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Lindsay Lohan

Freaks Over Stolen Purse --

I Better Not Go to Jail Over This!

12/12/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan completely wigged after some jackass stole her purse in Hawaii this weekend -- telling friends, she was terrified the ordeal would land her in jail ... and TMZ has obtained audio of her expletive-filled freak out.

Take a listen ... moments after Lindsay discovered her bag was missing ... she says, "I will f**king kill someone if I even have to get questioned [inaudible] jail for a year."

Lindsay was petrified she'd be stranded in Hawaii without her ID -- forcing her to miss her court date in L.A. Wednesday morning ... a misstep that could have potentially gotten her probation revoked, and landed her butt behind bars.

Lindsay can relax -- TMZ broke the story -- her passport and court documents permitting travel were eventually returned along with Lindsay's $5,000 Chanel purse. However, she's still short $10,000 cash.

On tape Lindsay adds, "My dad will kill me" -- interesting considering her on-again-off-again relationship with Michael Lohan ... and his own in-and-out-of-jail (currently, out) status.


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Alan Carver    

Yeah, you can't play that card twice you twit! Why does it feel based on how she is re-acting that she is fearful about SOMETHING else. I mean we all know she back using again ... I think that she had other things in that bag she didn't want people to see - snort snort! She will make up some excuse and have Holley get to Judge Sautner to ensure she does not go to jail over this ... she should call on all of her famous friends to get her a private jet to get her home like she did back when she lost her passport at Cannes! LOL! What a joke! Not the situation ... Lohan!

1046 days ago

go home!    

She has got to be the stupidest person alive. It just shows how she thinks she is invincible. What kind of idiot leaves an expensive purse in a car with no back, let alone a car and you have 10 grand in the purse? Why could she not hold the purse like a normal person does? I'm glad it was stolen, teach her a lesson. The only problem was that she got her papers and bag back. Lindsay Lohan is a stupid idiot. Hope she never works in a legit film again.

1046 days ago


here we go again round 2 - didnt she play this ( i lost my passport ) game be for in another country be for she had court ? its simple she playing games and its a whole LIE nothing got stolen ! she just asking to go to jail

1046 days ago


Smack in the middle of Morman Town LAIE!

1046 days ago


Right smack in the middle of Morman headquarters! LAIE

1046 days ago


Who takes a purse filled with valuables to a party? A dumbass that's who. So stupid!

1046 days ago


Ummmm...why in the hell did she need a passport to get back into the country if she was still in the country. Last time I checked HI was still part of the US - no passport required.

1046 days ago


You don't need a passport to fly from state to state!!!

1046 days ago


I'll bet anything that she also had an illegal substance in her purse.

1046 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Hmmmm, someone broke in my car once and I swear I never thought I would go to jail over it. This chick is 3 quarts short o*****allon.

1046 days ago


How old are these people. They talk like they are 12

1046 days ago


does lilo know that Hawaii is in the US... and that she does not need a Passport... nor does she need to take $10 thousand with her where ever she goes.... most shopping cost around %1000 at a time in Hawaii.... go every year this i know...leave the rest at home... i feel a another issue for lilo coming up for her..... i say within the next four months... at this rate... she is out there again....

1046 days ago


"I don't trust these locals" Oh and I am sure the locals really trust you, I bet they have all the jewelry and souvenir shops on constant surveillance

1046 days ago

cheeseburger pronto    

she is a lying sack of ****.

1046 days ago

cheeseburger pronto    

why would she think she might go to jail? why would she think she couldn't leave the state? is she an imbecile? were there DRUGS? was the ten grand for DRUGS? and she got ripped off and couldn't score? SHE LIES. every word out of her smirky mouth is LIES. her parents allow her to LIE. her parents give her excuses so she can feel good about LYING.

1046 days ago
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