TMZ Live Check Out Our New Air Jordans!!

12/23/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Riots Over Air Jordans ... And We Got a Pair ... SUCKERS!!!

Sneaker addicts waited in line for days ... some even got violent, but we scored our own pair of brand new Air Jordans -- and you gotta see what we did with 'em!

Plus, Lindsey Vonn says she's open to dating Tim Tebow -- but what's the point? Would YOU date someone who's not down with premarital sex?

Plus, P!nk saves a dog, Harvey tries to thank her on Twitter -- and it all blows up in his face. We'll clear up the tweet that got everyone fired up.

(1:00) P!nk did an amazing thing -- she helped save the life of an abused dog ... so why is she beefing with Harvey on Twitter?
(6:50) After re-reading the tweet that ticked off P!nk -- Harvey admits it was a "dumb" way of writing it.
(12:45) Stay calm everyone -- Harvey and Charles have a pair of the coveted Air Jordan Concords ... the ones that set off insane riots across the country today.
(17:25) The competition for the shoes begins! Brett and Sabrina are on the phone ... and ready to go toe-to-toe! 
(22:30) A winner is crowned!
(27:20) Skier Lindsay Vonn denies dating Tim Tebow -- so the question ... how long would you wait before hooking up? Christie is a little too forthcoming. 
(38:45) Breaking news! Mel Gibson is single.
(44:03) Warner Brothers is sued over the use of a knock-off Louis Vuitton bag in "The Hangover II" -- our in-house fashion expect goes off.