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Dr. Drew Got Me All Wired Up

12/4/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and Dr Drew
Just weeks after Dr. Drew promised Octomom free internet service ... to help the mom-of-14 take online classes and get a damn job ... the former "Celebrity Rehab" host has made good on his word.

In case you missed it -- Dr. Drew offered Nadya Suleman an all-inclusive life improvement package last month on his show ... including a 6-month personal trainer online certification program, a year of cleaning services, and a year of child care services.

Problem was ... Nadya didn't have Internet at home to take the PT classes, so Drew also threw in free Internet. This week, Time Warner finally got her ass online.

Ball's in her court now.


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She shouldn't get a damn thing but her tubes tied. It's people like this who screw up society for the rest of us.

962 days ago



962 days ago


and did we all forget that she didn't even have health insurance when she had all these kids, so medicaid - meaning all of us - paid her hospital bills that were well over 1 million dollars! - for god sake quit enabling this woman, she is a pathalogical liar and has screwed every one who has helped her - listen to her ramble on she has serious psychological problems and should not be responsible for kids!

962 days ago


plus if you have ever seen her in public - she lets those kids run around like crazy, screaming and yelling, bothering every one else and she does nothing! she just ignores them as they run up and down the isles, she hasn't even taught them basic human skills!

962 days ago


Finally, octo has come back to tmz! This place just got a little more fertile.

962 days ago


Team Nutjob doesn't consider having a running beg site "asking the public for anything". She'll claim that Gonads wasn't the one who set it up (because she didn't have Internet access, you know) so therefore it's not her fault that she cashes the checks that come from it or that she doesn't demand it be taken down.

It's the same logic that the Octoho uses to dismiss "public assistance" in the form of food stamps, SSDI, Medi-Cal, WIC...since it wasn't a true welfare check, it doesnt seem to count.

Twisted logic for anyone with an IQ above double digits.

962 days ago


When she said she never had internet on Dr Drew's show, I wonder how many other people were shocked. She also needs to stop bathing everyone in the kitchen sink. She needs serious help. Especially mentally.

962 days ago


A feel good about me PR gesture sure but basically unrealistic gift from the Doc.
There is no possible way for that woman will become totally self sufficient in providing for 14 children and herself through online course study and at best some mediocre job she may obtain, let alone hold that job down and her employer's faith in her while 14 children go through their mini and major crisis's of life.

962 days ago


You go girl!! My best to you Nadya and bless your heart Dr. Drew!! :)

962 days ago


OMG! i jus*****ched the entire video on you tube, i can't believe she has destroyed her entire house - that dr phil paid to fix up for her and she lets her 6 year old tag all the outside walls w/ spray paint - kids get killed in her neighbor hood for tagging a gang members wall, even if you don't belong to a gang - she can't even keep her mouth shut long enuff to listen to any one else - seriously social services need to step in and take these kids!

962 days ago


Great job Dr. Drew!!! Let's show everyone that you can get free things and rewarded for making awful choices. Hey! I don't have an army of kids. I have a job. Why don't I get any handouts?

962 days ago


Heavens forbid. I still don't feel sorry for her.

962 days ago



you're dwelling onto the past. Let that go, please. We all know Nadya past and what she's done. We all know her mistakes and so does she but she has moved on from that. Can't you even be happy that she's not running away from her responsibility and putting the burden on the tax payers of California anymore? She's been doing that for 3 yrs now, well almost 3 yrs. Her octuplet's will be 3 next year.

Okay so Nadya is the most perfect person in the world. You find me one person walking this earth that is. Everybody makes mistakes, sometimes they even learn from their mistakes and move on in life, but not Michelle Duggar yet you all jump all over Nadya? Why because the Duggar has a reality TV show exploiting their kids every chance they get, even when they are badly hurt and near death? C'on give Nadya a break! She's doing the best she can.

Okay so her house is not white glove, not perfect and the way you all want it to be with 14 little ones running around. At least her kids have a place to call home for now and that's all that is important imo. Running water, heat and electric is all she need to keep her kids shelter not a perfect picture home. Nadya has been in the media trying to do her best to put food on her kids table and pay the bills. It's not an easy task but she never asked anything from the public, any celebrity or talk show hosts other then to let her tell her side of the story and make money to feed her kids as they get the ratings in the process.

As for that website some people constantly keep bringing up since 2009. I don't have any proof anybody donated a cent to that website, do you? I don't even have proof that it was Nadya herself that put that website up, far as I know it could have been past her publicist, pro bono attorney etc. Remember Chukwu family? Their website is still up and running, Duggars has their little beg fest going on, on their website also wanting people to buy their books, their seminars etc. Even Kate Gosselin still have a website still up and running. Nadya website is 3 yrs old people and to hear Nadya tell it to Radar Online, right around the time AIW came into the picture. No one donated a cent to that website and they didn't even know if people would... AIW was going to rely on mediCal to pay for their services. In fact no money were donated due to all the hate, so Dr. Phil stepped in remember? He took in donations and gave the money to ANGEL IN WAITING not Nadya Suleman, when they left they took the money with them and not a cent was spent towards any of Nadya children. Not one penny! They even had it in their contract to take the money and run if Nadya terminated their services for any reason. There's your true fraud. Speaking of fraud, the state of California vs Nadya Suleman far as Workman Com is concern, said Nadya did not commit any fraud, was never charge or convicted of any fraud and therefore was entitled to her full share of the money owe to her and they paid her in full. What plastic surgeries? Where's your proof of this or are you going by paparazzi, internet gossip, rumors and hearsays? Please present evidence, Doctors, do***ents, medical records something anything that can back up that LIE? Yes lie unless you can prove otherwise... sorry doc up internet pic will not do. :)

Oh btw... if somebody care enough to pay off Nadya mortgage, repair and clean up her home, pay for the kids college who are we to stop them? I didn't say Dr. Drew had to do these things, but it would have been a better gift then the one he gave her on his show. Again, that was just my opinion and not a demand on anybody.

962 days ago


But wait, theres more!

In an early interview with Dr Drew, Octo claimed she was alreadybworking as a fitness instructor/personal trainer. So what does she need the Internet class for? To quote her, isn't the certification "just paper"?

962 days ago


LMAO! Only in bizarre world, otherwise known as Octoho's "baby bubble" would the term "not white glove" be used to describe a house covered graffiti and holes.

Back to "proof" of plastic surgery- workers comp do***ents, filled out by Gonad's herself, lists a breast AUGEMENTATION (that's a boob job for the uninformed here).


962 days ago
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