Charlie Sheen's Ex-Goddess SLAMS Homeless People -- Don't Give Beggars Money!!!

12/2/2011 11:32 AM PST

Charlie Sheen's Ex-Goddess Bree Olson -- SLAMS Homeless People

Homeless people in Indiana are feeling the wrath of Charlie Sheen's former goddess Bree Olson -- who's BEGGING her community to stop giving money to beggars.

Olson ignited a firestorm on Twitter earlier today when she posted a photo of a beggar -- and wrote, "STOP giving then money Fort Wayne! The more you give them money this place is gonna start looking like Skid Row."

She added, "Fort Wayne has PLENTY of room in the shelters and almost every church has food shelter and placement. No excuse for him or the others here."
Olson -- a former porn star -- was bombarded with insults from people who don't see things her way. One person wrote, "Some people are more comfortable asking for help than sucking d*** for money."

Still, we gotta ask ...