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Scottie Pippen

I'm Suing EVERYONE Who

Falsely Reported I Was Bankrupt

12/13/2011 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen
claims he's been unfairly portrayed in the media as a walking financial disaster -- and now he's suing every media outlet that reported he went bankrupt ... claiming he hasn't been worth LESS than $40,000,000 in the last 10 years. 

Pippen has filed a lawsuit against TONS of online media outlets -- including CBSsports.com, CNBC.com, Arizona State University and more -- claiming they all falsely reported the former Chicago Bulls star had gone belly up.

According to the docs, filed in federal court in Illinois and obtained by TMZ ... Pippen claims, "It is a most foul libel indeed to be falsely accused of being bankrupt."

The lawsuit continues, "Scottie never filed bankruptcy and indeed has a substantial net worth, which has not been less than approximately $40,000,000 in the last ten years."

Pippen claims CNBC.com included him in an article titled, "15 Athletes Gone Bankrupt" ... and CBSsports.com posted a photo of Pippen along with a story about NBA players and bankruptcy.

As for ASU -- Pippen claims he was tagged as a person who had gone bankrupt in a law blog operated by the University.

Pippen claims each media outlet that besmirched his good name should fork over at least $1 MILLION in damages.

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St James III    

People screaming that he's belly aching but reputable news sources reporting that you're bankrupt can actually impact your standing in the financial community. Most people taking jabs at him probably will never relate to that being an issue because they'll never see his financial space in life. LOL!!

1008 days ago

St James III    

Matter of fact i'd like to see how much y'all would take it in stride if you felt you had a good credit score and checked one day and found out your score was 500 because somebody reported some bogus crap. LOL!!!!

1008 days ago


that horrible wife of his ..Larsa..She probably spent them into the poor house...(she was on The Real Housewives of Miami)horrible horrible woman.

1008 days ago

ASU Law Student    

The ASU blog doesn't even say that he is bankrupt. All it says is that he is a dumb fu*k when it comes to money, and that he is suing everyone around him. From the looks of it, this is 100% true. Maybe he should look up the definition of libel before he starts filing frivolous lawsuits that will only cost him more money. What an idiot.

1008 days ago


Sue me too!

1008 days ago


What's he complaining about? Instead of a car dealership assuming he has money, they're going to call his bank? Like every other normal person in America?

1008 days ago


-$250K in more legal fees...so you can...retain your brand? I mean I guess it makes sense, I thought he was a broke fool until I saw this so he should sue those *******. It probably stopped him from getting endorsements - it;s why nobody wanted his Nikes - yea, get em Scotty.

1008 days ago


Grow up you big sissy! Your dumb b!tch wife is probably pissed because her friends are going to read reports and make her look bad/poor. Pay your debt, mind your business and move on. get a job so you're not so bored, plus an added bonus you get away from your wife. Get you another jump off. Lol

1008 days ago


Ut oh, somebody's pissed.

1008 days ago


News shouldn't report lies, and should be held accountable for false reporting. Bad journalism anyway you see it, Don't care for Pippin, just one the principle of humiliating false reporting.

1008 days ago


His diva acting wife should have never gone on reality TV, she made their family look superficial and stuck up. In my opinion she ruined the Pippen image. I always liked Jordan, Rodman and Pippen, but wow, to see some of these basketball player's wives and how diva and spoiled they act, what do they see in women like that? I found her to be disgusting, and a mean girl on that show.

1008 days ago


The only ones who ever win in a lawsuit are the over charging lawyers. Lawsuits just cause a lot of stress, time away from your job or business and money to retain and maintain legal counsel. The lawyers get the dough while they work to intentionally keep lawsuits ongoing and stir up the waters between the two parties. IMO of course.

1008 days ago


I hope he was paying taxes on the money he's bragging about having. Want to sue them, Pip, go ahead, just don't fall over your ego on the way to court.

1008 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

"It is a most foul libel indeed to be falsely accused of being bankrupt."

Who do you think you are? Shakespeare? Stop trying to sound intelligent you big dummeh!

1008 days ago


No Tippin Pippen.....what a baby......

1008 days ago
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