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American Airlines:

Alec Baldwin Was Epic Jerk

12/7/2011 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

American Airlines
claims Alec Baldwin was "extremely rude to the crew" on a flight out of LAX yesterday -- "calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language."

In the wake of Baldwin's Twitter attacks on the company, AA has finally released a statement ...  confirming what TMZ reported yesterday -- he was an epic jerk.

AA says, "Since an extremely vocal customer has publicly identified himself as being removed from an American Airlines flight on Tuesday, Dec. 6, we have elected to provide the actual facts of the matter as well as the FAA regulations which American, and all airlines, must enforce. Cell phones and electronic devices are allowed to be used while the aircraft is at the gate and the door is open for boarding."

"When the door is closed for departure and the seat belt light is turned on, all cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off for taxi-out and take-off."

"This passenger declined to turn off his cell phone when asked to do so at the appropriate time. The passenger ultimately stood up (with the seat belt light still on for departure) and took his phone into the plane’s lavatory. He slammed the lavatory door so hard, the cockpit crew heard it and became alarmed, even with the cockpit door closed and locked."

"They immediately contacted the cabin crew to check on the situation. The passenger was extremely rude to the crew, calling them inappropriate names and using offensive language. Given the facts above, the passenger was removed from the flight and denied boarding."



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The only time I would justify this behavior is if the plane was on the tarmac for 3 hours which has happened to people.
but otherwise, Alec Baldwin is a pompus jerk

1054 days ago


Epic Jerk, that about covers it!

1054 days ago


what an arrogant idiot

1054 days ago


"rude, thoughtless little pig"

1054 days ago


Charge this jerk with interfering with a flight crew and fine the living shnit out of him. Oh, and by the way, be sure to watch "Team America - World Police" in which he plays an interesting role. Alec - you spoiled little brat. Thought you were such a big shot on Conan, huh? Go back to NY.

1054 days ago


Baldwins=loser jerks

1054 days ago


his possibly inappropriate behavior aside contrary to popular belief flight 'attendants' and pilots are NOT freaking GOD. they have entirely too much power and over react to the slightest stupid thing. 99% of the time the ONLY thing interfering with a flight is THEM and their egotistical behaviors. there may never be another terrorist attack but bin laden really won....the BS the American people have to SUFFER and ENDURE just to be on a GD flight anywhere is enough to make ANYONE CRAZY.....its BS, over reacting not necessary and won't prevent ANYTHING.

1054 days ago


Finally! I'm glad this company called Alec out for his bad behavior. Too many companies kiss celebrities' asses today and give them a pass. Good for American.

1054 days ago


Isn't he always an epic jerk? Ick!

1054 days ago


Of course he was a jerk. He is a Baldwin. Remember how he spoke to his own daughter. How could he possibly be rude to airlines.....duhhh. No brainer...He got what he probably has deserved many times...nuf said

1054 days ago


Maybe he still thinks that he has the God complex (like from that movie he was in where he played a doctor for Nicole Kidman). Needless to say why celebrities think they are above everyone is beyond me. Airline rules are airline rules - its for the safety of everyone. Maybe they should have waited to throw him off the plane until they were up in the air!!! BOMBS AWAY!!!

1053 days ago


Should anyone be surprised that this crazed idiot would behave this way? He has a long history of irrational behavior so it is completely believable that he would conduct himself like a prima donna. Rules are for the little people! Actually, if I had pulled this stunt I would have most likely faced charges and been arrested!

1053 days ago


He was probably drinking w/ the pilot before the flight started @ he wanted Baldwin off.

1053 days ago


My only question is how much did the game company pay him to get all the publicity and be kicked off a plane while playing their game. Its kinda funny how specific he was about what he was doing.

1053 days ago


After the nasty, rude, abusive phone calls to his daughter this surprises us? I think not. He is too full of himself.

1053 days ago
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