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Lindsay Lohan

Hawaiian Vacation --

Approved By Probation Dept.

12/9/2011 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1209-lindsay-lohan-hawaii-splash-EXDProbation is a beach for Lindsay Lohan ... who's currently sunning herself in Hawaii -- but only because her new probation officer signed off on the tropical vacation.

Lohan IS allowed to travel under the terms of her probation, but she's not allowed to go anywhere without running the idea by her P.O. first -- and this time, LiLo played by the rules.

Sources close to Lohan tell us ... the probation officer was impressed by the fact Lohan is way ahead of schedule in her court-ordered stint in morgue duty and psychotherapy sessions ... and found no reason to reject the trip.

We're told Lohan wanted to get out of town to escape the spotlight for a few days ... to prepare herself for the P.R. madness that will surround the release of her Playboy spread.

Pass the poi, mahalo.


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i would think it gets old doing nothing constructive in your life-no wonder shes so ****** up

1011 days ago


Her sister Aliana and friend Patrick are with her.

1011 days ago


Lostangeles09: about a minute ago

This is where the "she doesn't get any special treatment" BS comes to light. Probationers, by and large, routinely get requests like this denied. I've seen them denied for going out of State for a Funeral of the parent. Instead of being appreciative or respectful, she is making a joke out of the Court by blowing off their orders and comming to court with FU on her fingernail!

Marsha " The Monster" Revel, Danette "I am running for LA DA" Meyers and the probation department have made a joke out of themselves with their ridiculous treatment of Lindsay.
That July 6th 2010 sentence was absurd. Then you had the probation violation set up with that ridiculous necklace incident. Finally to top it off there was an unnecessary hearing regarding Lindsay's alcohol consumption when per Judge Fox she was only ever to be tested for drugs and only until February 25th.


1011 days ago


Linds really did need that expensive vacation. She worked so hard putting in those moments of CS, and there was just enough Playboy hush money left to get a double queen room at the Minute Lei motel. For 2 nights.

1011 days ago


Gotta love celebrity justice.

1011 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

LMFAO, only 21 comments, the haters have been run off! Lindsay has actually shocked me with her rapid about face! I was tired of trying to support her when all she did was make one bad decision after another. Now she's staying out of the spotlight and has almost a MILLION bucks cash in her pocket going dingalinaling!!!

1011 days ago


Linds will be at the airport in Hawaii "on her way home" on December 13th when - for unexplained reasons - every pilot on the island will go out on a spontaneous strike. No flight. No Court. LaShawn will get her out of it.

1011 days ago


Lindsay Lohan leaked the pics and got out of dodge.

Lindsay Lohan is concerned about the spotlight (sorry, too funny) it get's better...She has to 'prepair' herself for the PR madness of her Playboy spread (she had leaked)

Lindsay Lohans timing is horrible. She's going to Hawaii, why not New York to vistit her family? Oh, that's right they are already in Hawaii. Spending the Playboy check.

1011 days ago


she is as much a celeb as the fat but one (kk)and just as big a slut

1011 days ago


Can't wait!!! Buying my very own issue next week! yay!!!

1011 days ago

AGENT smith    

Nice! Have fun, Billabong is having surfing championships on the North shore 12-15 foot waves, my buddy Ed who manages PF Changs Waikiki was posting pix on Facebook.

1011 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Surf’s up!

After her Playboy spread leaked on the internet, Lindsay Lohan escaped the media frenzy and headed over to Hawaii, where she watched the Billabong Pipe Masters Surf Masters – and has the photos.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Surfs Away From Playboy Controversy In Hawaii

The 25-year-old was perched on the balcony of a private home overlooking the annual surfing competition, keeping company with Blair Marlin, an agent for several of the top pro surfers, and her little sister Ali.

But the big waves coming into the North Shore were no match for Linds’ BlackBerry when it came to keeping her attention.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Is Stylish For Meeting With Probation Officer

Maybe she was trying to keep up with everything being said, tweeted and rumored about her leaked Playboy photo shoot.

This year’s Pipeline Masters was in memory of Lindsay’s pal, the late professional surfer Andy Irons, who died earlier this year of an accidental drug overdose.

1011 days ago


DUIna would have you think that Linds is enjoying a calm, peaceful vacation right now. Not true. Strawberry Snortcake's every minute of life is filled with dread and fear. She's miserable and knows there's no way out until DUIna goes to prison for tax fraud or overdoes the freebase.

Paris. Italy. Hawaii. It's all an illusion. DUIna says if she looks happy, the money will continue to roll in. It doesn't look like she's wrong right now, but the cost, of course, is that Linds is teetering on the edge every day of her cursed life. Yes, cursed, not charmed. Her future was decided long ago by DUIna. Why do you think she's prepping AA Aliana? Next up - the international superstar Kody?Krissy Lohan!

1011 days ago


Playboy needs to be more concerned with keeping her out of the public eye until after the issue comes out. She looks mad skanky in that pic. I imagine that would be more of a problem than a leak.

1011 days ago


Her career is over so why bother reporting on her trip. The real news is the next time she gets arrested for another crime. She's a criminal not an actress. Nobody gives a hoot about this nutcase.

1011 days ago
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