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Gene Simmons

BLASTS Madonna --

'Not Appropriate' for Super Bowl

12/7/2011 6:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna has no business performing at the Super Bowl ... this according to legendary KISS frontman Gene Simmons, who thinks the game would be better off with a "real band."

Simmons was leaving Boa in Hollywood last night when we asked how he felt about Madge headlining the Super Bowl halftime show -- to which Gene sarcastically replied, "I love all karaoke singers, I love all the girl singers who get up and sing with tapes ... shame on you!"

Gene added, "By the way, Madonna's terrific ... I hate the tapes."

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No Avatar


No way should that hoe be performing at the Super Bowl. Pick a band like Green Day or Offspring or Metallica (though still pissed at them for being greedy RIAA butt boys) or even Katy Perry (I like the "Firework" song).

1053 days ago


Look who's talking here. So this fugly hasbeen is so bitter because Super Bowl considered Madonna instead of him. This old washed out with hair needs fixing like Donald Trump will sing even in a funeral given a chance and of course money. Simmons is just bashing Madonna because at her age, Madonna can still sell out concerts not just here in the US but even outside the country, while this old fart can only sell concert tickets in far out counties in the South. Let's see if this hasbeen can sell tickets like hot potatoes right here in Southern California and guess who'd be heading to listen to his old 70s gimmicks - old farts like him. What a lousy bitter old moron.

1053 days ago


Gene Simmons can Blow it Out His Ass. Madonna Rocks and alway will Rock!!!!!!!

1053 days ago


Well, I like Gene and agree with his main point, but he seems to ignore the fact that KISS has performed the song "Beth" to a tape since 1976.

1053 days ago


He's a *******........

1053 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Well the facts are Madonna is talented; she has put out a lot of music that is recognizable and she's in shape. The demographics seem to be the issue; she was the 80's and somewhat 90's Icon; so I understand the younger demographics wanting someone more recent; but in the past there was The Who, Tom Petty, Paul McCartney. Keep in mind the contracts the networks put out, the pay, the requirements and after the Janet Jackson event; this is why they go with a more mature act. I don't think it will be bad; even in the early millinium her concerts sold out!

1053 days ago


I cannot think of one good thing about this hag playing the Superbowl. Nothing like ruining the half time show, couldn't they find someone who at least likes America and oh, has some talent? I won't be watching the half time show this year.

1053 days ago


KISS, Journey, Madonna and all the rest of the washed up musicians/bands that just don't know when to retire need to give it up. We loved you back in the day, but we've moved on. When I think of Madonna, I like to remember the old Madonna. The one who sang 'Material Girl' in a wedding dress. Not this 50 year old creature in a leotard pretending she's still young and "hot". Madonna is a mess.

Why can't these performers realize when their time is up? They had their time in the sun, and they were great. Now they're just a bunch of old-timers doing anything they can to regain their former glory and it's not going to happen. Instead, they just come off as being desperate. Gene Simmons doesn't have much room to talk. Hey Gene, you don't like "fake tapes", well I don't like fake reality TV shows, and yet here you are all over tv with your stupid ass show.

1053 days ago

Mike Elmore    

I think it's funny that he still says "Tapes"...."Tape"

1053 days ago


Has he even been to see a Madonna concert, its clear she is singing why do people says things when they know its untrue and anyone who can get on the internet or watch TV can see Madonna sings live not from tapes.

1053 days ago


Who is he to talk? He has no talent himself. His show proves it.

1053 days ago


Sorry Gene Simmons, but he is completely wrong here. I guess he doesn't know what goes on in music for years, maybe that's why his music career is over.

Live Aid (in the 80s), the Oscar's (in the 90s), Live Earth and Live8 (in the 00s), those are great examples of how GREAT Madonna is doing her thing LIVE.

And you see, I chose not to talk about her tours, but events in which she was just a guest performer. She stole the show in all those occasions.

Besides being completely misinformed (regarding the "live" thing), Gene Simmons sounds a little bitter. Madonna is a legend, she still has a very strong music career (her albums are still among the best selling albums every year she puts one out) and Gene Simmons became a reality star...

1053 days ago


i have no issues with Madonna playing at the Superbowl at all. I do however have to agree with Gene on the tape issue. Grew up in the 70s when they didn't rely on tapes. When you went to a show, it was live, you got to hear the good, the bad and the mistakes. That's what made the experience of going to a live show special. Back then we were paying $10 to $15 for a concert, now you pay $100 to listen to a bloody tape.

1053 days ago


KISS should be playing the Superbowl! That would be a great show! How about Metallica? Football is about Rock & Roll not Dance or Disco!

1053 days ago


Gene is right on this one. Anyone can lipsync. I want KISS. At least their hearts are in the music. They can entertain, unlike Madge.

1053 days ago
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