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Kobe Bryant

Cheated with 'Multiple Women'

12/18/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant
Kobe Bryant
's wife Vanessa caught the NBA star "very recently" in the latest act of infidelity, and that is why she filed for divorce ... sources directly connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources would not tell us how Vanessa caught Kobe, but we do know it was NOT through text messages a la Tiger Woods.

We're told Vanessa had caught Kobe with "multiple women" over the years ... but his latest affair was the straw that broke the camel's back ... and she felt she needed to finally end the marriage.

What's ironic ... is that Vanessa still loves Kobe -- but she just can't stand his infidelities anymore.

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Okay, here's the deal. Stop attacking Vanessa. No woman can deal with a cheating husband or boyfriend forever. Every NBA player wife and girlfriend knows that at least 50% of NBA players cheat on a regular basis. Unless you've been one of the wives or girlfriends, you don't know what really goes on. Have you been ? Have you been in the wives and girlfriends room before a game, and sat in their section time after time, or have you gone to the after-parties where players routinely show up with women other than their wives? Despite the benefits of being married to or dating a highly-paid professional athlete, unless you're there totally for the money and vicarious fame and benefits, it's not a good life to raise children and sleep with a man who you know is sleeping with other women and then coming home to crawl into bed with you, and you have to be very lucky to end up with one the men who do not cheat. It is no negative reflection on Mrs. Bryant that she wants out of her marriage. Yes, she probably should have walked away years's ago; but there's always enormous pressure from the team and the player's management company and the big-time companies giving the endorsement contracts to try to convince the wife to stay with the money-making athlete. Don't attack this woman. She didn't chase Kobe like a groupie and capture him. I don't think she was even 21 years' old when they got married. He spotted her, pursued her and ultimately married her.

Kobe is a great basketball player. That doesn't mean that a woman has to stay married to him if he is not a loyal , honest and monogamous husband.

1007 days ago


He is the only person in this world that is more arrogant than Obama. The attitude that he can do anything and get away with it!

I see someone has Politics on their Mind . BTW , do you guys know that Every time you say " Arrogant " towards a black guy , that's code for " Confident black man " . You sound like you have a low self-esteem when you come across a confident black man. DEAL with it..lol

1007 days ago


Kobe, like Tiger, is a lying piece of **** that shouldn't marry because they think they are above their vows. They are s***.

1007 days ago


I will never trust love!!!!

1007 days ago


why compare him to Tiger ..What? there are no cheating white athletes ? lol

1007 days ago


She doesnt still love him....she loves his money

1007 days ago


This is going to cost Kobe a lot of $$$$. I hope he has his money invested well because he is loooking at a payoff of about $5 million a year or more for the rest of his life. There is a Yiddish saying that "when a man has an erection, his brain shuts down. Kobe is proof positive.

1007 days ago


NEWSFLASH -- They have already settled their finances ..It's already over ...

1007 days ago


I wonder if I the divorce proceedings we will learn of the cold support he pays? And I'm guessing Gloria Already has a press conference scheduled next week with one of the 'mistresses'.

I also wonder if Kobe was trying to beat James Worthy or Wilt Chamberlain's "records", so to speak.

Should be entertaining.

1007 days ago


Vanessa doesn't love Kobe, no one could. She loves with the illusion of the decent man she thinks and believes he could be,. Which, sadly, is a fairy tale. But the good news is Vanessa is growing up. She's modeling appropriate behavior for her children, so they don't wind up with boys who no matter their age, remain eternally, juvenile. Rock on Vanessa.

1007 days ago


whatever the case...if your gonna screw around, DON'T GET MARRIED. COMMON FREAKIN SENSE PEOPLE!!!!!!

1007 days ago


# 2 Bill J...spoken like a true "man." I guess you checked your morality at the door. I am glad she waited until after the 10-year mark as in California that is considered a long-term marriage so she gets 50% of EVERYTHING! It also appears there was no pre-nup. Remember, once a cheater, always a cheater, so, he needs to not re-marry anyone and continue to have his fun with all the women he wants. That said, I still love Kobe as a Laker!!! I do however feel sorry for the kids as they are so young. It seems this is how the world rolls these days.

1007 days ago


Yeah ... Although it's already over and no court proceedings , I fully expect the troll "Gloria Alred" to juice it up some more on Monday...lmao -

1007 days ago


Hope she did not find out by catching an STD by him. If he is a serial cheater, I don't blame her for leaving him and ending it all. She was publicly humiliated the last time his cheating was found out, yet she gave him another chance. Whether she is hard to live with or not, she did not deserve to be cheated on.

If Kobe has a sex addiction or impulse control problem, he could have gotten help if he truly cherished the sanctity of marriage and truly valued his children first.

Guess getting his rocks off was more a priority then his family. He chose to damage and hurt his family and break them up.

Now he gets to go through the consequences of it. Guys who cheat need to grow up, prioritize morals, family and valuing a marriage.

He chose to humiliate himself, good basketball player or not, just like Tiger, just like Jesse James.

Sickening that the children are the ones to get hurt and now have a broken home, all because their Dad could not keep it in his pants.

1007 days ago


These sports-wives are some of the dumbest people on the planet. Do they really expect their new hubbies to change their ways? Can a tiger change its stripes? They married him that way and that is how they should expect him to stay. Oh, and don't get fat on him, Vanessa. That just compounds the problem.

1007 days ago
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