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Heavy D

Cause of Death Revealed

12/27/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heavy D
Heavy D
died from a pulmonary embolism caused by deep leg vein thrombosis ... and a long flight back to L.A. from a Michael Jackson memorial concert may have been a contributing factor.

A pulmonary embolism is a blockage of one or more arteries in the lungs -- most often caused by blood clots which travel in from other parts of he body. In Heavy's case, the clot was formed in his legs.

Days before Heavy died, he was on a flight back from Europe, after performing at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales.

Officials from the L.A. County Coroner's Office say Heavy also suffered from heart disease, which could have been a contributing factor in his death.

The Coroner's Office has classified the death as "natural."

As TMZ first reported, Heavy died on November 8, 2011. He was 44 years old.

Deep leg vein thrombosis is often associated with long plane flights, in which a clot can form due to prolonged immobility. 

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I hate hearing stories like this. I suffered from a PE after my c-section of my first child. I luckily had some signs that made me head to the ER before it was too late. Most of the time you don't have any pain or signs and that is why so many people die from PE!!!

1038 days ago


So sad he's gone.

DVT is no joke - I had a sudden swelling in my leg and went the doctor right away - he thought it was DVT and sent me to the hospital right away. Luckily for me it wasn't.

1038 days ago


I don't that true at all. Anyone can get a embolism, I forget to walk around when I fly too. Life is so sad sometimes. The poor guy lost all that weight and he still died young. Why do we bother?

1038 days ago

Bill Leslie    

He died because he was a lazy fat ass - end of story.

1038 days ago



1038 days ago

Coco Chanel     

He was a positive rapper! That's what I will remember when I think of Heavy D.

1038 days ago


"natural"? LOL it is not natural to eat that horrid, it's more like body mutilation eating that bad, he should have known better and taken some lipitor

1038 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

For those of you who think this won't happen to you if you keep your weight down, do a little research and be careful.


During the 2003 Iraq invasion, NBC correspondent David Bloom called his wife, Melanie, from the top of an Army tank that he had been riding in for several days.

He was whispering.

"I asked why, and he said, 'Oh, we're on the border of Baghdad, and we have to whisper because of the risk of ambush,' " Melanie Bloom says. "And I said, 'Then why are you sleeping outside on top of the tank, not in the tank?' He said, 'My legs have been cramping up, and I really have to stretch them out tonight.' It sounded so innocuous."

Two days later, on April 6, Bloom, 39, died from a pulmonary embolism — a blood clot that moved from the leg to the lung — caused by a condition called deep-vein thrombosis. DVT can occur when people have certain risk factors coupled with restricted mobility.

In Bloom's case, those factors included several long flights between New York and Kuwait as war brewed, a genetic disposition to clots, and ultimately being dehydrated and riding in a cramped tank for hours on end without being able to move.

1038 days ago


God rest Heavy D's soul.

TMZ, some things are better off left unsaid. It's called respect.
I am referring to "may have been a contributing factor"
Since it's MAY have been, why even mention this.

1038 days ago


RIP Heavy D

1038 days ago


RIP to the overweight lover Heavy D.

1038 days ago


I am not fat but I had a dvt in both of my legs and 1 in my right lung, boy was I lucky in was caught in time!! i take a life saving drug called coumadin everyday and must get my blood check on a regular basis because this drug is so dangerous but I'm alive.You gonna learn today!!!

1038 days ago

jackie b    

God bless RIP

1037 days ago

Dan DeLashmit    


1037 days ago


Heavy D. had lost a considerable amount of weight well before he died. His moniker remained, but the reality of his size was no longer synonmous with that moniker.

1037 days ago
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