TMZ Live Kim vs. Kris Now ... It's Gonna Be War


Kris Humphries claims "fraud" ... while Kim Kardashian calls BS and backstabbing! We get all the the breaking details about why this divorce/annulment ain't going away quickly.

Plus, Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina deletes her sexy Twitter feed. So ... imagine you're the Great One -- better to have a smokin' hot daughter or a homely one?

Also, Harvey calls out the media overblowing presidential campaign flubs ... Kevin Smith clears the air about an award snub ... and, food porn! Witness a turkey leg feeding frenzy in the newsroom.


(0:00) Gary has a massive turkey leg for lunch -- and like a pack of hyenas, staffers eat it right out of his hand.
(2:15) Breaking news! Kris Humphries thinks his wedding to Kim K. was a huge sham -- but she swears it was the real deal.
(10:01) Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina is so hot -- she's giving Harvey "weird feelings."
(13:03) So the big question -- would you rather have a daughter who's hot ... or homely.
(21:10) Rick Perry is blasted by the media after yet another gaff -- is it overkill? Howard Dean knows the feeling.
(28:30) Brian says Rick is following a perfect political formula -- be governor of Texas, be a dummy, then become president.
(35:02) Pete Siegel -- president of -- calls in about the alleged lock of MJ's hair he's selling.
(42:01) Kevin Smith is on the phone! He's ticked off at blogs that blew one of his Twitter posts out of proportion.
(46:01) Kevin says he was pissed his movie "Red State" didn't get any love at the Spirit Awards -- but he was not attacking them.