TMZ Live Charlie Sheen's Big Money Defense for Brooke Mueller

12/8/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Charlie Sheen's Big Money Defense for Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen thinks his ex, Brooke Mueller, would never sell drugs because he gives her a ton of money -- but does wealth mean you can't sell drugs?

Plus … Kris Humphries gets a fix-up from Tony Siragusa, host of "Man Caves." Tony tells us all about the new toys he installed to help KH get over Kim K's "phat juicy ass."

Also Rick Perry thinks Barack Obama is waging "war against religion" -- and Howard E. Scott from War is pissed about the group's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame snub.

(3:01) Charlie Sheen comes to Brooke Mueller's defense!  Is this the guy you want in your corner?
(7:45) Evan thinks having money doesn't mean you can't be a drug dealer.
(17:37) Host of 'Man Caves' and NFL great, Tony Siraguso, puts our censor button to work! 
(19:25) Tony might not look like a pimp, but Charles says he sure does sound like one.
(30:00) From poop to politics ... Rick Perry's new ad campaign let us know Obama started a war on religion ... we disagree.
(33:04) Since we can't seem to wrap our heads around it ... TMZ's lawyer, Elizabeth, sums up religion in our schools.
(42:25) If you don't think you know the band War, listen up and let us refresh your memory.
(46:01) War founding member, Howard Scott, calls in and gives us the low down on why they should be in the Rock Hall Of Fame over the Beastie Boy.