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The Jackson 3

Marlon, Tito, and Jackie

Reuniting for International Tour

12/23/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marlon, Tito and Jackie Jackson were so thrilled with the way they performed during a recent concert in Japan ... they've decided to take their show on the road ... TMZ has learned.

Jackson family sources tell us ... the brothers will be embarking on an 18-20 show concert tour that will span across Europe.

We're told the idea came together just two weeks ago ... when the guys were performing in Tokyo with a Japanese pop star named A.I.

The brothers had such a good time on stage together ... that when the idea of a tour came up, they all jumped at the opportunity!

Plus, the guys were so impressed with A.I., they've invited her to join them on the road.

Sources tell us the Jacksons are hoping to get the tour launched by next month -- but we're told their team is still trying to nail down the schedule ... so it could be pushed back by a few weeks.

So far, we're told Jermaine will not be joining the rest of the family ... but we're guessing he could change his mind ... if the price is right.


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WEHEN WHEN WHEN will these three stop acting like people want to see them in concert?????
Katherine, just include them in with a small cut of the estate to keep the stages across the world safe from them.

973 days ago


People in Europe are the only ones dumb enough to pay money to see this.

973 days ago


daddy must be beating them to go out and make some money
Do they really think anybody will care

973 days ago


Hey Lanie - So I spelled the word wrong - how about this YOU ARE AN IDIOT, INBRED JED SICKO MORON! Did I get that right? The only kiddie diddler is you and yo mama.

973 days ago

Just Reading    

At the time of MJ's death, the brothers were still filming the first season of their reality series "The Jacksons: a family dynasty." The build up and main topic of the series was a reunion and whether Michael would perform with them. Meanwhile as we all now know, MJ's "This is it" tour included a segment about the J5 and their songs...perhaps there would have been a cameo appearance of the reunited group. We will never know, however, since the show, the three have been in a "now what" loop...moving from one scheme to another; tribute concert, autographed jackets and now this. They were "primed" for something that they seem to not be able to accept ended with their brother's death. As for Jermaine...well I actually watched the series, and he was never fully committed to anything they were doing...he wanted to be the star, featured singer, etc., and this is while MJ was still alive. Most of Jermaine's segments on the show built up to him whining about the fall out from his leaving the original group years ago and the event never being fully least not to his satisfaction...seems he didn't appreciate that they so easily moved on without him and it had no effect on the eventual outcome of the group. Although most view them as just trying to stay relevant and feeding off their brother, perhaps they should continue the reality series...unlike the Kardasians they do have a valid entertainment background and people would most likely tune in to see how they cope with the unrealized reunion and the reality that they as performers are simply not in demand.

973 days ago

carolyn watson    

Oh I am so glad to know that you are continuing your performances God Bless you all I know that you will have great success I Love you all

973 days ago


They will sell around 20 tickets!

973 days ago

carolyn watson    


973 days ago


Lenny Kravitz had no time to grieve Michael Jackson's 2009 death when the news broke because he found out about the tragedy halfway through a show in Scotland.

The rocker became good friends with the King of Pop after they hit the studio to record a track, entitled Another Day, with Jackson on vocals and Kravitz playing along.

Jackson was found dead at his Los Angeles home on 25 June, 2009, just weeks before he was due to make his live comeback with a series of gigs in London, and Kravitz had to put his grief on hold so he could complete a concert.

Speaking on Cnn's Piers Morgan Tonight, he says, "I was obviously devastated, I was blown away. I found out on stage in Scotland as I was coming off and getting ready to go back on for an encore and they told me and I had to go back out.

"It's extremely sad. I was really looking forward to seeing him come back and do those shows... you can't touch him."

Kravitz also reveals he will be forever indebted to the Thriller legend and his singing brothers for inspiring him to pursue a music career after he saw the Jackson Five perform live as a child.

He adds, "I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't seen the Jackson 5 when I was six years old - that was the first concert I went to. The universe was a different place the next day. I was completely blown away."


973 days ago


I sort of feel bad for these guys, they were all in the back ground doing their own thing and out of the spot light when MJ was on top of the world, very rarely would you hear about them....are the right or are they wrong for wanting to do a tour?....i am sure that they know that without MJ the fan base isnt really going to be into them.....perhaps come up with new material, an album , a new group name, and perform the new songs and of course in a show throw in a touch of the old songs, and even the odd MJ song as a tribute to their little brother...and then maybe once they show that they can do their own thing, maybe people will take notice....

973 days ago


Why? That's like The Pips without Gladys Knight. Like Queen without Freddy Mercury, like Nirvana without Cobain.. You guys were just backup singers and ONLY when Michael let you.

973 days ago


They're going to show up and play "Let's Get Serious" 10 times and leave.

973 days ago


I also feel sorry for the three of them. It's somehow tragic. Performing is the only thing they've ever learned, and I truely believe that they'd have a lot of fun together on stage. However, nobody wants to share that fun... So sad.
I wish they had found something else in their life to be successful with and gain some personal satisfaction.

973 days ago


Love Will Find A Way - Lionel Richie

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Feeling like you can't go on.
Just remember love will find a way.

Tell me are you going through changes.
Time seems like it's passing by.
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But if your hopes, for your tomorrows.
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'Cause problems will come.
And they will leave you.
The world will try to deceive you.
But the truth will always be in your soul.

973 days ago
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