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Bombshell McGee

I Won't Ink a Sex Tape Deal!

12/20/2011 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is trying to stop the porn company that snatched up her sex tapes ... threatening to sue if the videos go public.

As TMZ first reported, porn giant Red Light District says they are in possession of two separate sex tapes featuring Jesse James' former mistress -- one with a man, one with a woman.

But McGee's manager, Gina Rodriguez, has fired off a letter to RLD ... demanding they return the videos, which she says were stolen from Bombshell.

Rodriguez says McGee will sue if the tapes aren't returned ASAP ... and is asking RLD to return all copies and turn over the names of anyone who's seen it.

RLD has not returned calls for comment.


No Avatar


Why do they want the names of people who have seen it? So they can kill them?

1038 days ago


If porn is part of her past and she dated someone who is known to the public, she can't have been that naive to think the film wouldn't come out. Make a porn film, it's there to haunt you for the rest of your life. Just ask Screech from Save the Bell (eewwww).

1038 days ago


yeah, most likely it's because she can't read or write. btw, i feel sorry for whomever had to clean that tub afterwards.

1038 days ago


Hmm!!...It's strange how these talentless whores in Hollywood make sex tapes and claim that they tapes are being stolen??..Really!...How can anyone know that they have sex tapes? It's either one them who sells the tapes or both do it for attention. PLEASE STOP THINKING WE ARE STUPID TO FALL FOR YOUR CRAP.

1038 days ago


Did she get stuck in a printing press? She looks like a damn fool idiot with those tats.

1038 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

I'd say this is just an attempt to drum up some interest. RLD, like the rest of what's left of the porn industry, is fighting for survival. They would not release anything "stolen" without proper signed "model releases" and risk losing serious money in a slam-dunk court case against them. Or, even worse, give some ambitious DA a chance to go after them Paul-Little-style to please the bible thumpers. Times are rough in the Valley, nobody's going to risk losing the farm and going to jail over a "sex tape" of a nobody who boinked a nobody who boinked Sandra Bullock for 15 minutes.

1038 days ago


Another released on purpose for publicity. Too late moron.

1038 days ago


I'm calling BULLSH*T on this story. First of all, why would a pathetic "I'm a side piece whore; please f*ck me & treat me like the trash I am so I can tell my story" piece of trash like boobsh*t mcgee need a MANAGER if this wasn't a commercial strategy? Do whores require managers now? Also, isn't it convenient that her sc*mbag sex antics just so happen to end up on a sex tape... that ends up in the hands of a porn company. Ooooh, that's some coincidence there, boy. Lastly, why hasn't someone beaten this piece of trash to death yet? She seems to specialize in being disposable; f*ck her then dump her...

1038 days ago

who dat    

We've seen this OBVIOUS ploy before.

1) Be a nasty ho, film yourself having sex.
2) Leak the tape
3) Claim it was stolen
4) Have lawyer fire off a phony cease and desist letter.
5) File Suit. Spend a few thousand, give the judicial system a handjob, while you kick and scream about injustice.
6) After you milk every drop of free publicity, Sign agreement of participation on the tapes release.

Go away bitch, this scheme has been done alot of times by smarter peeps then you.

1038 days ago


Hey McGee... You are a "public figure" and this is newsworthy-by-definition. Get a better lawyer.

1038 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

49ers beat the Steelers on Monday night football 20 to 3!Go Saints!

1038 days ago


I love this:
"But McGee's manager, Gina Rodriguez"

Manager? Manager of what!?
A beat out,overly tattooed Nazi sympatico freakshow?

1038 days ago


When will these celebs and pseudo-celebs realize that any sex tape they make will soon be made public?

1038 days ago


Wait a minute isn't that the same action Kim Kardashian took?

1038 days ago


Wow, another fake "someone stole my sex tape drama" for the free press. This is the new way for PR folks in hollywood. Create fake conflict. People eat it up. Free press. "We'll be relevant again." Think Speidi. Think just about every reality show on TV today, which drums up some fake conflict to keep ratings.

I think you're starting to see this type of fakery finally run its course and lose its effect. Time to get original folks and try something new.

1038 days ago
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