TMZ Live Snoop Smoking On Stage ... Why Cops Don't Care

12/13/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Snoop Smoking On Stage ... Why Cops Don't Care

Snoop Dogg can smoke whatever the hell he wants on stage -- at least that's what rap legend Flesh-n-Bone tells us -- and we've got some evidence to back it up ... some cops really do give weed-smoking rappers special treatment.

Plus, Jerry Sandusky needs a new lawyer ... FAST ... because his current one might have made a fatal error today by waiving the former Penn State coach's right to a preliminary trial. We'll explain.

Plus, South Korea's offensive new skyscraper design -- it looks just like the World Trade Center exploding. Is there an acceptable explanation?!

(4:10)  Shock move -- Jerry Sandusky waives his right to a preliminary trial ... our lawyer Jason explains how it was a stupid move -- and a potentially smart move -- at the same time.
(11:05) Will cameras be allowed during Jerry's trial?
(16:20) Beyonce spends a fortune on a tiny beachfront cabana -- then loses a fortune selling it. How'd this happen?
(22:00) Radio host Michael Savage offers Newt Gingrich $1 mil to bow out of the presidential race -- because he thinks Mitt Romney is only guy who can beat Obama.
(25:10) Brian wants Newt to run against Obama -- because he has the most skeletons in his closet.
(32:10) Snoop Dogg lights up on stage ... and Mike -- who worked security on the Up in Smoke Tour -- talks about how cops at concerts didn't care if the talent got high.
(35:00) Weed talk with Flesh-N-Bone.
(44:20) South Korea's Twin Towers controversy.
(48:00) Jason gets a new rap name.