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Lindsay Lohan

Freaks Over Stolen Purse --

I Better Not Go to Jail Over This!

12/12/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan completely wigged after some jackass stole her purse in Hawaii this weekend -- telling friends, she was terrified the ordeal would land her in jail ... and TMZ has obtained audio of her expletive-filled freak out.

Take a listen ... moments after Lindsay discovered her bag was missing ... she says, "I will f**king kill someone if I even have to get questioned [inaudible] jail for a year."

Lindsay was petrified she'd be stranded in Hawaii without her ID -- forcing her to miss her court date in L.A. Wednesday morning ... a misstep that could have potentially gotten her probation revoked, and landed her butt behind bars.

Lindsay can relax -- TMZ broke the story -- her passport and court documents permitting travel were eventually returned along with Lindsay's $5,000 Chanel purse. However, she's still short $10,000 cash.

On tape Lindsay adds, "My dad will kill me" -- interesting considering her on-again-off-again relationship with Michael Lohan ... and his own in-and-out-of-jail (currently, out) status.


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TMZ - you have been duped. There was no story. LL made all of this up and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. Does she have you guys on speed dial? EXCLUSIVE? Yeah right. It is good to know that every time the Lohans and Kardashians so much as FART, you are there to cover it as an exclusive. Tired of your shena****ns. Moving to other sites for my celeb news since you cannot report anything even remotely objective. You are just as bad as the Kardashians and Lohans because you are their BITCH. Stupid, stupid Harvey. You guys have been in LA too long; the rest of the country is no longer buying it...

1047 days ago


that wasnt even her voice...that was the voice of marge simpsons sisters "were watching magiver"..or wolf man jack.
If thats her its "LIKE" she lived in a smoke bubble and gargled broken glass.she sounds 1 year away from smoking out of a hole in her throat.
voice of a nicotine chainsaw

1047 days ago


Why the hell would you go to a party with your ID. plan info, personal papers, passport ect ect? Ive traveled before and when I went out I dont know locked it in my hotel safe! I understand the "cold hard cash" as drug dealers dont tend to take check or debit. This entire story makes no sense. Why does everything have to be a drama with this girl? SHe cant even go away on vacation without us having to hear about some new major crisis and she wonders why not one focuses on her steller acting career?????

1047 days ago


Don't blame that stupidness on "home schooling"
sweetie that is just plain "No schooling " talking
on that tape.......
"Like really Man..Like not Groovey at all "

1047 days ago


Cause I imagine she is more in touch with daddy then Lohan Inc wants you to know and Daddy probably had warned her to stay out of trouble...and this is a way of saying
"sure daddy anything you say " kind of statment...

1047 days ago


This broad has the WORST luck ever.. She needs to lock herself in her house UNTIL all her court crap is over... There is NO excuse for he to ever miss a court date with all the breaks she has gotten.

1047 days ago


y was she worried..i mean all she would spend is one hour in jail like always.nothing to bitch about

1047 days ago


She is an actor...dont you get it..this was staged ...she leaked it get away with being late for court...cmon dont be stupid....people...

1047 days ago


you cant fix stupid.

1047 days ago


Hardly a "freak out". I think most of us can agree that we would be losing our **** x1000 if we lost 10,000. SHe actually seems quite calm. I like Lindsay, people need to lay off her.

1047 days ago


What kind of "friends" is she hanging around that just happens to record conversations like this??? Its no wonder the girl can't get sober and stay sober.

1047 days ago


Word to my pals back in the States.. I done the deal and we have a payoff.. back to you..

1047 days ago


Bullsh*t, she didn't have $10,000 cash in her purse, shes poor. That milli from hef's long gone up her nose, anyone stupid enough to carry around 10G cash deserve's to get jacked.

1047 days ago


No wonder she sold herself out for playboy that was some seriously bad acting.

1047 days ago

move on!    

Why is she still making headlines? because she lost her purse? the whole thing was a set up anyways like Cheban and the whole flour stunt.

1047 days ago
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