out if they have a victim around whom a prosecution can be built.
(Page 2 of 2)
Just hearing Fine’s wife ramble on the way she does on a loopy 47-minute tape recording Davis made nine years ago doesn’t mean Fine did all the things that Davis, the former ball boy, says he did to him, starting when Davis was an underaged kid hanging around the Syracuse program.
That tape, which ESPN and a Syracuse newspaper had for nearly a decade, killed Fine in the court of public opinion and will never get anywhere near a real court, not just because of spousal privilege, but because it will likely be classified as hearsay. Now does it sound like Fine and his wife have issues? Yeah, it does. The feds will need a lot more than that tape to prove Fine molested children.
There is a famous line from the great writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez about how all people have a public life, a private life and a secret life. Conclusions have already been made about the secret life of Bernie Fine, and maybe his wife as well. Now here come the feds to see if there is an actual case here.
Boeheim, Fine’s boss and his friend for such a long time, got angry when ESPN finally went public with its story about Fine and Davis and all the rest of it, using the phrase “a bunch of a thousand lies†and suggesting that what was happening with the accusers, through ESPN, was nothing more than a shakedown. Boeheim’s lawyer, or the school’s lawyers, should have tackled him before letting him say anything like that, because now you see how other victims of sexual abuse liked what Boeheim said.
Boeheim called Davis and Lang liars even though he is ultimately like the rest of us: He doesn’t know whether they are liars or not. He just knows what he thought he always knew about Bernie Fine.
Joe Amendola, the self-promoter who represents Jerry Sandusky, the lawyer who couldn’t wait to get himself on television with Bob Costas on “Rock Center†and then on “The Today Show†and “Good Morning America†and maybe Turner Classic movies, talks about the presumption of innocence with Sandusky and no one wants to hear anything about that, not after reading the grand jury report on Sandusky, reading about Victims 1 through 8 in that report.
For the time being, Fine and his lawyers hardly say anything at all. And whether you give Fine the presumption of innocence or not, right there these guys come up smarter than Amendola, who was dumb enough to let his client talk to Costas and dumb enough to tell anybody listening to him what his own defense strategy was going to be.
So Fine is fired by Syracuse after originally being put on administrative leave, as much for that tape with his wife’s voice on it as a third accuser coming forward. Boeheim? He had to walk himself back from his original loyal overheated remarks defending the guy who sat next to him all those years.
“(Fine) may have done it,†another lawyer said yesterday. “But the case is a dog.â€
They make a federal case out of Bernie Fine now, Secret Service and the U.S. Attorney trying to find out if there is an actual case underneath the headlines.
To all MJ fans, no matter how much you love a pedo, look yourself in the mirror and you will see an image of yourself looking no difference than Lauire Fine.


Furthermore, anybody says that FBI investigated MJ for 17 years and found nothing, like the 'DUMB AS ROCK' AND **** MIXED TOGETHER - HN, will soon find this argument is insane and self defeating as if MJ was innocent, why would the FBI have investigated him for over 17 years. I say let's reopen the case like the Natalie Wood's case to find real justice for the children victims.

And Katie10 stop bashing the children victims of molestation, as every time you open your potty mouth, you are re-victimizing the children and hurting the children around the world that are too scared to speak out.

1058 days ago
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