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Allen Iverson's Estranged Wife

He's Buying Diamonds ...

And I Can't Pay Rent!

12/10/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Allen Iverson & Tawanna
Allen Iverson's divorce has taken a nasty turn -- according to his estranged wife, the former NBA star went on a massive spending spree after she filed for divorce, leaving her completely penniless.

Tawanna just filed new docs in their bitter divorce battle -- claiming ever since she filed for divorce in June, Allen stopped depositing money in their joint bank account ... and then made several large cash withdrawals, including one for $20,000 ... which he spent on diamond jewelry.

Tawanna claims the account was $23,000 in the red at the time she filed the court docs -- and she's been unable to pay the bills ... or provide for their 5 kids.

According to Tawanna -- who says she gave up her career to be a stay-at-home mom -- Allen is worth over $20 million ... and refuses to help her out simply out of spite.

Allen denies Tawanna's allegations in the docs -- and since they're at a stalemate ... the judge will have to play peacemaker.  So far, no hearing date has been set.

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No Avatar


AI looks like a real party animal holding that RED SOLO CUP.

1015 days ago


When are u ladies going to wise up? Where is it written that women have to take the kids in a divorce? Leave the kids with him. See how fast those checks start rolling in when he has to take care of his kids FULL time and his life as a single man is compromised.

1015 days ago


Prenup should have been in place. The kids deserve decent child support, not the extravagant excess and the judges should make these guys leave something in trust for the kids.

As for the soon to be ex wife, hard to judge in this case but I am sure she will get enough.
Soooo much greed. I am siding with the guy on this one... beyotch can't take everything, he earned it not her.

1015 days ago


I think it's some of these women plan who get married to Athletes to make money off their kids.Like Kris Jenner,Shaq's wife Shaunie,and Kobe's wife.When they get tired of them,they file for divorce and take custody of the kids.She needs a job!And he need to pay child support if they don't have joint custody.

1015 days ago


Then get a JOB you lazy scab.

1015 days ago

gina virginia    

she lying.. he was just home not to long ago... and the $20 million man couldnt buy his own drink because she had power of attorney over his assets.... this is clearly a publicity stunt to win the people over..

1015 days ago

Rich Glenn    

Chicago Nick your a f'ing dummy.... Grow Up...

1015 days ago


What career did she give up? She was a teenage Mother. Hmmm, all those years in the NBA, she did have a secret stash of her on money. Why didn't she start her own business? With 5 kids, that sounds like daycare center to me. Maybe she can be an extra on Basketball Wives.

1015 days ago


She gots 5 kidz and she gots the same baby daddy? Cool

1015 days ago


I knew i did'nt like him.

1015 days ago

kind One    

Many women never think through the obvious consequences of divorce before they file them. This is one is on the same road.

1015 days ago


Time to get a JOB!After I got divorced I had to work more hrs,to keep my lifestyle.You are no different sweety!I wonder what job she "gave up"?

1015 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Get a job you gold digger. You can't expect to live off of his money the rest of your life especially since you're getting divorced.

1015 days ago


If this isn't true, I hope Iverson's wife gets slammed by the divorce judge. If it is true - payback's a b*tch, don't ya' know! You should've thought of this before divorcing your husband!

1015 days ago


Welcome to my world! I wish I could get even a newspaper to listen to my story, but us normal people have to deal with deadbeat husbands all the time and no one cares enough to put it on Yahoo.

1015 days ago
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