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Jackson Family

Between Rock & Hard Place

Over MJ Handprints

12/3/2011 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_michael_jackson_hand_print_launch_EXMichael Jackson's family is on the hunt for an incredibly valuable piece of rock -- containing the King of Pop's hand and footprints -- but the guy who currently owns it ain't giving it up without a fight.

MJ left the impressions back in 1984 for a Vegas hotel -- which had commissioned the piece for a "Walk of Fame"-type exhibit in front of the property.

The exhibit never materialized, and the concrete slab ended up gathering dust in the hotel basement -- until it was auctioned off years later ... and a guy named Andy Wilson picked it up for a pretty penny.

Now, the Jackson family has caught wind of the relic -- and they want to reclaim it, insisting the slab is the rightful property of the MJ estate. We're told they're even willing to pay Mr. Wilson $25,000 plus a cut of any merchandising profits they make off the item.

But Andy ain't budging -- telling TMZ, $25,000 just won't do ... and he's willing to wait as long as it takes to get a better deal.


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Greed!!! Leave that man and his concrete alone!

1019 days ago


I love this family. They are high class. When do they get back into the hole where they came from after his death.

1019 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

He should take a sledge hammer to it and break it into a million pieces as a statement against pedophilia.

1019 days ago


weird, i said between the devil and the deep blue sea to my son yesterday! oh yes we discussing creationists and evolutionists. We both agree we are all chimps lol.

So it's hidden away and dusty, just like those forgotton jackson five pics.

1019 days ago



1019 days ago


Hundreds of thousands of MJ fans would kill their grandmother for that concrete stuff. To zeros more (before the decimal point ) could make it. Poor Jackson's...

1019 days ago


Nice to see MJ on his knees.........runs

1019 days ago


boy these jacksons take the cake, for being the most money hungry ( right in front of kardash family). they are all free loaders, and you wonder why mj, stayed away from them. he paid them to leave him alone. i really believe if they could they would dig him up and sell his body to the highest bidder. all of them including janet are only famous because of him and they all try to imitate him. of course his followers, will support anyone connected to him. he was a sick, sick person and they all went along with it for the money he gave them. they are shameless people.

1019 days ago


there's got to be a special place in hell reserved just for the jacksons...... with the kardashians as their eternal neighbors there. just hoping they all get on their way soon.

1019 days ago


Aww, Mike was always so gorgeous and cool. Everyone wanted to be him in the 80's...even the present day haterz. It's obvious they are all still obsessed with him since they spend their entire existence posting about him. So sad and pathetic.

1019 days ago


Michael was weird, but seemed to be a decent and kind human being. However, the rest of this family (not his kids) knows no shame, and don't seem to be very bright. They really just need to be put on a generous allowance, with the condition they shut up in public for life, and make no further claims.

1019 days ago


That family bewilders me (not Michael's kids - I hope they have someone besides Katherine looking out for them). They only want the piece so they can sell it or somehow make money off of it. I think the guy that owns it should hold out - After all, he has as much a right to it as the Jacksons do. I hope people who were not MJ fans start to understand why he stayed away from his family all these years.

1019 days ago


This family never ceases to amaze me, they have no right to that, the man paid for it, it belongs to HIM! If they wanted it they should have purchased it when it was for sale case closed. I feel so bad for those poor children being raised by these leeches, I do hope that when granny dies that they can get away from them and aren't too brainwashed, I'm sure Michael instilled in them how much he despised them and when Prince is old enough he will take his siblings and run.

1019 days ago


are the Jacksons related to the Kardashians?

1019 days ago


How can they claim it's rightfully theirs? As an artist, when someone commissions a piece, it's done for the client to their specifications and becomes their property to do as they wish. Jackson would have been paid to do that and it was up to them what they did with it. I'm sure the family would love to have it, but they have no right to demand it.

1019 days ago
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