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Nicole Scherzinger

30-Minute Crying Session

After 'X Factor' Elimination

12/9/2011 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Scherzinger ran off the set of 'X Factor' in tears last night ... when the audience booed her like crazy for eliminating Rachel Crow ... and TMZ has learned she was hysterically crying in her dressing room for nearly a half-hour.

Nicole was charged with casting the final vote between Crow and Marcus Canty ... but didn't want to eliminate either .. so she sent the vote to "Deadlock" -- which meant it all boiled down to the audience vote.

Crow lost ... and broke down in tears ... and when the host of the show asked Nicole to comment, the crowd unleashed a chorus of boos.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... Nicole bolted right for her dressing room ... and was "inconsolable" about the situation.

We're told Crow -- who was a crying mess herself -- heard about Nicole and went to the judge's dressing room ... where the two cried together and Crow told Nicole she was not mad about the decision.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Scherzinger -- as TMZ first reported, she had already been getting death threats and hate mail for voting Drew Ryniewicz off the show last week.


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Why does TMZ continue to run articles on these crappy staged shows? These show are complete BS. From their fraudulent open auditions to the faux drama, these show are still looked at as being real. They are phoney as a ten dollar Picasso.

1046 days ago


Nicole has no business being a judge if she isn't going to do her job.

1046 days ago


If she can't make tough decisions and need to send it to the audience, then she has no place being a judge. Being a judge is about making decsions!

1046 days ago


I am so upset about about Nicole's derelict of duty that I can hardly write! She should be ASHAMED of herself. Shame, Shame, Shame Nicole! The judges are so phoney. Supposedly they are the professionals but last Rachel Crow's "Save Yourself Song" was so superior to Marcus' and Nicole, out of loyalty to L.A. Reed, would not do the right thing and save the better singer which was Rachel Crow. Shame on you Nicole. Shame on you. Nicole needs to be eliminated! She is not, and cannot, do your job!

1046 days ago


Does anybody watch this show? I dont know anybody that does. No one gives a crap. It seems they are always trying to create some mythical drama so they will get press and people may turn in, like that death threat crap. Reality TV, Singing Shows and anything with the Kardashions Blows.

1046 days ago


The audience votes her out then boos the person who told them it was up to them to decide? I'm glad I don'*****ch this show.

1046 days ago


Its as expected: this show is now more of a soap opera than anything. Talent is not the main focus anymore, it is simply what will get people to watch this show. And apparently the directors think that "death threats", over emotion being shown will do it.

1046 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Nice way to show professionalism, Rachel. Crying like a damn child.
This fake drama show is F'ing Silly.

1046 days ago

E. Taylor    

first 14 year old Astro and his temper tantrum and then 14 year old Drew and her crying Jag and now 13 year old Rachel and her break down....all to young to handle the hype and pressure...time to come back to reality for everyone and there should be age restrictions on these competitions, I don't care how many agents and producers are foaming at the mouth and dollar signs in their eyes

1046 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Nicole should not judge next season, she clearly cannot handle it well. Too much drama - we want to watch the show and be entertained, not be brought down by such hysterics.

1046 days ago

Deb Colorado    

I'm sorry...what is the point of all of this. Here you have judges who have been threatened with death threats because of their decisions, and now are afraid of making a decision...end the show.

1046 days ago


Where are the adults in this place. Simon you should have called Marcus back out and led Rachel to shake his hand. Her dissapointment stole the lime light away from the one who was deserving of it MARCUS. Shame on you judges!

1046 days ago


Nicole was a spineless dimwit last night, she showed herself in very poor light, she should feel responsible. Marcus who! This show is so unauthentic it's rediculous, what with Simon sabotaging drew by giving her rediculous song choices. The folks are master manipulators, it's a creative business for them with the soul purpose of making large amounts of money at the expense of these young gifted people's emotions.

1046 days ago


Nicole shot herself in the foot by saying 'I can't make this decision'. Seems she liked them the same. But, if you didn't vote for Rachel Wednesday night, don't complain that she got voted off and put it all on Nicole.

1046 days ago


I'm not a fan of Nicole, but she did the right thing. She let the person America voted for go through. Rachel has shown herself to be a huge brat with a huge ego. Crying is OK, but a temper tantrum like hers is not. Even for a 14 year old. She needs to be taught some humility like Astro. Ever since Astro was given the "talk", he turned out to be a decent young man.

1046 days ago
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