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Tyler the Creator

Arrested for Vandalism

12/23/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyler the Creator Mug Shot
1223_tylor_creator_video_exRapper Tyler the Creator was arrested in Hollywood a few hours ago after he allegedly trashed some sound equipment inside the world famous Roxy on Sunset Blvd ... TMZ has learned.

The 20-year-old MTV award winner had performed at the venue earlier in the evening. The video below shows Tyler appearing to go off on the sound engineer inside the club (WARNING: video contains some obscenities).

We're told cops were called by Roxy staff around 11:30 PM ... and Tyler was taken into custody in front of his mother ... who was visibly upset and yelled at the cops. 

Tyler was arrested on suspicion of vandalism and was taken to a nearby station to be booked.

6:20 AM -- The West Hollywood Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ ... security staff had contacted deputies last night to report Tyler had "just destroyed an electric soundboard belonging to the venue."

Cops say, "As [Tyler] was being escorted to a nearby radio car, the crowd exiting the venue became angry and rushed into the street, towards deputies."

Cops called for backup and closed down Sunset Blvd for 30 minutes to regain control of the situation. Eventually the crowd dispersed and no one was injured.



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YOU GUYS KNOW NOTHING shut the **** up he shouldn't have flipped out like that but he was trying to get the attention of the crowd because two girls were hurt and the sound guy refused to turn his mic back on so he flipped out on the guy okay he doesn't drink he doesn't smoke and his name is really not tyler the creator it's tyler okonma so shut the **** up he was trying to do a good think but the douche bag sound guy didn't listen and he was telling him RIGHT TO HIS FACE ugh wow thank god he's out on bail 666 GOLF WANG FLOG GNAW OFWGTADGAF

1043 days ago

Gary Tucker    

Where is my shotgun?

1043 days ago


This Tyler is garbage! What happened? The sound man played the wrong Karaoke CD? That's all the Cra p Ra ppers do anyway's sample and lay glorified garbage nursery rhymes. Next time call AXl ROSE who'll lay a beat down on this pu nk!

1043 days ago


These people seriously don't know who tyler the creator is?

1043 days ago


hey "truth" if you watched the video it clearly shows Tyler picking up and smashing a piece of stage equipment in anger, try again fanboy.

what's with these kids, they get a little shine and think they run ****, dumbass got what he deserved

1043 days ago


hes straight edge for one, so he wasnt out of control drunk or high on something. Also, he does usually behave, considering he tours all the time and this is the one and only incident so far. You don't know anybody who has ever been arrested for something stupid like this? And yes his name is a bit strange, but hes a creative guy. To everyone saying who is this: you didnt have to click on the link to view this. When you saw it talking about some guy named tyler the creator that you have never heard of, then why view the story? why not just move on with your life and look at something else on the internet or on tmz. There are plenty of people on tmz ive never heard of and i dont click on the story and then comment complaining that i dont know who the person is. i just move on with my life and do something else.

1043 days ago


Tyler is an idiot and the kids who love his shock rap --ooh I'm dangerous because I joke about rape--are idiots. He's just too angry and it looks like that anger schtick is not only poisoning the minds of his fans, it's about to take him down as well. Yup, looks like he's right on schedule to end up in prison like DMX.

1042 days ago


@She's baaaack No one names him Tyler, The Creator he gave himself that name including other(Wolf Haley, Ace Haley) His a.k.a is Tyler, The Creator because he creates music lyrically and instrumentally. BTW if you guys aren't sarcastic about this Tyler the who?? thing you guys must be living under a rock he i probs the most mainstream rapper ATM.

1042 days ago

King Anton    

I love this ***** man! Hey **** happens dude

1042 days ago


His mom has raised a jerk, he sounds like a druggie high on himself, must be buddies with pricks like Alec Baldwin!!

1041 days ago


This guy is a classless no talented idiot. Here is a prediction: This douche will fail miserably... and won't be able to afford his crack addiction. This is what happens when you tell gang bangers that they have a chance... He should be a comedian, as he is funny to laugh at. Ha ha ha..

1040 days ago


It's unbelievable how ignorant so many of you people are. The fact that you're down-voting comments that are actually educating you about the artist you clearly haven't heard of, is beyond childish in and of itself. User "Truth" is speaking, well, the truth. Tyler's DIY Ethic to get to where he is is absolutely outstanding. You everyone making this BS assumptions about him, or too ignorant to actually LEARN about him before talking trash deserve a slap to the face. Yikes. What has this bloody world come to?

1039 days ago


This kid is demon-possessed, I see him on youtube. This is the problems he'll be getting into all the time when he makes it to tinsel town. -_-

1034 days ago

Tron Cat    


1030 days ago


If you don't know who Tyler the creator is, time to wake up and put down that Black Eyed Pee's garbage or Kat Perry or whatever it is that marketing campaign told you is cool. Seen Wolfgang twice in LA and the tore the roof off both times. With a new TV show coming out, a killer rap collective, books, clothing, ect... These guys are taking over. FREE EARL!

1030 days ago
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