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Lindsay Lohan

Freaks Over Stolen Purse --

I Better Not Go to Jail Over This!

12/12/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan completely wigged after some jackass stole her purse in Hawaii this weekend -- telling friends, she was terrified the ordeal would land her in jail ... and TMZ has obtained audio of her expletive-filled freak out.

Take a listen ... moments after Lindsay discovered her bag was missing ... she says, "I will f**king kill someone if I even have to get questioned [inaudible] jail for a year."

Lindsay was petrified she'd be stranded in Hawaii without her ID -- forcing her to miss her court date in L.A. Wednesday morning ... a misstep that could have potentially gotten her probation revoked, and landed her butt behind bars.

Lindsay can relax -- TMZ broke the story -- her passport and court documents permitting travel were eventually returned along with Lindsay's $5,000 Chanel purse. However, she's still short $10,000 cash.

On tape Lindsay adds, "My dad will kill me" -- interesting considering her on-again-off-again relationship with Michael Lohan ... and his own in-and-out-of-jail (currently, out) status.


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Ghost Rider    

All in favor of TMZ getting rid of the dislike button, hit dislike!

1049 days ago


Is she on drugs? Why on Earth would she care what her father thinks? Is this something new that I missed? Or just more melt down? If I were her I'd stay put, do what the judge asked of me, and stay away from booze, and drugs. I'd keep a low profile as well.

1049 days ago

AGENT smith    

I'm laughing so hard that i DON'T THINK i AM GOING TO SLEEP TONIGHT. WAS there a sound man with a boom or were you passing the mic around?????

1049 days ago


How is she short $10k, travelers checks can be replaced… she must’ve been carrying cold hard cash. to buy drugs. oops. lol.

1049 days ago

Good riddance!    

Gee, I wonder how stressed out and pissed all those many people she stole stuff from were?

1049 days ago

AGENT smith    

Lindsay says the jeep had no top and she left the $5000 purse with $10,000 and her passport and license in the back of it, but the jeep was locked but it has no roof. Lindsay you could have invested that money in Apple stock. Start thinking about money as real money not Monopoly money. You need to plan for your retirement, have you achieved your ten years of SAG pension credits? The maximum pension is $60...00 per month for life and you can make it Lindsay. You're doing great, keep it up.

1049 days ago


What an idiot, what did she expect that like leaving it on top of the car. It was an open back, I bet the chick she's talking to stole it because of the money. then returned the purse because of the passport not want her to go to jail. Thief with a conscious, 9x10 the thief knows what's in the purse because they know Lohan is a paranoid druggie douche blaming people just standing around. She must've left her meth drugs in the purse to be fretting like an addict.

1049 days ago


I bet that the "feud" w/father Logan is lies like everything out of this WHOLE familiy's mouths.

1049 days ago


Since when does an American citizen need to carry a passport to go to Hawaii? It's one of the 50 states.

1049 days ago


Umm You can travel without an Id within the US. All that happens is you get wanded and an extra pat down. Happened to me before and people I know.

1049 days ago


She said she needed her passport and ID to get back in the country- LMAO um loser lindsay, time to get sober

1049 days ago

The Real JJ    

First off, who carries 10k CASH in their purse?? I know its probaly a vacation but still that's DUMB as F***!! Second, who are hanging with that tapes everything you say, unless this is audio from a video or background noise from a police call.

1049 days ago


And whatever happened with Mikey's faux heart surgery? lolol

1049 days ago


I am not a Lilo fan, but I think her friend(s) who taped her and sold it to TMZ - are pretty shady. I felt dirty listening to this - yes, even though I think it was a shady thing to sell it.. I still listened. I am a hypocrite sometimes, but that's okay.

Now, about the purse being stolen and Lilo carrying around $10k - she needs to be VERY careful. Now the whole world knows she carries around massive loads of cash. The paps following her - might be a blessing in disguise. Robbers salivate when they think of people like Lilo - strutting around town with $10k in their purse.

It is still dangerous. You never know what sort of drugged out nutter might harm her - inside a party or club - in an effort to steal from her.

That's just NOT safe.

1049 days ago

Jackie she carries a passport within USA?? ha ha. and why was she carrying that amount and money? doesn't she have credit cards?

1049 days ago
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