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Justin Timberlake

Trashed By Jessica Biel's Bro

12/14/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0_gtef78ye_1_mbzvghmrJessica Biel's little brother is slamming Justin Timberlake's 901 Tequila company -- claiming the brand is a massive failure and JT is to blame.

Justin Biel -- who we're told worked for the 901 brand until a few weeks ago -- just posted a couple of videos to his Facebook page ... in which he claims Timberlake sabotaged the company by refusing to promote his own liquor.   

Biel rants, "I've been waiting for [Timberlake] to do something with this f**king brand -- make a song about it, put it in a god damn video, hold it up, take some pictures, I don't care -- just do something because we're dying on the motherf**king vine here!"

Biel -- seemingly bitter with the brand -- sarcastically launches into a series of new "angles" he thinks could help sales ... claiming among other things:

-- "901 Tequila ... mixes well with a bump of cocaine"
-- "901 Tequila ... Steve Jobs used to drink it ... oh man that's too soon."
-- "901 Tequila ... I only s**t my pants once on it."
-- "901 Tequila ... so god damn exclusive our own CEO doesn't even drink it."

Biel continues, "Sales dropped drastically from last year ... way to go sales team!  Our distribution partners still couldn't give two f**ks about the brand, repping Patron all the way, and giving us the ol' fist up the ass."

Sources connected to Biel and Timberlake tell us Jessica's brother left the company on good terms ... even though it doesn't appear that way in the videos.

A rep for 901 tells TMZ ... "Justin Biel’s video was intended to be one in a series of videos created by 901 Tequila employees (including the brand owner) as part of a larger viral marketing campaign slated for the end of December. It was released prematurely without our knowledge and prior to the final edit.”

You buyin' it?

11:37 PM PST -- Justin posted a statement on his Facebook page saying, "For all you knuckleheads that haven't figured it out. This is just a joke. hahah. Got ya."

The statement contradicts the 901 rep ... who insisted the videos were not a "joke" -- but a key part of a large viral marketing campaign that was released without permission of the company.


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It's obviously a marketing campaign and TMZ is in on it. How much were you paid guys?

On a side note, why would you name a Tequila brand after a Tennessee area code? I get JT is from there, but that is a stupid name.

982 days ago


Not buying it at all. He's an idiot! There's clearly some underlying issues in his rant. I'm sure Jessica has cried on her bro's shoulder many a day about her future (or, lack thereof) with J.T. He's probably pissed at J.T. for stringing his gorgeous sister along. I'm sure Jessica wants to kick her inappropriate brother in the nu*ts. He may have just put the final nail in the coffin of what is Bielberlake.

982 days ago


#17 - I'd like to see your girlfriend if Jessica Biel is "fat" and a "slut." Oh wait, sounds like you have a boyfriend. Carry on.

982 days ago


who cares what hes doing!. another guy flying on someones famous coat tails. if this is true..get a effing life dude! that porn star you always wanted to be and if this is not true. i still wont buy your ****. you're an idiot!

982 days ago

Gina E    

I went on a few dates with this dude two years ago. Hot douchebag, wouldn't have ever seen him again, but here's the catch, he's huge down below. Like, porn star huge.

982 days ago

44 Magnum    

I can't believe that this douchebag came from the same mother as Jessica Biel. What an idiot this guy is. I don't care if he's joking...he's just a moron.

982 days ago

Fantastic Four    

Worst cover story ever.

Just one of those inviolable Laws of Advertising:

"Never joke about pissing or pooping in the product".

They don't sell Glacier as 'Dead Caveman Pee' and Peets fertilizer as 'Dinosaur Poop'.

Why this.rantingfool thinks a former Mouseketeer with pre-teen fans would promote vodka speaks further to his delusion.

982 days ago

Not an idiot like the rest of you    

TMZ staff is sooo ******* stupid. This video is clearly a joke. Stick to licking the kardashian's ********.

982 days ago


SMH.....I bet he talks like that when he's drank.

982 days ago


but really the steve jobbs comment - way over the line, i won't ever by it just for that

982 days ago


hahahaha well played justin. everyone I've shared this with has laughed so hard

982 days ago


Apparently this is a good marketing ploy since TMZ is covering it. I never even heard of 901 Tequila until now.

982 days ago


What a great brother for any sister to have. Publically ranting at your sister's boyfriend..What a way to support your sister in her relationship. Cause fights, much?

981 days ago

David in Bangkok    

This is what happens to most people if they do not finish High School. Reading the comments I wonder how many are first time posters with 901 affiliations riding the marketing opportunity.

981 days ago

kate oleary    

LOVE IT!! way funny! will only drink 901 tequila from now on. good job

981 days ago
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