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Kardashian Clothing Scandal

Human Rights Group Leader

Says NO PROOF of 'Slave Labor'

12/21/2011 9:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The leader of the human rights group quoted in a story implying the Kardashians use "slave labor" to manufacture their clothes and shoes says the story is misleading.

Charles Kernaghan, Executive Director of the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights, tells TMZ, he told Star Magazine, "It was a wise idea to wait on the article," because he had no proof that the specific factories the Kardashians use violated child labor standards or human rights.

Star's headline reads, "Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal: Family's Fashion Empire Makes Millions from Child Labor."  Kernaghan is quoted as saying, "The Kardashians are in bed with some pretty bad people ... Not only are celebrities like the Kardashians taking advantage of these workers, they are holding hands with a government that spits on democracy and women's rights."

Kernaghan tells us ... his quotes were taken out of context ... that the violations he described to Star apply to the REGION in China where clothing and other items are manufactured.  He says child labor practices in many of the factories are appalling, but he has no proof the specific factories the Kardashians use employ such practices.

Kernaghan says his organization is investigating the factories the Kardashians use, but so far he has NO EVIDENCE of any human rights abuses.

Kernaghan does say ... 75% of the factories in the region have violations similar to the ones described in Star.

Kris Jenner tells TMZ ... the factories the Kardashians use are "strictly policed" and there are no child labor or human rights violations.

We put a call in to Star.  So far ... no response.



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Patrick Henry    

Shame on you institute for giving into Shapiro and Kardashian threats.

A snippet from the site clearly explains working conditions in china.....

YQUOTE:::oung workers in China who make holiday toys for Disney, Hasbro and RC2—including Bratz dolls—are suffering from a serious infestation of bed bugs in their dorms. Workers report that their bodies are often covered with red welts from the bug bites, which can easily become infected if the wounds are scratched. A leading entomologist at a major university confirmed to the National Labor Committee that it would be very possible for bed bugs to hitch a ride to the U.S., especially if they hid the cardboard toy boxes.

Disney toys are produced at the Daewi factory in Dongguan, China under abusive and illegal sweatshop conditions:

Workers are at the factory 96 hours a week, routinely toiling 15 ½-hour shifts, from 8:30 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week.
All overtime is forced. Any worker missing a shift will be docked three days' wages.
Workers are cheated of up to 40 percent of the wages legally due them, paid below the minimum wage and shortchanged on their overtime pay.
A worker arriving 30 minutes late will also be docked three days wages.
Toiling in 95-degree temperatures, workers are drenched in their own sweat.
Eight workers share each primitive dorm room, sleeping in double-level bunk beds which are infested with bed bugs.+++END Quote

BUT I suppose the Kardashians have put up workers in the local W Hotel and would be the only factory anyone would want to work at?

The trashians and everyone associated with them are total and immoral s****.

And yes Kim is saying that she did do a lot of "charity " work in Haiti. That poor family is just a victim of misunderstandings and slander whay hay. How's that lawsuit against the PR guy who told the truth about Kimmie's fraud? Is he dead yet?

Anyone who gives ratings, money or PR to them are low lives as well. Greed rules. The father of lies is satan.

1001 days ago


Here's what Kim thinks of those who work for her!

1001 days ago

Patrick Henry    

I agree we should try not to buy products from slave shops if its all possible. Talk to our govt that has outsourced all our jobs and has trade deals with China.

Someone should start a site with all american manufacturers so we know who to buy.

As for the Kardashians, it is starting with celebrity greed and bad morals as role models for our kids. We can't get away from them at all, I spotted the Doll book while shopping yesterday.

Marketing geniuses I doubt, they just threaten to sue people, or have others harass them. And they don't understand too much marketing burns the public out on your name. But greed inches them onward.

1001 days ago


boycott e channel and ryan seacrest

boycott e channel and ryan seacrest

1001 days ago


theres nothing like Kris Jenner in full damage control mode expect a barrage of "K" stories

1001 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

Here is Fat Mike kissing KarTrashian's ass, we can see through you TMZ spinning in favor of the duchess of Pee

1001 days ago


Seeing as how they've ripped off other peoples orignial designs (and are being sued over it), it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the whoretrashians beat underage children to death to make their putrid knockoff clothes & shoes.

1001 days ago


No proof if it's hidden! They always deny what is actually going on and suckers fall for it! Slave laborers have no voice until we do something about it! Shameful people like Kim for doing this kind of thin.

1001 days ago


Facotories are "strictly policed" that doesn't stop them from violating basic human rights. Most of this factories don't allow bathroom breaks, they make them work extra hours and the list goes on and on......... and on top of that they get to export their products duty free in to the USA.

1001 days ago

Krystle richard    

I think it's a bad/scary accusation o be made. Kris Jenner is low, and is quick to make a profit off her kids. But honestly I dont see the K family knowingly allowing something like that to go on..

1001 days ago


seriously would make more headlines if you reported anything else , other than this family! America has had enough. #banthekardashians

1001 days ago


They are the biggest whores on this planet!!!! Kim K you are disgusting!!!!

1001 days ago


Why can't we make beautiful close in the USA, let's keep it home people...

1001 days ago


Of course "The Star" put out a false story! Everyone knows there sloppy gossip as so many are and they knew if they wrote about the kardashians they would sell!!! Used to read it actually when I was younger, which has been along time but as we mature we realize not to believe things just because someone says so. Especially all of these money suckers including tmz!! Kardashian name is a big seller now a days and were all reading it and posting on it and helping them all make the big bucks!

1001 days ago


Why is TMZ so in love with the KarTRASHians?

1001 days ago
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