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Bryan Stow's Friends Speak

They Sucker Punched Us

12/20/2011 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Bryan Stow was "sucker punched" in the side of the head by two L.A. Dodgers fans on the night of the attack that left him forever disabled ... so says the men who were with Bryan that night.

Corey Maciel and Jeff Bradford spoke with NBC's "Rock Center" last night ... and described the scene when the attackers delivered a "running huge sweeping punch."

Maciel described the sound of Stow's head bouncing off the asphalt -- "just the crack ... just that sound of bone hitting asphalt."

Maciel says the attackers continued to kick Stow in the head -- even after he was clearly injured and not moving ... and say he and Bradford had to jump on Stow and cover him up before the attackers ran off.

As for Stow, he's talking and making improvements in his recovery -- but doctors say he'll be "disabled" for the rest of his life.

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I was waiting for these tools to come out and show their pathetic faces. It's just as much their fault the guy had his head bashed in as the two who did it. Seriously, there were 4 of you and two of them...the numbers were in your favor to ward this off and open up some whip-ass of your own. Anyone recognize these pathetic losers as your fiends...drop them like a bad habit because you need to get new friends. In a pinch they have proven they will turn their backs on you.

1037 days ago


Of course the criminals being mexican gang thugs beating on a white guy...not a racial crime unless it were the other way around.

1037 days ago


you know, years ago I went to a FSU vs UM game in Talli. Back then things were known to get pretty violent and UM fans were always in danger over there (which is funny cause FSU fans never have anything to fear in MIA). Anyway, I went with a big group of UM fans and we were loud and proud! So when the game ended, what did we do for the long walk to the dorms? WE PUT ON FSU CLOTHES THAT WE BROUGHT WITH US!! Why? cause we are SMART and care for our well being. Chance favors the prepared mind!! People need to smarten up. Avoidance is better than being a victim every time and our children get to keep their fathers.

1037 days ago


And this is what they came up with after all this time. Why did they bother?

1037 days ago


These two tools are full of sh*t. Was the haymaker from behind or from the side? Did Stow get hit in the face or the side of the head? And if he wa***** from behind why was the back of his head the first thing to hit the ground? How far away from Stow were these 2 friends that the attackers had so much time to kick and stomp him before they could cover him up and protect him? And one last thing..they begged the attackers to leave him alone? Come on man... Ive been waiting for the friends of Stow to come forward with their story and now that they have Im convinced they idiots were talking sh^t and got what was coming to them.

1037 days ago

Delaware D    

There is a LOT more to this story than these guys are saying.

1037 days ago


hope the guys that beat brian rot in prison for the rest of their useless and pathetic lives.

1037 days ago


If you go to a Home team game and you are wearing the Visitors Jerseys there is a chance something like this might happen especially when Alcohol is involved. No Common sense with these Fans

1037 days ago


(Mouth moves differently than spoken words)

"You think your kung-fu is better than mine?! You can never defeat my RUNNING HUGE SWEEEEEEEEPING PUNCH!"

1037 days ago


I am SO sick of hearing about this guy. Look, I'm sorry it happened, it was unfortunate... But, wtf? As a Giants fan I heard about this ALL FREAKIN' YEAR. It was like this dark cloud hovering over the entire Bay Area. I hope they don't continue to drag this out next year, too. Move on already! And if it's in the news, don't make it a Sports news story! Just as tired of this as I am the f*cking Kartrashians.

1037 days ago

Tennis Ace    

Wait a minute... did I just read this right? So am I to understand that these two "friends" of Bryan Stow just stood there and let two people beat their friend into a coma without retaliating? Please tell me this isn't true!

What a bunch of Girls!!!! No wait, scratch that... I believe that two women would have intervened. These guys deserve a beat-down of their own!!!

1037 days ago

jeff and coreys friend    

Jeff and Corey were ALSO attacked; that is why they could not defend Brian. they just weren't beaten as severely. This part did not make the news, but they too had blackened eyes and fat lips. Please no negative comments unless you know the facts, they did not instigate anything!!

1037 days ago

double D    

BS. How can the back of the head hit the ground if you were hit from behind? Why are they going public? Guilty are you? "hey lets go to Dodger "gangster" stadium and wear Giants colors and drink lots of beer and pop off to local thugs, then not help our friend when he gets jumped". these guys are pathetic

1037 days ago


*********ing piece of **** mexicans. I ******* hate mexicans.

1037 days ago


Hey "jeff and coreys friend"..If they were being beat up by other attackers, were they "sucker punched" too? By their own accounts there were only 2 attackers. Were they attacked by multiples of Dodger fans but only reported 2? Why would LAPD only be looking for the 2 that attacked Mr. Stow and not his buddies? I call bullsh#t!

1037 days ago
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