Paramount Exec I’m Suing Flooring Company For Walking All Over Me

12/4/2011 5:35 AM PST

Paramount Exec -- I'm Suing My Carpet Guy for Walking All Over Me

One of Hollywood's biggest music execs just wanted new carpeting in his home ... but he allegedly ended up getting the rug pulled out from underneath him.

Randy Spendlove -- who oversees all music for Paramount and won a Grammy for the “Chicago” soundtrack -- says he paid $8,200 to a man in January 2009 to install flooring in his home, but instead the guy ran off with the money ... so now he's suing.

According to the lawsuit, soon after Mark Jerold Sperling cashed the check, he informed Spendlove he would be, well, spending “the money for other things” -- and if the music exec wanted his dough back, he should go “ask Bush for the money.” (At the time, Dubya's presidency had just ended).

TMZ spoke with a source close to Sperling who tells us his company has been hit hard by the recession, and although he wanted to pay back those whom he owed money to ... he just didn't have the funds.

Spendlove is seeking his $8,200 back, plus attorney fees and costs ... not to mention 10 percent interest.

Maybe Sperling should ask Obama for the money?