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Angelina Pivarnick

Sued Over Staten Island

Mall Fight

12/10/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Pivarnick
Angelina Pivarnick sued first, but she did not sue last -- the girl who allegedly fought with the former "Jersey Shore" star is now firing back with a lawsuit of her own ... TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ first reported, Pivarnick sued a girl named Kelsey Balzafiore over a fight that went down at a Staten Island mall last November. In the suit, Pivarnick claimed she "was wounded, bruised, and injured and sustained severe shock to her nervous system."

But Balzafiore claims it was Pivarnick and her friend, Jeanine Vaiana, that started the fight with Balzafiore and her friend, Victoria Aviles. 

Balzafiore claims she tried to intervene when Vaianaa and Aviles came face-to-face, and it was Vaiana who struck her first. Once she fell to the floor, Balzafiore claims Pivarnick struck her. The fight was broken up soon after. 

Balzafiore is suing both Pivarnick and her friend for unspecified damages.


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Is New Jersey the only place where trash on the shore INCREASES tourism?

1025 days ago


Poor girl... she didnt improve her reputation by leaving Jersey Shore, so that was a fail. Everybdoy think the Jesey Shore morons are skank idiots and everyone still thinks she is a skank idiots. You might as well stayed on the show and make millions like those losers.. everybody makes fun of them but they aer so stupid to reealize they are the joke, but everybody makes fun of her and she didnt get any money......if your gonna be a lsoer skank might as well get paid

1025 days ago


Why is this girl even apart or TMZ news? she left the Jersey Shore and no one cares what she is doing now. If the only thing she shows up in the news for is being sued or a mall fight, then she should not be relevant. what a pathetic b*****!

1025 days ago

Eldridge Cleaver    

One of the funniest moments on Jersey Shore was when this chick walked in on day 1 carrying her clothes in trash bags. You can't make this crap up!

1025 days ago

BB not bb    

This annoying woman claims her friend knocked Angelina to the ground while fighting Angelina's friend, and then Angelina hit her while she was down? How is this making any sense? Why is Baizafiore trying to intervene? If her friend knocked Anglina down, Angelina probably thought Baizafiore was trying to help her own friend in the figtht.

Do people just pick fights so that they can file lawsuits? I don't think Anglina looks for trouble, she is just sort of thoughtless and annoying, so that sets other people off. She could have stayed on that show, but she didn't like the cliquishness. She at least was open to everyone, but they were choosing to hate her to support other people in the house.

I think Sammy should have kept her as a friend. Instead she has Ron who always treats her like trash, and then the other two girls who she has to always suck up to to stay friends with them. She looked like she had a better friend in Angelina.

Yeah that show is a lot of drama, but people are like that. I think maybe that is why people like it, in spite of how bad it is, because it is so real. You can hate them all you want, but you have to admit, they are no different than a lot of people around.

1025 days ago

John Bomar    

Unless she going down on me I dont give a **** what she is doing or suing !!!!

1025 days ago

BB not bb

The girl who attacked Angleina was famous in 2008 for being essentially raped as a thirteen year old at her school, and then having the case dropped and, having to attend class with her attacker. She looks pretty tough in her picture. She probably has some resentments towards the system now too.

I am going to guess that maybe she and her friend were mocking Anglina as they saw her in the mall, Anglina's friend went to confront Kelsey's friend, then it just escalted from there. Anglina is not the type to just let a cruel word go, and this girl seems like she might be hot to fight.

I think maybe both of them are just like beat dogs looking to lash out somewhere.

1025 days ago


Why are they getting in to fights, IN MALLS, that have to be broken up? How old are these chicks, 12?!

1025 days ago

BB not bb

Here is a picture of Kelsey as a 19 year old in reference to the attack on Angelina. Maybe it isn't the same girl as the one who was sexually assaulted as a 13 year old, since the first one should be only 16 now.

1025 days ago


just another reason america is looking worse than the middle east

1025 days ago

BB not bb

Here is says that Kelsey was 16 in 2008, so it is probably the same girl as the one who was attacked in school. I am just going to wonder why Angelina is suing this girl, when Angelina was also attacked by Snooki on Jersey Shore, but did not sue her. Maybe Snooki isn't as capable of hurting her, or maybe that fight was staged.

1025 days ago


Women beating the hell out of each other in a mall. Classy. TMZ sure covers the s*** at the bottom of the showbiz barrel.

1025 days ago


So embarrassing. Fighting in a mall? As if the show itself wasn't bad enough..this is probably the peak of their's all downhill after this..her next fight will be outside of the WaWa down by the shore..that's all these types know..they give NJ a bad name and are an embarrassment, we don't like you, want you around our state anymore or care to hear about your stupid antics..grow the hell up already and do something meaningful with your life, being on this show was nothing to be proud of. and stay the hell outta the tanning bed! Good God!

1024 days ago


That is an unfortunate close up picture of her.

1023 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh brother. I think that is a nice picture of her. I like her hair even better when it is blonde. I don't think people fight in front of Wawas either. There are probably security cameras all over and cars pulling in and out.

I think the fact that so many people hate this show is what makes it so cool. What type of person has never been in a fight? How do you manage that? It is funny how people think that they can sit and judge others for being real.

The girl who got in a fight with Angelina has a troubled past. I also found out that she has some drug charges on her, and a felony one. Not everyone is sweet and nice in this world. Maybe you need to go watch the Waltons or Mickey Mouse Club.

1022 days ago
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