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Lady Gaga's Naked O-Face

Is O-Kay With Us

12/2/2011 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Naked and Nude Lady Gaga covered in Cheerios
Lady Gaga can pour Cheerios all over her wet, naked body as long as she wants -- the cereal company tells TMZ, the singer's controversial new music video is all just freedom of expression.

If you haven't seen Gaga's new video for "Marry the Night," you're missing out on 14 minutes of naked, avant-garde weirdness ... including a scene where she empties a box of cheerios on her naked body.

A rep for Cheerios tells us, the cereal company had nothing to do with the video -- but it also has no plans to pursue legal action.

The rep tells us, "We feel that people express their passion in a lot of different ways ... This was certainly a first!"

Probably the point, no?


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GAGA stole the concept from Jemma on BBUK. do a search on you tube ... Day 37: Eviction night = frosted flake fight!

1063 days ago


Karen.. I'm with ya on that one. I think she is a big talent, BUT, I can'*****ch her videos. Their gross and make no sense, and they don't match the song, yet I love her voice! Go Figure!!

1063 days ago


SPAM.....Should have been Spam... DAMN you all to hell GAGA

1063 days ago


I am sick of this person. Madonna did the original in the 80's and she is just trying to one up her with her stunts. I think her music is good but whatever happended to just playing good music without a gimic??? Sorry for the non-spellcheck.

1063 days ago


Gross! Yet I suppose her fans think it's the most edgy, original, and inspirational thing ever.

1063 days ago


fruit loops would have been a more fitting cereal choice for this women

1063 days ago


Giant soft on.If she was attractive in the least,this would be sexy.But, she's far from it. More like a circus freak.

1063 days ago

you know it    

does she really think this is art?

1063 days ago

you know it    

sorry. i could only watch 2 minutes and 12 seconds of this horribleness...........

1063 days ago

The Neko Nation    

That's a man baby! I will never eat cheerios again.

1063 days ago


Well, the sight of that put me off cheerios! Thanks for nothing, Lady GagGag.

1063 days ago

Zach Swan    

Eff-You-See-Kay off with the censorship you puritan losers, TMZ.

1063 days ago

gaga fan foreva    

ignorence once again has trickled down on you idiots how many people tell there stories day to day what makes yours more special than someone elses she had the ability to share hers and it reaches out to people for those of you who only looked for a few seconds then shut it off you have no depth i would not share air space with you these days in order to get through to people sometimes you have to hit them over the head with a sledge hammer my god you idiots.

1063 days ago

gaga fan foreva    

once again iam surrounded by ignorant people this video came about as a story of her life how many other people in the world have used different avenues to express openly painful times in their life and shared it so that others can draw strength from it if you are not a gaga fan dont listen to the f'n music or watch her videos and keep your comments for the song writers and singers that touch you and speek to you on your level just save it if it helps me or others who have drawn strength from her music back the hell off i will always support mama gaga!

1063 days ago


omg! I used to be such a huge gaga fan. pop music = commercial. when i listen to music and watch music videos, I want to be entertained. I don't want to decipher symbolism, metaphors, or whatever. she's in the wrong business. ugh. wrong media gag gag. blah.

1063 days ago
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