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SLAMS 'Racist' Dutch Magazine

for 'Degrading' Article

12/21/2011 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

unloaded on the editor of a popular Dutch magazine this week -- furious over an article that referred to her as a "N**gaB*tch."

In the original article that ran in "Jackie" magazine -- editor Eva Hoeke approved copy that read, "Rihanna, the good girl gone bad, is the ultimate n**gab*tch and displays that gladly."

Rihanna was PISSED -- and responded with a Twitter message to Hoeke which read, "I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights!"

She added, "I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000's of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race!"

Hoeke has since resigned from her position -- and the magazine says she has been "taunted and threatened" after referring to the slur as a "joke" in what's being considered a half-assed apology.

The magazine has invited Rihanna to talk things out with them for an article in the next issue. Don't hold your breath, Jackie.


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Seems putting "push" and then "it" right behind it sets of TMZ's curse alarm. Lol!!

1004 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

That's wrong!

They should have referred to her as a Skanky Bitch.

PS: When asking someone if they can read "english", it would be better to use proper English yourself, i.e., YOU, no U.

1004 days ago


The Commiecrats and the jewish power players who reformed america in their own image are to blame for this, they gave a people who didnt earn equality but was handed to them on a golden tongue platter by people only looking to keep the white man down because the threat they are to commiecrat-libbytard ideaologies and their social agenda. Her race is 7 times more likely to commit a felony and rape white 200 times more then the other way around, the word fits

1004 days ago


Call me what you will, but if that was supposed to be a "joke" as Hoeke asserts, I don't get it. I'm white and I can't stand Rihanna, and even I am offended by that statement. What a cruel, ignorant and pointless thing to say about anyone. It's almost 2012 for crying out loud, not 1900.

1004 days ago


Also, the problem with the word is that it's not only some cheesy and stupid word hipster doofuses use amongst themselves, but it's still being used with "er" at the end with negative connotations. If someone isn't in your circle you don't know what the hell to think when it's used on you. I just heard a White woman call her Black mother-in-law a bi tch and a ******. She could have stopped at bi tch!!! This is why I hate the use of that word. Ridiculous crap like this article happens and everyone freaks the hell out. The word needs to be banished, both the 'er' ending and the 'a' ending.

1004 days ago


I love when people speak the truth......

1004 days ago

for real    

Rhianna, As a woman, I find it degrading that you wear a necklace that says, "C**t" on it. For all young impressionable kids to see. I don't hold any respect for you or your vulgarity! Also, you can't pick and choose when the "N Word" is acceptable. It's acceptable to say it in your race to each other. It's acceptable in rap music. If someone else says it, your pulling the race card. If anyone of African American Heritage is offended hearing the "N Word", Don't ever say it. Don't put it in Rap music. There is not a double standard here!

1004 days ago


The girl has worn clothes and jewelry that say worse things. All in all i give this a giant 'meh'.

1004 days ago


Skanky talentless bitch, yes. The N word? I don't care if black people use it and if stupid little wanna be white kids use it, it isn't acceptable and really makes the person using it look like an ignorant fool.

1004 days ago


Rihanna is a disgrace to her race. Her actions led to this very accurate description. Just another arrogant individual that is showing her ignorance.

1004 days ago


But, that bitch said she loves to be degraded!!! Obviously, she or her twitter writer didn't actually read the article, otherwise she would have known if the editor can "read English". I bet that bitch uses both those "degrading" words EVERY day!!! She's just mad because somebody non-famous isn't kissing her ass when writing about her!

1004 days ago


I'm not sure if it's the same in Dutch, but in German the word "******" isn't a racist term, it's just what they use to describe a black person. They do have a racist term for black people, but it's spelled and pronounced different than "******".

1004 days ago


I think some people are missing the whole point. Yes, the N word is degrading. Who cares whether people use it. To be called out of your name (regardless of the term used) is down right disrespectful. For example, people use the word "stupid" "idiot" "*******" "b!tch" etc, but to be called that directly is offensive and disrespectful. As an editor, this person should have been more professional.

1004 days ago


Oh... the poor ****... she's so appalled. Isn't this the same idiot who wore a necklace with the word C&&T on it? Reap what you sow girlie!

1004 days ago


Screw that racist magazine but what they wrote about Riri is somewhat true, I am referring to her ghettoness and trashiness. She was pretty and a wonderful performer in her years when she burst onto the scene but now resorts to doing almost porno-like stage shows which masks her talent and makes people uncomfortable, if you want class and great perfomers check out Beyonce or Taylor Swift who do not have to resort to that kind of skimpiness to perform. Rihana is showing her trashy side in her tour.

1004 days ago
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