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Jackson Family

Between Rock & Hard Place

Over MJ Handprints

12/3/2011 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_michael_jackson_hand_print_launch_EXMichael Jackson's family is on the hunt for an incredibly valuable piece of rock -- containing the King of Pop's hand and footprints -- but the guy who currently owns it ain't giving it up without a fight.

MJ left the impressions back in 1984 for a Vegas hotel -- which had commissioned the piece for a "Walk of Fame"-type exhibit in front of the property.

The exhibit never materialized, and the concrete slab ended up gathering dust in the hotel basement -- until it was auctioned off years later ... and a guy named Andy Wilson picked it up for a pretty penny.

Now, the Jackson family has caught wind of the relic -- and they want to reclaim it, insisting the slab is the rightful property of the MJ estate. We're told they're even willing to pay Mr. Wilson $25,000 plus a cut of any merchandising profits they make off the item.

But Andy ain't budging -- telling TMZ, $25,000 just won't do ... and he's willing to wait as long as it takes to get a better deal.


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Michael, you're gorgeous. And well kept I may add. I have never seen such elegant style with a voice of such grace. You are a statement that cannot be revised, rewritten or remade. Keep making history but please, let the man keep the stone.

1054 days ago


after re-reading this, I believe this is just another BS story made up by TMZ. How did they all of a sudden become familiar with this, they...the Jackson family...huh? And, who TOLD YOU TMZ. Probably just another MJ story to get TMZ through their weekend for some hits. If it is true, doesn't have anything to do with money, i would imagine, it's probably something his children would want..but, this is so stupid and the estate and jacksons' aren't stupid. it happened back in the 1980's and the estate would have no legal rights over this! So, I highly doubt this is even a viable story. TMZ you suck sometimes! I guess the MJ stories will never stop..never for you people either because basically you're using MJ too and have been since 2009 as stories posted and or related to MJ give you the most hits. RIP, Michael Jackson! Maybe the kids should ask for a piece of TMZ's profits as well...just sayin'.

1054 days ago


If this was commissioned in 1984,why is it dated '89? Someone have their facts wrong?

1054 days ago


what's really disgusting is that his own family can't get something that rightfully belongs to them. People never think that his kids might actually want something of his.

1054 days ago


Get over it. The Jacksons aren't getting any news time since Conrad is sent to prison. ANYTHING to get a little press. A truly disgusting group of grifters.

1054 days ago


Why do THEY want it so bad? So they can re-sell it for 10 times what it's worth? If the Jacksons cared sooo much about MJ and his memory, they wouldn't have auctioned off his most iconic/prized possessions within 6 months of his death. Pfft. So sick of hearing about this gold digging low life family.

1054 days ago


What makes them think this is property of the estate when Michael did it for a Vegas Hotel? That was his GIFT.

1054 days ago


Typical Jackson Clan thinking they can just take what they want,...the whole family sucked the life out of their youngest son. Papa Joe should have gotten his other son's an education so they had something to fall bak on instead of suckng the life out of their brother and turning him into a drug addict. Anyone facing the vampires as Jackson did would turn to drugs to run away from this Clan. I hope they do not get to take this man's treasure..he purchased it fair and square. Get a job Jackson's....

1054 days ago


Don't the Jacksons have enough money? Now they're scouring the globe like Indiana Jones looking for all the buried treasure they can get their grubby little hands on ...

1054 days ago


The fanatics put MJ on a pedestal and then are surprised he becomes an narcissistic egomaniac. Stop blaming the media for your idol's downfall. If you want to know who the real culprits are, look in the mirror ...

1054 days ago


That famly is always lookin for ways to git more money off the dead man. Aint they milked that cow enouf?

1054 days ago


Pathetic vultures!

1054 days ago


wow stop selling his stuff stop being money hungry ever think his kikds want his stuff

1054 days ago


Sorry, Jackson family representing estate, but you don't own it.

1054 days ago
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