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Dr. Drew Got Me All Wired Up

12/4/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom and Dr Drew
Just weeks after Dr. Drew promised Octomom free internet service ... to help the mom-of-14 take online classes and get a damn job ... the former "Celebrity Rehab" host has made good on his word.

In case you missed it -- Dr. Drew offered Nadya Suleman an all-inclusive life improvement package last month on his show ... including a 6-month personal trainer online certification program, a year of cleaning services, and a year of child care services.

Problem was ... Nadya didn't have Internet at home to take the PT classes, so Drew also threw in free Internet. This week, Time Warner finally got her ass online.

Ball's in her court now.


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Team Nadya, I hestitate to ask this, I know it is a sensitive subject for you, and this really isn't the place, BUT, isn't it time you changed your avatar? Justice has been served.

1061 days ago



I believe children are a blessing from God as well. But I don't use that as an excuse to keep having more then I can care for and neither does Nadya Suleman. She wanted children and couldn't have them the old fashion way and seeked medical science. She wanted a large family, maybe not 14 but was blessed with octuplets whom by some miracle all survived. Nadya did not set out to have 14 kids unlike the Duggars who set out to have 21 pushing them on their older kids to raise. Nadya made a bad judgment call that resulted in 8 more kids. Duggars deliberately set out to have more and more and blame them all on God by way of using that lame tired excuse of birth control killing one of their unborn child. Now it's all about the money each child bring in. That's not a blessing from God, that's a paycheck from TLC using God as an excuse. God may bless your child but he gives no one a baby, sex and fertility treatments does. You best believe that ilovegossip!

1061 days ago


So is this one of those things like 'Give a leech your blood or teach the leech how to get it's own blood'?

1061 days ago



You have that COMPLETELY backwards. Nadya set out to have her children, she had invitro fertilization specifically to have children. The Duggars did not set out to have 21 children. They left it in "God's" hands how many children he would give them. The only thing they've done is not opt to use contraceptives (after the baby died). They do feel that each one is a blessing. If "God" wants to stop giving them children, they would be just as happy. They said they would have been fine with one. But, they are happy with the every one they have. They have never once said "looking back, I wouldn't have done it" as Nadya has. Just think what her kids will feel about that statement when they get older.

1061 days ago


Ilovegossip, if God gave every females who ever wanted children babies, there would be no need for males? Sex and fertility if your lucky enough produce babies not God. Sure he blessed them and people believe they are a blessing from God. But there's only two ways to get babies, only two and I named them. Nadya wanted children and couldn't have them and had to seek fertility treatments right? Duggars wanted children and had sex to get them or so they say. Who knows? Point being, claiming they put it God hands to have 22 kids is so wrong. God didn't put them babies in Michelle, Jim Bob male sperm did and had they used protection she never would have gotten pregnant to begin with. Remember she said she was on birth control and then went off, got back on it not knowing she was already pregnant and supposedly that's what killed their second unborn child.

Now their excuse when asked is...
1. Children are a blessing from God.
2. We let God make the decision on how many babies he want us to have. (Who do we blame for Michelle and her unborn child almost dying and now stuck with a very ill and sick child) God? Please...
3. Because Children are like flowers, saying there's to many flowers is like saying there's to many children.
4. I'll leave that up to Michelle how many babies she want to have.
Everything but the damn truth, that having all those children provide income for JB to buy crap loads of vehicles and to keep their reality show on air. (God wanted them to have all those babies to push them off on their older girls to raise and care for? Please... But that's their life so. :) They just shouldn't expect others to feed into their lies and they shouldn't try to push, forcing their twisted morals and sick way of lives on others.

They have never once said "looking back, I wouldn't have done it" as Nadya has. You're wrong... Michelle and Jim Bob both said if God didn't want them to have children they wouldn't have any of them now. That it was God who gave them all those children, when in fact it was Jim Bob male sperm.

And what Nadya said was if giving the choice of implanting so many embryos at once again resulting in high multiples, she would opt out knowing now what she didn't know then. Nadya never once regretted any of the children being born, she has only question her choices on how so many were conceived at once and the burden its placed on her to raise so many with so little money.

1061 days ago


Hey come to think of it ilovegossip.

When Jim Bob was asked about having more kids on talk shows, he said...
4. I'll leave that up to Michelle.
wait, but I thought Jim Bob and Michelle said they leave that decision up to God? Another lie perhaps?

1061 days ago


REALITY CHECK ! A 9-5 is NOT going to help Ms. Suleman. I don't know what the income for a personal trainer is, but I seriously doubt it's enough to provide shelter, food, and clothes for 14 kids. On top of that, who is supposed to take care of the kids while she's working? Does Dr. Drew think the personal trainer salary is enough to pay for a couple of nannies or even daycare? What happens when the kids get sick and she has to be away from work a lot for that. Daycare centers don't allow sick kids to attend. Ms. Suleman stated that she has never used the internet. How is she supposed to learn the internet fast enough and well enough to be successful in the course? All of these issues are legitimate reasons why working a 9 - 5 will not do any good for her.

While Dr. Drew's gesture is well intentioned, it shows that he does not have a clue about the issues surrounding Ms. Suleman's situation. It's not a simple as "get off your arse and get a job".

1061 days ago


Hi Teen Nadia, your unique expression of gratitude for my meager $25 donation is much appreciated. You're welcome.
The footage of Aiden in this episode of Dr Drew is disturbing. There is video of him playing in his back yard, from 2 yrs ago. He is bright eyed & cute, he even looks into the camera & smiles for a bit. Now he looks at the floor & walks in circles, he grunts & squawks. As the kids get older their disabilities will be more evident. I doubt they will get the help they need.

1061 days ago



You are arguing with yourself. I do not share yours or the Duggars religious beliefs, I was only stating what they believe because you asked me. They did not have children so they could be on TV, and the proof is they had 17 children before they were even known of. So your theory they had kids to be on TV is wrong.

1061 days ago


Can someone call Dr. Drew and tell him that Nadya is on TMZ trying to defend her vampirish ways instead of studying for her personal training certification exam? You know who you are : )

1061 days ago

James Brown    

Can tmz please take the TWC Van out

1061 days ago

Mrs. Gossip     

Dr. Drew really should have gotten her a high colonic enema, and the routing number and bank account of the studio he works for. Put this bitch out on the streets. Save the kids.

1061 days ago


"Nadya never asked anybody for a cent..."

LOL. That one cracks me up every time. She has others do the asking (her dad, her begsite) and she has no problem cashing the donations. A little passive/aggressive, but I suppose it works for her. A little "plausible deniability", which might work if it weren't for her repeated history of bending the truth to suit her needs.

1061 days ago


Not that Team Nutjob understands this, but the begsite is owned by Harmony Enterprises. Who is the owner of Harmony? Why that would be Octoho. And what does the begsite say at the bottom? "Make a donation". Patheti*****tle site, she couldn't even bother to put up pictures of all 8 babies (yet their are 4 different pictures of her...) Goes to show just what her priorities are...

1061 days ago


Oops, that's what I get typing before the caffeine kicks in. Pathet.i.c. little site and "there" not "their".

1061 days ago
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