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Michael Lohan

Undergoing Surgery

to Fix His Bad Heart

12/5/2011 8:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan Undergoing Heart Surgery
Michael Lohan
's life is in the hands of doctors ... who are performing surgery on Mike's heart in an effort to unclog an important artery ... this according to Lohan's rep.

TMZ broke the story ... Lohan had trouble breathing and speaking a couple of weeks ago ... and docs believe the trouble stemmed from Mike's ticker.

Now, the rep tells us ... Lohan is currently undergoing a procedure to "repair a blockage."

Once Lohan is stable, the rep says Mike will return to his court-ordered treatment center -- where he will continue to participate in a domestic violence intervention program.


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Boy, there sure are a lot of paranoid people here. For the record, I wasn't talking about Julia or Andy in my reply...

1054 days ago

AGENT smith    

So Ketjo writes in her semi retarded hillbilly attempt at English how Lindsay has to stop living in the gutter and move from sin filled LA and stop her evil life as an actress and should go to school and try to become a nurse so she can save someones life. When I answer her by saying that she needs to get her life out of the gutter that she lives in, she accuses me of attacking her and wants to know why we just can't have a civil conversation. She has the same problem that all of the haters have, they can di***** out but they can't take it. Oh and Andy my point in posting about the Ellen Show gig that Lindsay booked is to put another high paying job that Lindsay has booked in their face. Many haters were saying a few months ago that she would never work again and was behind on her rent and getting evicted ect. Add it up Plein 500k Playboy 950k Ellen 100k ( a guess) Plum Magazine, zeebid, Twitter, photo and story sales maybe 250k.......Lindsay made aroud two million in the last five months......

1054 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Since I am not a fan, does that make me a hater?

1054 days ago

middle finger    

Red Cloud: 15 minutes ago
Don't forget residuals from her movies that are on TV frequently, each month.

gone, gone, gone..............
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so red what do she do with the $50. a month from residuals?
and by the way,its not what you make its what you do with the money..if more goes out then comes in,then there is problems.
there are "TONS" of people actors ,pro athletes included that cant afford air right now..
and I have yet to see a hearse pull a Uhaul trailer

1054 days ago


I'd like to explain something further, so there is no misunderstanding. When I am on a certain computer, I can not read any responses for some reason. I get a message that says "response template". When I answered Ketjo, although I knew there were responses, I couldn't read them. So, when I made my reply it was strictly to Ketjo's post, and not to the responses that followed, as I had no idea what had been said, and who said it. Now that I'm on another computer, i can see why both Andy and Julia thought I was referring to them. I appologize for the misunderstanding.

1054 days ago

middle finger    

john smith,is so wrong...he wanted to spar with milo while he was under Anesthesia and going through surgery...

1054 days ago

middle finger    

Delmar: 5 hours ago
It's the neck that shows age often, Julia. The neck and the hands and there's not a dang thing wrong with it. Enjoy your youth, enjoy your experiences then your more experienced self, take in other things, watch your youngsters mature and grow. Changes in the body and inevitably the whole outer appearance will happen. At a certain age, good health trumps everything.
Delmar, I dont cousin did cocaine daily,drank from morning until passed out..slept with street walkers,didnt bathe...and his hands and neck looked great..
and he also lived to be that trumps your theory...

1054 days ago



Don't pay any attention to Agent Orange. We all know it causes birth defects.

1054 days ago


Thanks Casey,
He's just trying to bait me again. but if he thinks I'm going get down in the gutter were he is he's crazier then a bedbug...I've stood up and won against fools who make him look like a 3 yr old throwing a tantrum for not getting his way.
Thank You for your support...when someone thinks that country living and values are dumb and for idiots and encouraging young people to get a education and worthwhile careers such as nurses or docters or teachers are for rednecks and yahoos shows were their values and moral sense of life is at.....
Is he doing it just to stir up the board, maybe or is he truly this mentally sick I hope to goodness not. Agent Orange is a good name for him....

1054 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Re: Al and Ketjo. Al has picked at me in the past. No biggie. I'm sure he will again. That is just him. I accept it and go on. Now, for some reason Red Cloud will personally attack me. That is the only time he references me. I dont understand that, so I just ignore him completly. He has nothing to contribute. At least with Al, you can have a convo. He gets on his kicks but he is ok and this board would not be the same without him. I post here because I like the interaction. sigh I have to admit it would be odd without RC's delusional posts too.
I would stop posting here if it became like CB and we all agreed and got wasted and all that over there. Here we make each other think and we push each others buttons sometimes. We have fun! (my 2 cents)

1054 days ago


Lord you all want a example of media spin......LOL.....last night on the American Music awards Trace Adkins and Kisten Chena(what ever) did a comedy rountine were first she was boxing with him in a boxing robe and at one point challenges him to a sing off...He had to sing a Broadway song which he did and she changed her to sing one of his songe The Badonkaadonk song...So she whips of the robe and out comes this big old butt and she sing the songs strutt around shaking it all over....butt (badonkaadonk)as the song refers to it........
Then on Access and Extra tonight and in a Story on Radar..(own by the same company by the way) they all try sell the story ..."Did Kisten take a swipe at Kim K with her fake butt in her performance last night" lord , could they stretch it anymore....Hey media Not every fat butt joke is about Kim K.....Media spin got Kim name back in the news and shes been absent all week....Thats spinning at its best...

1054 days ago


Julia they called Marilyn Monroes fully nude also but if you have seen those shots you see they used a drape in almost all the shots at no time was there the as they call them now a virgina shot...(saying it nicely) if that is what Hef was wanting I think it would be along thos lines as well ...a lot of skin but no full monte....
As for the Ellen appearance is a exclusive this is not the first time shes been on that show...been on it one or two times before I believe I read...I'm sure the interview will be all about her new direction and her new found dedication to regaining her acting career....and she will be on her best behavior...Just like the exclusive she did the last two times she had a new direction and new comeback....
Lohan Inc is a 'if it worked once then why mess with the formula kind of guys" .....LOL

1054 days ago


From Huffington Post:
Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her viewers will get the first look at Lindsay Lohan's photos in January's Playboy.

A publicist for Playboy tells the New York Daily News, the 'Ellen Show' was chosen over other media outlets to debut the starlet's first shoot for the magazine.

"Lindsay has agreed to do one media interview during the on-sale period of her issue, and has chosen Ellen. Lindsay will not be doing any additional interviews to promote her pictorial," said the rep.

We initially heard that Lohan's photos would bare everything, but mom Dina told "The Insider" that Lindsay wouldn't be going completely nude for the "tasteful" shoot.

Learning that Lindsay didn't pose in just her birthday suit makes rumors of her $1 million pay day seem unrealistic.

But we're still a little confused since magazine's founder, Hugh Hefner, also told "The Insider", the photos would be fully nude but, "classy, very classy."

Of course it came as no surprise to anyone, that the photos will channel Lohan's obsession -- the late Marilyn Monroe.

Hefner told also told the Insider, "It's a classic tribute, inspired by the original Tom Kelley nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe."

Will Lindsay's photos be as classy as Dina and Hef are making them out to be? You'll have to tune in to Ellen on Dec. 15 to find out.

1054 days ago


The gutter referance he found so offensive is a simile for the type of world she lives in....Lindsayland...etc...
Hell he can yell about the gutter I live in all he want but I be hurting if I had to find a gutter in this whole county except maybe the ones on the roof of the houses......LOL..

1054 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Al, just saw your response to me. I hope all is ok with you. I get what you say, but she has no expectations of LL seeing her posts, so she feels free to say things that she may not say to LL's face. Or that LL reads. Make sense. I am not speaking for Kejo. I know that after Milo tweeted me about reading my posts that I do think about what I say. But that is just me. I will still honestly state my opinion, but am aware that the person may be reading. I think I am rambling so I will stop now. lol I dont want to hurt anyone.

1054 days ago
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