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Alec Baldwin Issues

TOTALLY Unapologetic Apology

12/7/2011 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alec Baldwin just went OFF about American Airlines, its employees, post 9/11 travel, and the entire airline industry -- and best of all ... this rant came wrapped in an apology.

In his letter, just published on, Baldwin begins by apologizing to passengers on yesterday's flight ... saying, "It was never my intention to inconvenience anyone with my 'issue' with a certain flight attendant." He claims the woman singled him out to "make some example of me."

Baldwin continues ... "It's no secret that the level of service on US carriers has deteriorated to a point that would make Howard Hughes red-faced. Filthy planes, barely edible meals, cuts in jet service to less-traveled locations."

He also claims the industry used 9/11 "as an excuse to make the air travel experience as inelegant as possible."

In his closing shot, Baldwin says many flight attendants "walk the aisles of an airplane with a whistle around their neck and a clipboard in their hands," and make air travel a "Greyhound bus experience."

Best apology ever.

Note to Alec: On Greyhound, you can play "Words with Friends" all you want.



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Really Alec? I guess it's your world and we just happen to live in it......

1016 days ago

Ryan Westward    

Flight attendants have a tough job, but come on! Now I may or may not have been placing lives in danger, but I don’t remember my plane combusting in an epic explosion because I left my smartphone on, syncing emails, and streaming Pandora during take-off and landing. Use reasonable judgment ladies and gentleman. I think f/a’s are doing exactly what Alec mentioned – using 9/11 & occurrences from then on towards their advantage in conveying their bitchy attitudes towards fliers whenever something like this happens. Celebrity or not, this is ridiculoso! That’s Spanish for ridiculous.

1016 days ago


I think Alec has somewhat of a valid point. The airline industry are turning into what I like to lump into "those African Americans who just can't get over it"...

1016 days ago


Blowhard. Still waiting for him to catch that flight to France

1016 days ago


Totally agree with him! Some flight attendants are looking for a fight!

1016 days ago


O plz. How many times has Alec Baldwin gone "off" and it is never his fault.
The world does not revolve around a stupid game, and he's flown enough times
to know First Class does not mean you are a class above the rest of the folks in
steerage. This man is not privileged over the entire plane, he just thinks he is.
Next time, take the train and provide your own private car, moron.

1016 days ago


Alec Baldwin is right.

1016 days ago


Maybe it's time to buy your own plane, douchebag. Then you can set your own rules and hire hot flight attendants to harass. Ugh. I hate Hollywood.

1016 days ago

Missy Bancroft    

Unfortunately he is correct about most of what he said. Don't blame the flight attendants though. How would you feel if you gave up 40% of your pay and many of your benefits to save the airline from bankruptcy, then never got any of it back. Not only did they not get anything back, all while the other unions got everything back and then some, there job responsibilities have increased. Many of them, especially at AA are way too old to be doing that job, they need to retire but they can't as their retirement accounts were reduced to next to nothing by the economic crisis created by others. This is the tip of the iceberg to much larger problems. Don't forget all of this while the AA CEO takes home massive paychecks and bonuses!

1016 days ago


He alex brat should be arrested and brought up on charges !!!

1016 days ago


Shut your a$$ up you pompous, entitled "actor". Someday someone is going to slap the hell out of you arrogant script readers

1016 days ago

Here for Rihanna    

He is coming off like a thoughtless little PIG! Sounds familiar? Really a greyhound experience that was a low blow! To bad he can't "AFFORD" flying private Jets! Thoughtless little PIGGIE!

1016 days ago


In this case Baldwin is right, flying nowadays is pretty awful.

1016 days ago


I LOVE it! As a frequent traveler, it is about time someone has the balls to stand up to the airline's, and tell them what horrid service they offer. They have used 9/11 just like the government as a scapegoat for everything that is wrong with traveling. I'm so glad I've moved to Canada, and only have to cross the border every once in a while.

1016 days ago


I absolutely agree with him about the airlines treating people like sh*t. That does not mean I agree with him about treating the employees like sh*t. Get a gripe on reality and stop taking those prescription drugs.

1016 days ago
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