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'X-Factor' Reject Drew

Stop Threatening Paula & Nicole!

12/5/2011 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Drew Ryniewicz on X-Factor
"X-Factor" cast-off Drew Ryniewicz is lashing back after some deranged fans threatened to kill  Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger last week -- telling TMZ, she has no hard feelings against the judges for dumping her ... and her fans shouldn't either.

As we previously reported, Paula and Nicole received an avalanche of death threats on Facebook and Twitter after they agreed to vote the 14-year-old off Thursday night.

Among the threats ... "F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H."

The judges were shocked by the firestorm of hatred -- and Drew tells us, she was too ... "That's not what I represent and that's not what I want my fans to represent."

Drew adds, "No one deserves death threats."


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The Devil    

people are smarter now their is no jesus the churh is worse then the banks at least the bank steals from you and you know why the church steals from you and continues to lie to you and extort your money so keep on giving tp the poor poor church who doesn.t pay taxes and when you see the head of the church drive up in a mercedes at least you know you helped jesus you friggin morons

1054 days ago


This girl put the U into UGLY she should stay hiding in her house. YURK Man she is a NASTY CHICK!!!!

1054 days ago


well maybe not death threats, but all three of you judges should be fired to never come back. i think simon realizes he made a big mistake in hiring the three losers you are. paula hasn't changed a bit, i had hoped she would. whoever the hell la and nicole are, never heard of either one before. it is so clear you are racist. gave all that attention to a snot nosed black kid that had no talent. rapping is not an art form. it sucks that so many black people have made so much money and are called talented from rap. you only show your class. what you idiots did was unforgiveable. you keep the other no talented black kid and let the most unique singer on the show go. i do not believe she received the lowest votes from the people. so simon if you want this show to be a success in this country get rid of the judges and get people that are fair and knows what real talent is.

1054 days ago


"hope you die you DUMB B***H" is NOT a death threat. You have lawyers at TMZ. You should know better than to call them death threats. Hoping someone dies is not threat, nor is it a crime.

1054 days ago

the devil    

The world has always been like this the only difference is [people are smaRTER NOW and realize their is no jesus and our brains are like computers and when the cdomputer crashes we die so get over it and enjoy life now and don't depend on a faity tale after life sorry to the church but do to a bad economy no more money for you theives F u jesus and the cross you rode in on

1054 days ago


All her songs sounded the same, she should have been sent home long ago!

1054 days ago

William C    

Religion don't fool deranged people like you do

1054 days ago


Streetlite....I love your comment and agree 100% your the next Simon you tell it like it is.
Keep up the great comments

1054 days ago

The Devil    

Your right William c. Religion doesn't kill but all you dumb ass Christians have done in the past is kill in the name of god. Take away god and religion. And imagine no heaven no he'll and no brainwashed Jesus lickers like you to screw everything up. Pick up a science book moron and do some research that is if your not an illiterate bible thumper

1054 days ago


While I don't support the opinion that Drew was the best singer, she was better than Camby. Scherzinger and Abdul were getting back at Simon. Both are Reid apologists.

1054 days ago

eric reza    

when did hoping someone to die become a death threat??

1054 days ago


I wouldn't want real action against either of the judges, but they got that static for a reason. Their decision wasn't based in logic, or what was likely for a future pop star, but rather their selfish choice because they were women and wanted male entertainment. Marcus is one of my top picks for good singers, but his old school, cheesy, irrelevant approach wouldn't hold up well in todays market. The mission is to create new, different and good, and Drew was bringing that. It doesn't matter that some didn't care for her because she had a huge fanbase and her comments were usually pointing out how she seemed either magical, ethereal, or just had a beautiful voice that stood apart from the rest. Put it this way. Astro who can't even sing was saved just a couple weeks back. It truly is amazing that neither Nicole, nor Paula could have seen or predicted the huge disappointment given Drew's fanbase and potential as a future star. When Canty leaves, you will NOT see such an outcry for this very reason. As much as I like Marcus, he was not the new, different stand-out artist they should have been looking for.

1054 days ago

Glory Bee    

Wait.... this girl is only 14? She looks closer to 30 in this photo. Will someone please fire whoever is doing her makeup? She's a pretty girl who should have more age appropriate makeup to let her beauty shine through. This look is waaaaay too hard.

1054 days ago


5 years from now Marcus is gonna call up Drew and ask, "Can you get me and my friends tickets to the Grammies?"

1054 days ago


MEANWHILE IN THE REAL WORLD - Live Performance Sales on iTunes. Drew $140k - Josh $80k - Mel $70k - Chris $45k - Rachel $40k - Marcus $20k.

Forget about who has X Factor. Drew has the $$$ Factor?

Whenever a great artist first hits the scene, they are never liked or disliked. They are hated intensely and loved passionately all at the same time.

AND...Every time someone calls Drew the boring yodeler or Astro the non-singing ghetto trash, all you do is piss off millions of Drewbies & Astronauts. To the point where they dedicate their lives to buying every album, poster, t-shirt & trinket and proudly display them while they give the world the middle finger. Here's look at you Drew - and your bedroom with its shrine dedicated to the most hated of them all - Justin Bieber.

1054 days ago
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