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Lady Gaga Lawsuit

Whiney Assistant Claims Gaga

Demanded Towel After Shower!

12/25/2011 7:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lady GagaIn what reads like one of the biggest sour grapes lawsuits of the year, Lady Gaga's former assistant claims she was a slave to the singer, having to do such unconscionable things as fetching a towel for her after she showered, and keeping GG on schedule!

Jennifer O'Neill says in her lawsuit ... she worked for Gaga for 13 months, and is owed $380,000 in overtime.  O'Neill says in her suit her job included "ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and serving as a personal alarm clock to keep [Gaga] on schedule."

O'Neill claims she had to cater to Gaga in "stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses."

And, O'Neill says, she was required to be at Gaga's beck and call at her "earliest waking hour."

O'Neill is suing for the $380k -- which represents 7,168 hours of overtime during the 13 months.

Gaga is not a defendant.  O'Neill is suing Mermaid Touring Company, which Gaga uses for concerts and what not.

Gaga's rep told the New York Post the suit is "completely without merit."

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No Avatar


I'd get her towel for that kind of pay. What does that come out to? $71/hour? Hell yeah!

971 days ago

Pink Froyd    

In todays economy i would be more than willing to crawl, butt nakid, over broken glass, through a Lions Den, with a Pork Chop on my back just to have that job.

971 days ago

mar dunes    

Wtf fn f

971 days ago


Make sure you bring the claws out TMZ. This woman has been a HUGE supporter in advancing homosexual hedonism. You need to get her back because she helps your perverted agenda.

971 days ago


The overtime hours alone plus regular hours will likely get her accused of Fraud or there is a Typo somewhere

971 days ago


Overtime usually kicks in after 40 hours a week, right? 7,168 hours overtime claimed divided bt 56 weeks (approx. 13 months)= 128 hours average a week, add on the 40 hours regular time = 168 hours worked each week on average. 168 divided by 7 days in a week = 24. SO: she worked non-stop 24 hours a day for 13 months? Uhh, don't think so.

971 days ago


Wow! Those of you who find the work of this well-paid personal ASSISTANT to be demeaning have no concept of WORK or what it means to have a job. Apparently, this parasite expected a paycheck for doing nothing. Unfortunately, we are breeding large numbers of such parasites.

971 days ago

Jim in TO    

So she is basically claiming she worked 24 hours per day for 13 months (7168 hours comes to ~18 hours per day)? A personal assistant job is never 9-5, what did she expect?

971 days ago


Has anyone done the math here? There are approximately 9500 hours in 13 months; if she is owed 7168 hours of overtime, when did she work regular hours? and when did she sleep? Seems as if this might be kind of exaggerated?

971 days ago


There are 395 days in 13 months which if you do the math using 7.168 hours means this assistant did over 18 hours of overtime every single day.

971 days ago

Michael Kinkade    

Am I the only one that see's the amount of overtime plus a regular 40 work week exceeds the total hours in 13 months?

971 days ago

Double D    

First off we don't even know how many hours the assistant was scheduled to work per day. Gaga could of had multiple personal assistants working for her, so these accusations against the assistant are dumb.

971 days ago

martha garcia    

I do not like Lady Gaga!!She is so over-rated!

971 days ago


what part of "you are lady ga ga's personal assistant" did this chick not get? I mean really, this chick wears RAW MEAT dresses to award shows, did you think you were being hired to water the tulips? These demands are tame compared what I figured ga ga put her employees through.

971 days ago


My gawd someone call a wambulance for this little idiot. There has to be more to this , yet to come, until then , i'd do that job in a New York second. Just think, waiting on the diva of the decade maybe two decades the stories alone I could write a book , well no, probably a C.A. signed , whatever. She's stupid , i'm sure of it.

971 days ago
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