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Nicole Scherzinger

The Backstage Cry Sesh --

Caught on Tape

12/9/2011 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Crow and Nicole Scherzinger on X Factor

"X-Factor" judge Nicole Scherzinger claimed she "died inside" when she saw the look on Rachel Crow's face last night ... after the 13-year-old was eliminated -- and TMZ has obtained footage of the emotional backstage meltdown.

Nicole told producers after the show, half in denial -- "I couldn't make that decision on my own ... I didn't send her home. I adore Rachel."

Between tears, Nicole added, "When I saw Rachel's look on her face, I just died inside."


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Charlie Sheen's Watch    


1020 days ago

GinaMarie Napolitano    

Nicole is an idiot and has no right being a judge. The save me song is there for a reason,which ever of the 2 contestants sing the best during the save me song is the one the judges need to keep.Rachel blew Marcus out of the water.Her save me song should have saved her but instead you have Nicole the ditz,airhead with her phoney tears leaving it up to America. America voted on the performance from the night before NOT ON THE SAVE ME SONG...Save me song needs to be decided by the judges NOT AMERICA..And the judges need to stop picking the contestant that they mentor even when it's clear they suck.L.A knew damn well Rachel was 100x better than Marcus with the save me song but the jackass voted for Marcus to stay just because he mentored him.Certain judges are all about themselves and their so called TEAM,they are not basing their judging on a talent aspect but more on the aspect of who can stick it to Simon more. Get rid of Nicole and LA before the 2nd season starts and get back to making it about the contestants and their talents.

1020 days ago


Nicole is paid a handsome sum to make tough decisions. She took the easy way out, ducked her responsibility and denied a young lady the chance to continue to compete. To me, Nicole Scherzinger lacks backbone and character. She's spineless.

1020 days ago


AMERICA, You sent Rachel home. It's not Nicole's fault. Stop blaming Nicole, all you guys blame Nicole. She just tied the game and you Americans, who decided to go home. If you didn't vote enough for Rachel to stay on the show, it's your fault. Deal with it, don't blame Nicole. **** YOU HATERS!

1020 days ago


Nicole had one job decide who's performed the best save song and she blew it. The voters didn't have that oportunity or the results would have been different. The purpose of the save song is to allow the performers to choose THEIR OWN song and sing it. She is pathetic and deserves no sympaty for her inability to do the right thing and finally send home the one the voters have been rejecting for 3 weeks.

1020 days ago


She needed to go. The past two weeks her singing has sucked and the judges were afraid to tell her, probably trying to avoid the theatrics that ensued. XFactor should be 16 plus to avoid this nonsense,

1020 days ago


nicole is really immature, just in general in this show the way she argues with simon and rolls her eyes it's really unprofessional, she should let the other judges have their opinion too.
at the end of the day this show is about creating a new artist..i dont like any one they bring on this show american idol is 100X better and no offense to the rachel supporters shes a great singer and all but I wouldnt go out of my way to go to her concert or buy her album so its good she got voted off so she can do something different w her talent

1020 days ago


Jesus people. If the judges can be sensible about it; even a 13 year old Rachel why can’t some of you be MATURE about the decision made. Simon Cowell, did the exact action a few weeks back between LeRoy and Marcus. He deadlocked it.
People are just too screwed up about the show. And need to take chill pill. Calm down. Get a grip. Grow up! Everyone but ONE has to go home."
And a msg to all you ‘haters’ - Simon Cowell says: “GET A LIFE
Get over americans! U guys did not voted enough to Rachel! This is all your fault! Not Nicole's...

1020 days ago

Mary Bailey    

First Nichole was blasted by critics who said she was a cold and off-putting presence on the show compared to Cheryl Cole, then she was called a phony try-hard, and now this. It's time for Fox and Simon to try to get Mariah on the show, whatever it takes. No one liked Nichole, besides her desperate and pathetic stans, in the first place, now they can't stand her. Nichole Flopzinger is a bigger failure as a judge than Kara Dioguradi.

1020 days ago


I cannot believe that she could not make a decision after Rachel blew Marcus' performance away. Nicole doesn't need to be kissing L.A.'s ass. I'm sure he has enough people doing that for him already. oh Oh OH and we all can tell how much Nicole has it in for Simon. Grow a pair Nicole!!!

1020 days ago


i think they should kick nicole off...shes supposed to judge...unbelievable...where did they find her...what a kick in the face to that young girl who was awesome...and the young man did a horrible job ...yet she voted for rachel ..i hope she gets off of xfactor she stinks as a judge ...god forgive me but i cried when she did that..i cant judge then she votes for rachel...go home sorry rachel...she did that to you shes supposed to be a judge grow up and act like one...

1020 days ago


Americans ******* bastards - stop blaming Nicole for UR FAIL - If u wanted this girls to stay - you guys should've voted for her instead. As usual u must findo someone else to blame otherwise it wouldn't be u - AMERICANS
NICOLE is amazing she didnt want to be unfair so she let U AMERICANS decide - so take this now and stop blaming HER - LOSERS

1020 days ago


Americans ******* bastards - stop blaming Nicole for UR FAIL - If u wanted this girls to stay - you guys should've voted for her instead. As usual u must find someone else to blame otherwise it wouldn't be u - AMERICANS
NICOLE is amazing she didnt want to be unfair so she let U AMERICANS decide - so take this now and stop blaming HER - LOSERS

1020 days ago


The fact that this loop hole in the judging rules is, in and of itself, not conducive to ensuring that the judges are made accountable for their jobs is too bad. The vote should simply be made on what they consider the best performance. A professional artist/judge would be able to make a decision based on a performance (and nothing more or less) because it is their job. This even applies to the judges who are mentoring certain acts (which means Nicole isn't the only one who may be at fault here). If it comes down to the bottom line, loyalty to an artist simply because they have been mentored by that judge is not an option either. The ONLY thing that counts is THAT PARTICULAR PERFORMANCE.

This might not be such a big deal were it not a performance for a semi-final spot. I'd think the rules could be tweaked a bit to avoid this happening again.

1020 days ago


All I want to know is what happened to "Girl Power", Nicole? Or does that only apply when it’s your artist? So hypercritical! I do agree that Rachel leaving is not entirely your fault, America should have voted, if they wanted her to stay. She deserves to still be there, but she isn’t so we move on. I won’*****ch any more, but here’s some words of advice; the next time you find yourself in this situation (Melanie Amaro), please don’t let your mouth write a check that it can’t cash when it comes to voting. “Girl Power”, my azz.

1020 days ago
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