TMZ Live Kim vs. Kris Now ... It's Gonna Be War

11/30/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Kim vs Kris -- It's Gonna Be War

Kris Humphries claims "fraud" ... while Kim Kardashian calls BS and backstabbing! We get all the the breaking details about why this divorce/annulment ain't going away quickly.

Plus, Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina deletes her sexy Twitter feed. So ... imagine you're the Great One -- better to have a smokin' hot daughter or a homely one?

Also, Harvey calls out the media overblowing presidential campaign flubs ... Kevin Smith clears the air about an award snub ... and, food porn! Witness a turkey leg feeding frenzy in the newsroom.

(0:00) Gary has a massive turkey leg for lunch -- and like a pack of hyenas, staffers eat it right out of his hand.
(2:15) Breaking news! Kris Humphries thinks his wedding to Kim K. was a huge sham -- but she swears it was the real deal.
(10:01) Wayne Gretzky's daughter Paulina is so hot -- she's giving Harvey "weird feelings."
(13:03) So the big question -- would you rather have a daughter who's hot ... or homely.
(21:10) Rick Perry is blasted by the media after yet another gaff -- is it overkill? Howard Dean knows the feeling.
(28:30) Brian says Rick is following a perfect political formula -- be governor of Texas, be a dummy, then become president.
(35:02) Pete Siegel -- president of -- calls in about the alleged lock of MJ's hair he's selling.
(42:01) Kevin Smith is on the phone! He's ticked off at blogs that blew one of his Twitter posts out of proportion.
(46:01) Kevin says he was pissed his movie "Red State" didn't get any love at the Spirit Awards -- but he was not attacking them.