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'X-Factor' Honchos

We're Willing to Pay Winner

EVEN MORE than $5 Million

12/5/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


If the $5 MILLION recording contract wasn't enough ... TMZ has learned the people behind 'X Factor' are willing to shell out MILLIONS more to the winner ... depending on how hard the soon-to-crowned champ works after the show.

Here's the deal -- each contestant signed a contract which states that if they win the show, they will get their $5 million over a period of 5 years ... $1 mil-per-year.

According to the contract, obtained by TMZ, the $5 mil is an "advance" on any earnings the winner brings in from record sales, the official tour and more ... during the 5 years.

But the earnings are not capped at $5 mil -- if the performer generates more than $5 mil during the length of the deal, that person will get a cut of the profits. The more they sell, the more they rake in.

And there's more ... the singer is entitled to even more cash for any live performances outside of the official tour -- 30% of royalties from each gig -- and that money does NOT count toward the original $5 mil.

The show is down to the final 5 -- might be time to invest in an accountant (we're lookin' at YOU Rachel Crow).


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Like that's going to happen.

1053 days ago


30% of nothing is....what?
What are the odds this music winner goes on to super stardom? Very few are ever heard o****ain...unless there is a sex tape or a DUI.

1053 days ago


The only one with talent on there is Josh Krajick. That guy can sing!

1053 days ago

Talk Psychic    

Don't bank so fast on Rachel Crow...she isn't THAT good...I think JOSH is the guy that will need that Accountant sooner than her. Just sayin'.

1053 days ago


I like Melanie the best, but don't worry because I don't vote. I barely watch it, but I have seen all of them sing. I think Paula had the worst from the get-go.

1053 days ago


Melanie Amaro is the whole package and right age and talented.

1053 days ago


Melanie Amoro should win X-Factor!

1053 days ago


The show is so boring despite the glitz. Don't care who wins the $5 million. American Idol is a much better show.

1053 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Typical music business screw that is. 5 years for a so called 'advance'. LOL!!! Then dreaming on an over $5 mil profit which most of these show contestants do not even reach. Minus the taxes on the $1mil each year and fees for workers they will think they need... and attorney, assistant, etc.

Future 'Where Are They Now' in the making.

1053 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

"30% of royalties from each gig." ?????

Very odd wording as actual 'profit' and 'royalties' are two different things.

1053 days ago


Really, Rachel Crow? Have you watched the show? More like Josh Krajcik.

1053 days ago


Apparently the X factor they are looking for is greed.

1053 days ago


I am so TIRED of hearing about Rachel Crow!! She is cute and adorable but she is definitely NOT worth 5 million!!! Josh or Chris are the ones with the whole X-Factor package!! The onlt reason people are voting for her is because she is cute...her last song was Awful!!!....usually what is supposed to happen is when you do a bad song you should be in the bottom 2!!! She belongs on the Disney Channel :)

1053 days ago


You got that right! I'm betting on Rachel too. The girl is more than awesome imo.

1053 days ago


simon, please get rid of all three of the other judges. la, is supposed to be this big important producer. he sucks. all he cares about are the black kids. really comes down hard on the whites. perfect example he kept pushing that snot nose kid rapper who everyone said was so talented, NOT. he just needed a good slap. paula is the same old thing. tells you how great you are and then votes you off. simon you are the only one that can see talent. get rid of the losers. who ever the other girl is on the judges panel, she simply doesn't even belong in the audience certainly not a judge. get rid of these judges or the show will not be here next year.

1053 days ago
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