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Maria's Second Thoughts

Trigger Nuclear TMZ Argument

12/27/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Maria Shriver's second thoughts about dropping her divorce case against Arnold Schwarzenegger triggered a furious debate.  Are you buyin' Harvey's argument, that it's not that different from Hillary Clinton sticking with Bill after that whole cigar thing?

And Jerry Sandusky's lawyer angling for his client to appear on an Oprah special  .... Jason says it's good P.R. ... in Harvey's opinion, it's malpractice.  

(3:20) Dax is dumbfounded that Maria Shriver is thinking about taking Arnold back.
(4:15) Kelly says if Maria did the same thing to Arnold -- she'd be labeled a devil.
(6:30) Harvey's theory on Kennedys and cheating.
(14:30) Schwarzenegger vs. Clinton sex scandal.
(22:40) Breaking news -- Steven Tyler is engaged!
(25:10) Why Harvey thinks Jerry Sandusky's attorney is teetering on malpractice if he lets Jerry sit down with Oprah.
(28:10) Three-way lawyer fight!
(34:20) Harvey's case in point -- Sandusky's ridiculous interview with Bob Costas ... in which it took him WAY TOO LONG to say he's not sexually attracted to young boys.
(36:00) Will Smith's former co-star calls him an a-hole!
(42:01) Shocking -- Denise Brown's son is arrested for domestic violence ... could this be a product of his environment? 


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I'm personally hoping if true, Maria's real friends stage an intervention. She has been emotionally abused enough.

994 days ago


I can't believe in a religion that forces people to be miserable by insisting that doing something legal that will make them happy (divorce) is forbidden. She deserves happiness. She deserves a divorce.

994 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Arnold should take Harvey back
backstage....and pummel him for a while

994 days ago


Yes she should give him another chance (although I can't believe I'm saying this). I think that Arnold has learned his lesson. I wish them the best!

994 days ago


There are biblical standards for divorce. Adultery.

994 days ago


A cheater is a cheater, if your married and don't have your cloths on - and it's not your spouse your matter what your doing, your cheating. Hilary and Bill are just as gross as Arnold and Maria. I find Maria to be the only victim...Hilary didn't leave Bill- she is a bad role model for young woman

994 days ago


what about Jesse Jackson to help Bill Clinton pray over his indiscrestion and he had a child with a staffer of his. I think his wife stayed with him

994 days ago


She has been married to him for 20+ years. Whatever she decides is okay. But she has to be very cautious because having a child that you support for over ten years that is kept a secret violates marriage agreement on many, many, levels! I wish her well....

994 days ago


Fox news just in the last few minutes had a live interview with a clothing retail pro for marketing talking devastating news for Sears and Kardashian clothes not saving 4000 stores closing. The things she said were funny and disaterous comments. See it for your self. I don't know how you see it this soon, but it just ran live on Fox around 2:25 pm Arizona time with one of their financial guys (Eric Bolling)
Some reference to old guys and corvettes sears and kardashians...bad mix and fifteen minutes of Kardashian fame.

994 days ago


They are married, they took vows before GOD and this is THEIR personal lives. It is not up to us to decide. If that is what she wants to do and still loves her husband, they are free to do whatever they want. Leave them alone and let them work out THEIR issues. Geeze.

994 days ago


The difference between Arnold & Bill? Well, Chelsea Clinton have any known half siblings running around.

994 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

What kind of message is she sending to her daughters if she accepts this behavior and doesn't divorce him?

994 days ago


The difference between Arnold & Bill? Chelsea Clinton doesn't have a known half sibling running around - IN THEIR HOUSE!

994 days ago


Yeah , but, Maria is a Kennedy, so i think she'll choose the gold. Why separate the cash when she can have all of it ? durrrrrrr........

994 days ago


I'm not surprised. She knew long before he ran for governor that he cheated on her repeatedly and during his campaign multiple stories came out detailing his disgusting treatment of women, including asking a waitress to go into the bathroom and stick her finger you know where and come out and let him lick it (this was reported in a lengthy article in the LATimes). She defended him saying he never behaved that way (all the while he had a kid with her houserkeeper) and he said he if he was elected he would start an investigation into the charges. Of course, there was no investigation.

Kennedy women, regardless of their professional achievements, are doormats for their men to walk on. She will go back, he will continue to screw around, their life will continue as it always had been.

994 days ago
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