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Michaele Salahi:

Tareq Was a Violent Rageaholic

12/21/2011 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi and Michaele
Tareq Salahi is a violent control freak who employs psychotic scare tactics to terrorize Michaele Salahi ... at least that's what she says in new court papers.

Michaele wants the judge in her divorce case to grant a legal separation STAT, so she can be free of the spell Tareq has cast over her ... according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Michaele explains in her papers that she fled to Journey guitarist Neal Schon because she just plain feared for her physical safety.

According to Michaele, the Summer of 2011 was the season of rage for Tareq -- culminating in physical violence against her.

The final straw came on September 11th ... Michaele claims she returned from an errand a few hours late, and Tareq turned out all the lights and waited for her in the basement ... telling her she needed a lesson in fear. Two days later, Michaele fled to Neal ... fearing for her safety.

As for Tareq -- he categorically denies the allegations ... telling TMZ, Michaele is a "chronic liar" whose accusations are "absurd." Tareq insists he loved her and did everything humanly possible to support her during their marriage.


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This woman is a Pathological/Chronic Liar who's spent her whole life Living a DELUSION she created for herself. She also claimed her name "Michaele" is a combination of her parents first names Michelle and Michael ON CAMERA mind you-
Total Lie: Her parents names are Rosemary and Howard
Has told everyone for years she's a former Super Model, Chanel model, been in Vogue and a dozen other fashion Magazines.
Claims She's been featured on MTV BET long before the WH and RHODC -Total Lie.
Claims she was also a former MISS USA

Tareq is a DOUCHE, I will never negate that, however he was so blindly in love with this PSYCHO he allowed her to drain his family fortune bc of her insatiable need for $$$. Everyone here in the DC area is well aware of her antics. She's a Con artist who's only legitimate form of employment was as a make up counter sales girl who Btw lived with/depended heavily on her elderly mother well into her late 30's yet claims NO ONE knew she had MS for 17 years.
We ( Population of DC/VA) knew it was only a matter of time before she would pull the abuse it is!

1006 days ago


I feel ZERO sympathy for Tareq. He allowed this Psychopath to manipulate him into treating his mother like garbage for years, dragging her through the courts trying to take control of a business that never belonged to him. He has NEVER owned a winery, most likely NEVER WILL.
"Michaele" is notoriously known for skipping out on bills and tabs at hair salons etc.. What drives her absolutely MAD beyond belief is being called by her REAL NAME, Michelle. She is No victim, she's far too calculated, ruthless and maniacal to allow anyone to victimize her. Anytime anyone calls her out on her BS she threatens the FBI or contacts FB cries WOE IS ME. Ppl are so mean!

1006 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

well i think, as long as he's no*****ching/recording her when she is peeing, she has nothing to fear.

1006 days ago


And she is a star ******, they deserved each other.

1005 days ago


anyone who watched the show, knew what she was going through and she tried hard
to act ok. Rock on together Michaele & Neal

1005 days ago


Loving Tareq confirmed what the entire world knew all along..She LIED about having MS. I found it hysterical and Unbelievable the lengths she will go to Spin a story just to save Face. Prime example each time her pathetic desperate attempts to garner $$$ and fame ends in Public humiliation REJECTION. Hence, her last shred of hope, running off with Neal Schon. Neal will kick her to the curb, as he's done with all the women in his past..she's nowhere NEAR as attractive as they are..She's an OLD BONY HAG. I'm sure she's well aware of the fact her days are numbered, knowing the calculated psychopath she is, she's got a meal tickets err back up plan in the works. Soon as Neal kicks her sorry ass to the curb some other hideous creature with loot will take his place. At her age and lack of beauty, she'll go the Anna Nicole route of hooking up with a 300 yr old man who's got one foot in the grave.

1005 days ago


Michaele & Neal are happy & in love!
their ex's are all freaking out with jealousy I bet

1005 days ago


Michaele & Neal shine with love & happiness!

That is consuming ALL their exs I am sure with hate,

Most the postings here are the same jealou*****ers.

tareq, ava , amber .......oh and then you add the wanna be lovers of them
then their are the ones who live every moment obsessed with them
rachel, jeffrey,
ah yes,
dylan ,

Michaele & Neal come back to DC to visit!

1004 days ago


Comments #53, #55 and #56 are from none other than Michaele, herself. So she is up to her old tricks to hear it straight from the horse's mouth so to speak, everyone in the history of the world has always been jealous of her. This woman is a certifiable dingbat nut job but we love to laugh at her until she gets jailed or committed to a mental institution. Please join us if you like to laugh

1003 days ago


Who cares about these two from unda cheese dongs

997 days ago


Her real name is Michelle Ann Holt...Why the alias???Skipping out on creditors I guess!!

996 days ago


Ah, but Michaele is a tired, worn-out coked-up lying prostitute!!!

996 days ago


this whole thing is sickening, thank you Neil for ruining my love for Journey by dragging your personal issues into light and embarrassing the bands name. douche.

995 days ago


Tareq should be glad that she is gone, from all that has been do***ented it appears that she is a pathological liar, an overspender, someone who is never satisfied and happy with what life throws at her...and she is promiscuous (yeah, a slut!)...feelings of 'grandiosity'....she even ran off from her matrimony....all these characteristics appear to me that this woman may be severely psychotic or perhaps BIPOLAR?!?! She should check in for psychological evaluation...the downward spiral will follow once she has been over this manic fase with the guitarist.

990 days ago


I know that she is a liar. She claimed at one point that she had been a cheerleader for the Redskins. She never was - I was, and I know that she lied about that!

984 days ago
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