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Snoop Smoking On Stage

... Why Cops Don't Care

12/13/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Snoop Dogg can smoke whatever the hell he wants on stage -- at least that's what rap legend Flesh-n-Bone tells us -- and we've got some evidence to back it up ... some cops really do give weed-smoking rappers special treatment.

Plus, Jerry Sandusky needs a new lawyer ... FAST ... because his current one might have made a fatal error today by waiving the former Penn State coach's right to a preliminary trial. We'll explain.

Plus, South Korea's offensive new skyscraper design -- it looks just like the World Trade Center exploding. Is there an acceptable explanation?!


(4:10)  Shock move -- Jerry Sandusky waives his right to a preliminary trial ... our lawyer Jason explains how it was a stupid move -- and a potentially smart move -- at the same time.
(11:05) Will cameras be allowed during Jerry's trial?
(16:20) Beyonce spends a fortune on a tiny beachfront cabana -- then loses a fortune selling it. How'd this happen?
(22:00) Radio host Michael Savage offers Newt Gingrich $1 mil to bow out of the presidential race -- because he thinks Mitt Romney is only guy who can beat Obama.
(25:10) Brian wants Newt to run against Obama -- because he has the most skeletons in his closet.
(32:10) Snoop Dogg lights up on stage ... and Mike -- who worked security on the Up in Smoke Tour -- talks about how cops at concerts didn't care if the talent got high.
(35:00) Weed talk with Flesh-N-Bone.
(44:20) South Korea's Twin Towers controversy.
(48:00) Jason gets a new rap name.


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harvey, I went to the Ludacris concert at UM last month and all the students were lighting up. HUNDREDS of cops. They just ignored it. Also, Everyone had spiked Snapples. I guess that's a thing these days. Anyway... TOTAL blind eye!!!

1047 days ago


Jerry waiving his rights to a prelim hearing like a child closing their eyes, while holding their ears, screaming LALA. It's a way to not deal with the situation, which to a child.... makes it go away.

1047 days ago


I realize that there is this major fascination with Snoop Dogg and that Hollywood seems to be tripping over themselves to kiss his ring because they think he's cool. I, too, like Snoop Dogg but the marijuana thing is getting out of control.

Snoop should have been arrested. I can understand it if the police waited until after the show to arrest him in order to prevent a disturbance, but letting him walk sets a bad example for our youth.

I know that Snoop isn't trying to be a role model and that parents should be a role model to their children. However, when your teens hears about this on the news or sees it in the paper, you have to make sure you have the conversation with them. A parent has enough to deal with without having to talk about why the rapper they think of as smooth or cool has no problem lighting up in front of thousands of witnesses AND POLICE without being held accountable.

Like it or not, Snoop Dogg, you are a role model. That's one of the perks/downfalls of celebrity. If you want to smoke your drugs, DO IT IN PRIVATE. We don't need your lack of morality muddying the waters.

1047 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

I doubt it was real weed Harvey....

1047 days ago

Green Eyes    

why is the Irish guy in your office always trash-talking America on the TV show? It's really annoying to hear his Holier than thou comments all the time. If you don't like it here, then leave buddy! Pull his work Visa Harvey and kick his ass back to Ireland where he belongs! Insert Irish jig dance here.

1047 days ago


Harvey - you are probably right. It probably wasn't real weed, but it's the perception. Snoop has a certain reputation and he has been very vocal about the legalization of marijuana - which is his right. However, given his reputation, lighting up an unknown rolled anything on stage paints a certain picture and he should be mindful of that.

1047 days ago


someone should give him a gun and let him blow his brains out...only after he blows his pedophile loving wife away too...these are MONSTERS and no kid is safe around them...not even their own...if the azzes have any! crawl into that hole youre digging for yourself and just die!

1047 days ago


Jerry Sandusky is guilty as sin and knows it. His wife also knows it. Who cares about legal stragity.

1047 days ago


Answer to question about Cabana's value and use: In some coastal communities where fresh groundwater availability is limited due to drought and over-pumping can lead to limits in water rights, such that the number of taps or access points to the water system is limited. Once a building has water piped in legally, its water rights are sold with the property and can be removed from an insignificant building like this and installed elsewhere where its use in a new or existing building will be far greater.

1047 days ago


..fight for four quarters, then horseplay

1047 days ago


Jerry, change your name to Jenny cause those men in jail are gonna fight over pretty little you!

1047 days ago

San Diego Plumbing    

Waiving the right to a jury trial? Wave good-bye to everything else too, Jerry! Is it too much to hope he gets sent to Gen-pop?

1047 days ago


I wonder if Beyonce father had anything to do with her paying so much for that cabana, wasnt he fired for stealing from her?

1047 days ago

Jay W.     

Smoke if ya got em !

1047 days ago

who dat    

Trump pulled out because nobody (2 looozers) were the only confirmed candidates scheduled to be there. On a 5th rate network. haha big joke. Back to carnival barking.

1047 days ago
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